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On a glorious summer day adventurers from Newcroft headed north into Lirron to take in the sights and add their metal to a pair of hirings out of the great city on the eastern side of the country.

Thank you Edinburgh for having us along and for running missions in the suprising Scottish sunshine (I did not pack for rain, honest …). Hopefully another northern invasion will occur soon-ish.

If you know someone was present but has been missed off the list or incorrectly named, please contact me on wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com.

Monster Mission: Taxes on the Ice

A number of settlements are late in paying their tax and officials of the treasury are becoming concerned. They send forth a group of adventurers to investigate and either return with the coin or bring them the names of the troublemakers who would defy the King and his Council. The adventurers who set upon this task were:

  • Captain Geralt, Captain James, Tungdil Stonehammer and another member of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Roger the Blacksmith;
  • A member of the Physicians Guild;
  • Erika Nix of the Guild of Mages;
  • A Feudal Knight of Lirron;

Travelling north the adventurers headed towards the legendary Immortal Ice, home of strange peoples and stranger occurrences. They came upon a group of foulspawn foraging, who attacked the company when their boss realised that humans and dwarves is flesh, and flesh is tasty meat no matter the source. They defended themselves and pressed onto the first of the three villages to find the folk in the settlement huddled together in the unseasonal chilly weather. They had been unable to come pay their taxes because of the foulspawn, but with the way south cleared they began to make preparations for making the journey.

As they traveled the road to the second village they found that in patches the ground seemed to have frosted over as if it were late autumn or early winter. Puzzled they pressed on to come upon a shambling group of undead. As Tungdil prayed aloud to his Goddess, the ground beneath his feet shuddered and he was overcome with a stabbing pain that caused him to writhe. More undead, now hung about with icicles and ice forming underfoot, and more writhing for Tungdil, and the discovery that the Immortal Ice had come south.

Another village, this time bereft of their taxes due to the encroaching Ice and the foul dead things that prowled upon it, and the adventurers decided to continue their journey on. Crossing onto the Ice they slipped and slid their way across its surface until they came upon a cluster of giggling green skinned creatures that seemed intent upon a set of tracks. More foulspawn or something worse? The creatures mocked them at the mention of foulspawn and one said to the others about making sport. At this the giggling things turned on the party and launched themselves at them, striking terror into their hearts or harrying them. Regrouping the party were able to escape relatively unscathed, only to find more of the things in the company of weeping child-like creatures with bags over their faces. Fae creatures on the Ice? Curiouser and curiouser.

They encountered a Fae Knight and bested it, fought more undead and seemed to be making a good pace until they met with a creature shrouded in black. A Hanged Man that hounded the party back and forth until Erika was able to enchant a dagger and Roger hacked away at its back. Praising Tralda (before writhing as the Ice took umbridge with the invocation of a Goddess), Tungdil was blessed with a vision of how to utterly destroy the creature and he imparted his insight to the salvation of his party.

Then down a small cutting towards the third village where they met a grim scene. A fae knight, hooded and shrouded with men and fae at its command bid them join the Wild Hunt and it, a servant of the Huntsmaster, would lead them in the great and glorious chase. But the adventurers were having none of its silver tongued words and rushed into battle, defeating some of the Fae’s minions but struggling to harm the Fae Knight. Back and forth the battle raged, with many members of the party felled and dying before the Fae Knight turned in exasperation and taunted the ones still standing. Captain James offered to give the creature a scrap, and the pair fenced with words as they backed away from the party and the physician swiftly set to his arts. As James tried to convince the creature to hand over its blessed sword to turn the fight into a reasonable match, the rest of the party were getting back on their feet and several of the company went to his aid. Circling the Fae they traded blows back and forth, making off with a sharpened weapon which the physician tossed to his companions over the Fae’s shoulder before surrendering to the second blade that was thrust through his chest. As he collapsed to the floor, Geralt had the weapon in hand and beat the Fae Knight to its knees before taking its head.

Battered, bruised and somewhat worse for wear the party were able to conclude that the inhabitants of the third village were either dead or missing, hence the lack of taxes. But who is this Huntsmaster character and what does it want with the North?

Player Mission: Shrines in the Darkness

Brigit headed north to speak with Father Kelly as a newly minted priestess and was invited along with a mission to venture back into a tomb system believed to contain a number of deconsecrated shrines. However they had been unable to gain access beyond the first chamber which bore a “dead” Sidhean Shrine and three doors – each marked with symbols of a pair of gods. The Crowan door was opened a crack, but without a Vleyborian present the doors would not budge, but that would not deter the Chaplain from investigating further. Those who attended this hiring were:

  • A Dwarven member of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Wren of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Arran the Blacksmith;
  • Albrecht Crowe of the School of Enchantment;
  • Errant Benedict Moore of the Templar Order; Errant Evelyn Ingram of the Black Order;
  • Chaplain Greyson Kelly of the Rose Order, and Novice Brigit Wooller of Crowa; Chaplain Arianna Dawnbreaker of the Templar Order;

Preparations were made to consecrate a potential Crowan shrine and consideration made for blessing the Sidhean one should time permit as the company left Dunlirron, passing through the gates and the guards. The last time they had entered the tunnels they had found traps and it was hoped that no one had returned to reset these for no scouts had been found to aid the group. As they entered the wide mouth of the tunnel they faced undead and Errant Benedict discovered an untriggered pit trap as he stepped over the lip at the back of the party. He was helped out the trap, the undead destroyed and the company continued on.

They came to the evidence of another trap – a great boulder speckled with arrows that had been triggered the last time they had been there – before they came to the turning of the path and the way to the Sidhean Shrine. But with a great snorting bellow a monsterous creature tore through the party and smashed through the Crowan-Vleyborian doors. A crystal ogre! The fallen members of the party were patched up and a brief discussion was had over the consecration of the Sidhean Shrine – if it was active it might prevent any more allies of the beast from getting in, but that would take time and the horror would be up to no good amongst the uncounted dead within the tomb. So on they hurried to prevent the creature from reaching its goal.

Errant Evelyn fought with a death knight that challenged her and the party faced more undead until they came upon a necromancer in command of his minions. The party – scattered and tangled with their own little scraps – seemed in no fit state as Brigit and Albrecht faced this sneering mage, and after a bit of banter Albrecht launched himself at the mage. There was a scuffle during which both mages were knocked out and Brigit waited for the others to join after Errant Benedict was rendered unconcious as he turned on his own companions under a bewitchment. As Brigit set fire to the mage’s spell cards, Mother Arianna puzzled over a question to ask him to gain further information. However when he was woken up he resisted the truthtell and Brigit knocked him out before he was able to do any further harm. Feeling less sorry for the mage she set to checking his pockets and boots for things they might be able to use/confiscate and handed the potions she found to Wren.

They passed through another narrowing of the tunnel and triggered some form of trap that caused many of the party to fall asleep. As the rest tried to get to them they were attacked by more undead, but they were able to beat them down and rouse their companions before they entered the great cavern. There was a strange feeling that came upon the Crowans and they located the Crowan shrine with the relic intact, but before they could set it to rights they were attacked by more undead. During the fight Brigit was feared away by a nightmarish creature only to flee into the talons of the Crystal Ogre. With a stagger she dropped to the floor far off into the shadows of the cavern as the undead construct prowled through the company. But the sharp eyed blacksmith came to her aid and carried her back towards the others before she could be healed and brought back into the fight.

The company were strung out and picked off by the Crystal Ogre, but once they regrouped they were able to kill it with the hope of bringing a Kharachian back to lay the souls in the crystals in its chest to rest. As the others settled themselves, Brigit and Greyson began reconsecrating the shrine – receiving strange flashes of a vision of Crowa and Abraxis – after removing a shard of the Kingsword from behind the shrine. Once they completed the rite the pair of them preached to the gathered adventurers and the shrine once more came alive with a distant rumbling. The companions returned to the Sidhean shrine to find that over the shrine a sword now glowed in a section of the wall. Mother Arianna consecrated the shrine with the help of the two Knight-Errants – the scales on the wall now glowing – before they returned to Dunlirron to report on what had occurred.

Hopefully they would be able to return to reconsecrate the other five shrines in the future, but for now two small flames burn brightly against the darkness.