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The northern city of Barra, home once to a great and mighty cathedral, has been betrayed. It’s Earl has turned her back on the Gods and the streets of the city have been stained with the blood of the faithful. Unwilling to let this stand adventurers from across the country have joined the militia muster at Braeloch to plan their offensive.

The plan? Take back Barra. At whatever cost.

Thank you Glasgow for another great pair of missions. Even though the sun didn’t always shine, the day was not spoilt for it. If you were here and have been misnamed (or missed completely) please comment below or contact Space-wolf at wolfish [dot] written [dot] author [at] gmail [dot] com.

Player Mission 1: The taking of Barra

The company gathered early in the morning at the call of Sir Thomas de Sanclair, Feudal vassal once sworn in service to Earl Maggie Kincaid. He and others had been formulating the plan with the intention of splitting the company – one to try and capture the Earl via the tunnels they had found under the Cathedral several months prior, the other to hold Braeloch and defend it.

The company assigned to enter Barra were:

  • John the Scout;
  • Auraleigh ‘Cookie’ Potts of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Angus Tully of the Physicians Guild;
  • Lysandus Tathadiir of the School of Enchantment;
  • Sir Stewart DePiercy, Head of the Knightly Griffin Order; Dame Ravenna Corviade, Head of the Knightly Black Order and Errant Evelyn Ingram; Errant Benedict Grey of the Knightly Templar Order; Sir Thomas de Sanclair, Feudal Vassal;

Aided by the bulk of the forces of the gathered militia and men, the company were able to get to the tunnels with little interference save an encounter with automata guarding a pool of soulfire. As the scout tried to negotiate a marshy area and succumbed to the fume rising from the bog, Ravenna rushed to his aid thinking he be wounded. None the worse for wear he was roused and groggily continued on his way, marking the firmer ground as he went until he returned to guide them on their way. At the mouth of the tunnel they encountered the “lovely” builder who had escaped from them before – which he reminded them often – who offered to tell them a safe way through the tunnels for some coin. He was paid and showed them a small “cut” in the impressive wall now blocking the tunnel and went on his way – his purse a little heavier and a whistle on his lips.

As they continued on their way they were blocked by a pair of ghosts who tried to force them back, recalling the torture they had endured and the death in the streets. Again and again they tried to frighten the party away but the Griffin and Black Knight stood firm and Ravenna tried to find the source of their grief and pain. The betrayal by their lady had cut them deep and their anger held them in this world. Ravenna convinced them that of all those who might try to come through the tunnels, this company knew the risks and were willing to face the dangers for the living and dead of Barra. They let them past.

They fought against automata and Mithrans once they realised that Sir Thomas’s companions were clearly not welcome in the city. They managed to get into the Earl’s stronghold and were told by a pair of servants that they should not be there – that the Earl’s adviser would not like it. One of her maids had also been locked away and tortured – due to something Sir Thomas had said once to his liege Lady. Told where she might be found they continued on into an ambush by Abraxians who were revelling in the bloodshed around them. Errant Evelyn was called out by a Mithran for single combat. Pressing on they found the maid and the missing Guard who had been sent with the Warrant for the Earl’s arrest – though he seemed to have been brainwashed for he seemed torn between being dismissive of the faithful adventurers and confused as to what had happened.

They came to the entrance to the grand reception room where they were waylaid by a trio of Githasians. Sir Thomas seemed to have expected their appearance, for the Chaplain Rose had been attempting to forge an alliance with the Primate in the region. Alas this alliance was not to come to pass and the adventurers pressed on. As they entered the reception chamber they saw the Earl at the far end with a man in the green and gold of the Mithrans and an Enchanter. Spells were launched at the party as they fought against scarecrows and the healer was commanded to kill his party with stealth and cunning – so he left those bleeding to bleed. The feudal was turned against them with magic and only the pleas of the Earl saved the company. As they patched themselves up and purged the poisons from those in need they pressed on against the Earl and her men. And unbeknownst to them the Githasians watched for the opportune moment.

When the Githasians took to the field they cut through the adventurers who ended up fighting their foes on two fronts. And amidst it all Ravenna turned to face the Mithran advisor who smiled his wicked smile and struck her arm with his poisoned blade and she dropped to the floor. And there she lay amidst the battle, her focus on this life ebbing out with every drop of blood as the swift death poison coursed through her body. The Earl was captured, the Mithran escaped – who knows what became of the mage – but when it was all done the adventurers realised that the Head of the Black Order had not been fighting with them. Lying in the damp grass, her cloak covering her like a shroud, Ravenna had breathed her last.

Sir Stewart carried her back to Braeloch and after bringing the other group up to speed with the Mithran’s escape and the treachery of the Githasians, Sister Jennie sent Ravenna’s soul on to their Lord.

There was no time for tears – they had a job to do.

Player Mission 2: The hunt for the Primate

The second group were sent to locate the Githasian force that had been reported to be heading towards Braeloch and try to capture or kill the Mithran who had eluded the first company.

Setting out from Braeloch the group came upon a strange scene – a crowan sat in the mud with her foot down a rabbit hole and ensnared – with a corpse strung up against a tree. As Morgan went to look at the corpse, Chaplain Grayson pried the supplicant priestess’s foot from the trap and pulled her up. A travelling pilgrim, she said, just looking to get to Dunlirron. But given the danger, could she travel some way with them?

At that point Morgan announced the corpse was vile to behold and poked it – spreading a cloud of putrid sickness upon him. He wretched and Mother Yasi went to tend to him and so it was agreed between the two Crowans that Supplicant Wooller would join the company.

Mother Yasi, Geralt and Sister Jennie went to look at a torn face hung in the branches, but another wave of putrid disease came upon them as Geralt touched it and they were diseased. Sister Jennie refused a cure which the other two downed instantly and she kept away from the others to prevent them contracting the sickness.

The party that continued on were:

  • Geralt and another member of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • A member of the physicians guild;
  • Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Duncan Duncan Talloch-Artair and Errant Ardon “Ard” Meallacach, Feudal Vassals;
  • Chaplain Greyson Kelly of the Holy Rose Order; Supplicant Brigit Wooller of Crowa; Mother Yasineyra Musici of Vleybor; Sister Jennie of Kharach;

They were attacked by strange toothy creatures and dark elves – forces known to be allied with the Githasians. They came upon a party in green – people in green masks and a woman in an elegant green dress who addressed the Chaplain by name. Surely this was not the Primate found already? No, she was too clever for that.

Her forces fell upon them, most butchered but one saved and another rescued when the primate was knocked out and the image “shattered” to leave behind another villager. As Greyson and Yasi worked to remove the masks, Brigit engaged the other in small talk to keep his mind off his dilemma and urged the pair of them to head to Braeloch and safety before returning to their village. For their village was the site of her tower, and they had to clear her out of it.

Pushing on they encountered a group of villagers who seemed to be aged and haggard, who claimed that it was because of the Primate, and another group of Githasians hunting Mithrans.

As they entered the village they encountered more of her forces and her tailor, who after a long chat with Morgan proved more than useful, and Morgan smugly informed the party of a way into the tower and where the Primate was likely to be if she was walking in another’s skin like before.

They came upon a group of local Militia sent out of Braeloch who lent their aid against another group of automata and helped cure Sister Jennie by knocking her out so that others could administer a cure – not exactly as the Kharachian wished, but she did not complain once she’d been roused and complained of the aching head. Outside the tower they were kept at bay with a creature that caused people to vomit and some of the China dolls that had been seen in the area. The latter broke into sharp pieces when smashed, pieces that could rip through armour and flesh like it was nothing but paper, so the Feudals held a front line until they were able to breach the door to the tower and gain a foothold.

Inside they faced the Primate with her forces engaged in fighting the Mithran advisor and his scarecrows and the adventurers were torn at who to fight first. They launched into the fray, many falling to the broad sweeps of the Mithran’s poisoned blade, but somehow they managed to pull it together to stand victorious over the Primate and the Mithran. Brigit kept folk away from the mirror that was likely a holy relic (don’t you know that breaking mirrors brings bad luck?!) as Sister Jennie laid the Primate to rest for good measure and lo and behold Elandowyn appeared to smile down at her foe.

Morgan went for a bit of an explore and found a hidden stash of goodies guarded by a Githasian. The party only noticed his absence at his shriek of rage as he ended up knife fighting again(!) and once they had done all they set out to do Elandowyn gave praise to Tralda and blessed them – Morgan high tailing it well out of range at the sight of a priestess walking a circle …

The company returned to Braeloch where they shared their spoils and the remaining coin for pay, heard the swift decisions by the Barons Council as to the new baronets of Braeloch and Barra, and the new executioner of Braeloch, and gave honour to the dead.


And so Ravenna’s body was returned to Firebridge for burial amongst the knights of her Order, and Brigit found her wandering feet guiding her southwards to another corner of this great land in need of a bit of hope …