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The land across the sea lingers yet in shadow, but the final offensive has been planned to take back the fortress from Konnish hands. A group of adventurers led by General Garrison are to strike out at the treacherous Jarl who had sided with the Konn. But victory is not certain.

And there is danger closer to home.

Thank you Tees Valley for a great day out in the sunshine and for welcoming us to the final episode of the Llaminusian saga. If you were at this day site and have been mis-named (or missed out altogether) please comment below or write to wolfish [dot] written [dot] author [at] gmail [dot] com

Player Mission: Victory in Llaminusia

Llaminusia, province of Ithron across the eastern sea, has been a land beset by many great and terrible foes. Members of the militias, knightly orders and adventurers have travelled there often over the last nine months or so (ish) to brave those dangers and foes; to bring about the unity of the land between the northern and southern peoples; to capture the port town from the krakken; to drive back the mist; to break the siege of Njordstadt and now to bring about the end of the Jarl.

The adventurers who sailed to that land were:

  • General Colt Garrison and Guild Enforcer Christo Eadronhart of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Master Ash of Stocktown and Brorgar son of Brogan of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Dr Leoric McColic of the Physicians Guild;
  • Witchfinder Barnaby of the School of Necromancy; Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology;
  • Dame Ravenna Corvidae, Head of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Primate Olivia de Haviland and Slasher McGee Junior of Vleybor; High Father Harry Braithwaite of Longstor: Harmony Miller of Sidhe; Sybil Miller of Tralda;

Landing in Llaminusia they headed out of the port town which Ravenna had assisted in liberating early in the year. Some of the locals had been placed as guards, but one was not as she seemed. Morgan unmasked her for what she was and she was sent back to Sharda – a demon wearing human skin that had just gained a great deal of knowledge of the companions. Berating them all and checking that none had touched the creature, Morgan was eventually satisfied that all it had was information and they continued on their way, aware suddenly that news of their arrival may spread very quickly indeed.

They encountered undead including dead members of the Black Order which unmaked Ravenna’s unusual state of mind. Under penance and unarmoured she flung herself at the source of their fear only to fall upon an undead sword and lie far from the party with grevious wounds. The party urged her to be more wary, unknowing that the fear clutching at their hearts was bidding her to run. They came upon further undead where the fearful presence of another member of her Order sent her charging ahead onto a skeleton’s blade and sent the Head of the Black Order pitching into a vast necromantic rift through which the abominations were walking. Landing unconscious on the other side, she was an easy target for the evil awaiting within the rift.

But she was not abandoned and the only sensible option to send after her was Witchfinder Barnaby who stepped into the rift and stopped the nasty Konnish warlock from tampering with the knight. Patching her up and dragging her heavy and unconcious form back into our world the party set about quelling the undead in the area and attempting to close the rift. After a bit of investigation Miss Barnaby realised with horror that there was something tugging on Ravenna’s soul and she hurriedly conducted a rite to put this to rights before she and the Primate of Vleybor could tend to the rift. Miss Barnaby was able to unpick the source of its power – seven dead flayed corpses of griffin knights which she dragged back into our world, which were tended to by members of the party whilst Miss Barnaby and Morgan had a little “chat” with the warlock.

Ravenna took the tabards and holy symbols with her, tidying up the fallen Black Knights’ honour swords into a cache to be collected later, and the group continued on their way. They came upon a grove that had once been protected by a wall of thorns and dedicated to the God Logan, where an alshanti was willing to speak of what they knew and the idea of combining the sundered gods back into their “true” form. This led to some heated discussion between certain members of the company.

Continuing on they began to encounter dark elves and demons, which led them up a rise to where a Matriarch was guarding a rift. She claimed she had already fought them once and had defeated them at a great cost to her children – “Be gone” she cried. “You are not winning here and we have sided with the Konn for they shall be victorious”. As you can imagine, this did not go down well with the company, and after some discussion with the Primate of Vleybor the dark elf was convinced to keep to her promise to the demons of the Konn whilst saving her children. General Garrison fought the Matriarch whilst her children were put down and healed. The sickly feeling rolling off the rift before them affected the minds of some of the company and some, like High Father Braithwaite, ended up unconscious on the floor after they’d been turned on their own party.

Morgan entered the rift and after a conversation with the creature inside he ended up having to fight a knife fight without his powers. He won and was spat out of the rift, but it lay dormant now and the priests set to cleansing the tainted land. Two down, could there be more?

Ahead they encountered a representative of the dark elves – a group who had been convinced previously to work with General Garrison. With the defeat of their errant “sister” they were willing to fulfill their agreement, but they would not give their loyalty to a man. A man must have a wife, and she they would follow. And so – perhaps quite unexpectedly – General Garrison and Miss Barnaby were engaged to be married. With a more joyful attitude amongst the party (with talk turning from their woes and wearied feet to bachelor parties and “girls nights in”), the company continued on their way.

They set upon a group of Konnish, killed a hunter demon that had beset a group of Neresians, and learnt of a secret way into the fortress that might lead them to a swifter victory. Preparations were made, potions passed between members of the company to aid them in the fight and weapons were blessed until one of the men they had saved came running back, urging them to make haste.

And so they came to the wall of the fortress, and slipped through the secret door and came upon a third rift. They fought their way through the defenders and as one group went after the Jarl, Ravenna turned her attention to the rift and prayed for guidance. And her Lord whispered in her ear that beyond lay a graveyard outside of his keeping and she felt a chill strike at her core.

All the faithful gathered together to offer their prayers as Primate Olivia, High Father Braithwaite and Harmony began to cleanse the site before being pulled in. They faced a creature trapped in the demon graveyard and through their faith they were victorious, the prayers of their companions adding strength to their arms and a sureness in their step as they battled. Victorious but exhausted they were returned to this land and High Father Braithwaite set about cleansing the land and dedicating a Shrine to Longstor in the hope that his goodness might undo the evil done there. Then they walked away from the tentative Shrine, to return to the lines of Knights and Militia and support to inform them of their control of the fortress. Llaminusia was once more part of Ithronian control and it was now up to the future Duke and his Lady to see to its prosperity and safekeeping.

Ravenna returned to Newcroft with the tabards of the Griffin Order and the swords of her Order and began to make her preparations for travelling north towards Barra and her fate.


Monster Mission: Nice teeth you have there …

A villager has gone missing and people are beginning to grow concerned. A group of adventurers are sent to look into it and the other “strange happenings” that have been going on in Tisa Vale. The adventurers who set out were:

  • James and another member of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Wren and Janco Swithenbank of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Nikkolai Dragonsmith;
  • Dexter Brady of the Physicians Guild;
  • Erulisse Saerwen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Meror of the School of Necromancy; Albrecht Crowe of the Mages Guild;

On the road to the village they met a gang of “people” with funny circular marks on their faces, who talked in riddles and seemed reluctant to let them by. He had told them not to. Their weapons and armour seemed almost like glass and when things eventually kicked off, their weapons shattered like glass where they were felled.

They came to the village and found out what they could about the missing villager, then on past a pair of villagers squabbling good naturedly but couldn’t help them. Then they had a grisly discovery of the missing pig boy missing his teeth.

In the woods they met a figure with a strange light in his eye and a wide smile who answered their questions politely but gave nothing away. Rattled the adventurers continued on only to stumble on a fight between the fae with circles on their faces and griffin death knights. More death knights beset the party as they continued on until they reached a clearing and saw a great dead knight with his guard. At this, with their supplies low and their armour rent and torn, they beat a hasty retreat with lives and limbs intact.

But what is going on in the valley? And who is this smiling figure with the strange light in his eyes? Only time will tell …