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The people of Northern Eborshire are beset by the presence of the Primate of Krygan and his church spreading their corrupting ways amidst the green and pleasant land. Sir Crispin Falcon sought the aid of the adventuring community against the foe and many answered his call. But all was not as it seemed and their adventures took them abroad to Amnor with its sun, foreign food and vampires.

Thank you to the refs and dedicated crew of Leedsfest for the weekend of fun and scary plot, character interactions and mad cap romps through a “foreign” country. As one player said it was nice to have a “holiday in the sun” for a change.

The adventurers who heeded Sir Falcon’s call for aid were the following:

  • General Colt Garrison, Lexi and “Fighting” Jack of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Peregrin Cooper the Imperial Treasure Hunter;
  • Mistress Ember, Elise, Auraleigh ‘Cookie’ Potts, Brorgar and Akmed of the Guild of Alchemists;
  • Speid and Nikkolai of the Guild of Blacksmiths;
  • Dr Leoric McColic and Dr Seax Lindsen of the Guild of Physicians;
  • Archmage Stanley Middlebrook, Lysandus Tathadiir and Jerusalem Cain of the School of Enchantment; Acting Schoolmaster Robert Sheen, Erulisse Saerwen and Caldwell Ward of the School of Thaumaturgy; Master Acton and Meror of the School of Necromancy; Morgan Corvidae and Viktor of the School of Demonology;
  • Dame Ravenna Corvidae, Head of the Knightly Black Order; Sir Thomas de Sanclair of the Feudal Vassals;
  • Primate Olivia de Haviland of Vleybor; High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; Father Hoggart Goodbread of Tralda; Father Ezekiel of Sidhe; Robert Mason of Rolbor;

The company gathered near Kettleman’s Bridge in Northern Eborshire and met with Sir Falcon who informed them that their task was to aid him in locating and securing the fabled sword of San Pedro – a Crowan Saint of Amnor – whose sword was believed to be an anathema to the Kryganite beast. His nephew Alcimos del Soglio, son of the local nobility, had researched the legend of the sword and believed he had located the shrine in which it was kept. The plan, Sir Falcon claimed, was to travel via portal to the village and petition the tenders of the shrine to permit them the use of the sword to face the Primate of Krygan and face whatever challenge they set to test the resolve of the Grey Knight. He promised supplies and such to have already been arranged.

However there was a problem – the use of the portal. The majority of the company travelled via the arranged portal, however Dame Ravenna accompanied the group that sought an alternate route to Amnor near the Hangman’s Tree on the Esca-Norham road.

The little group – Dame Ravenna Corvidae, High Mother Anne, Finwe, Father Ezekiel, Dr Lindsen, Erulisse Saerwen, “Fighting” Jack and Akmed – made their way down the road, fighting off Kryganites and seeing the terrible things they were doing to the locals, eventually found a small place blessed by Sidhe. Speaking to the spirit who kept the place of their need, and with Erulisse giving of her power to help, the group were able to traverse the world from Ithron to Amnor down a long and dark tunnel in the blink of an eye.

The other party had arrived at their planned encampment to find the village overrun with undead, the shrines in the chapel awash with blood and filth and creatures gnawing on tattered bits of bone. As they worked to clear the shrines and secure their camp, Sir Falcon and his men went to see what had happened to the surrounding hamlets and one of the halflings was beckoned into the forest and died, with other members of the company beckoned out into the shadows unawares. Luckily people were aware of the dangers and saved them from coming to any great harm.

The second group arrived to find the camp in relative peace and after grabbing a quick meal from their travel rations Ravenna entered the shrine to see what had happened. Lady Olivia and Hoggart had been able to consecrate a pair of shrines to Vleybor and Tralda but the shrines were weak points of light within the grim place. As Father Ezekiel joined her they began clearing what they could from the shrines – moving offering bowls that now contained blood or offal away from the Shrine symbols, tiding away bits of corruption and offering prayers to the seven. Ravenna knelt in prayer to Kharach and recieved a feeling from him that the relics now missing from the shrine were close at hand. Meror and Robert suggested cataloguing the profane marks on the walls and floor and check the markings against some other documents that had been found and that Hoggart was reading.

However, their troubles looked set to continue. The camp was attacked by undead and a number of vampires, and there was something upon the air that seemed to bear them all a malicious will. Members of the company acted strangely – some pouring out physicians supplies, others trying to take holy symbols and Ravenna found herself compelled to desecrate the nearest shrine. Luckily Vleybor sent the Black Knight to sleep and screamed in her primate’s ear – and Lady Olivia found the Knight snoring on the floor of the chapel, her hand bleeding and blood smeared over the shrine. Luckily she knew the Knight would not have done this willingly and a long conversation was had to determine exactly what had happened when she woke her up.


The next morning the adventurers set about securing their position. One group went looking for supplies in a nearby town where they helped the local town with a missing villager and the recent uprising undead. They also encountered one of the local priests who had been corrupted by the undead – a Vleyborian – which the company faced.

But they were victorious, returning with supplies of food and materials for repairing armour.

Back in camp members of the group defended the shrines from the undead and vampires that seemed to be drawn in greater numbers there. After a brief respite, the second group set out with a horn believed to call the great evil to them so they could face it. Already hammered from their defense of the camp the adventurers set off towards the “blood pool”. When outside the perimeter of the camp they tried to rescue one of the locals only for Ravenna to step into the shadows of the long grass and a shadow took control of her. As the party were forced back by a collection of undead Ravenna was dragged away. Unconcious and bleeding she was carried back towards some pens the undead had constructed at the behest of their vampiric master and fed upon. The party pushed on, freeing local villagers and urging them back towards the relative safety of the shrine when they were told how the vampires were saving them for their master – that certain ones were taken away and never came back. Rescuing the black knight they continued towards the pool, rescuing villagers, fending off fayunds and trying to keep out of the grip of wraiths. They dismissed a hant, defeated a death knight and rescued more villagers until they came upon the pool of blood.

They plunged into battle to clear the pool of its undead guardians but several of the company were felled and dragged closer to add to its supply. Ravenna fought hard but was dragged to the pool whilst her party fought for their lives. And then they faced the corrupted Longstorian priest and defeated him. Then they counted their losses and sought their missing companions and were able to save one but not the other just before the hearts blood ran out.

Weakened Ravenna limped back to the camp, but within sight of the camp they were attacked by more undead, having decided not to blow the horn to call the enemy to them. Harried and threatened they retreated to the camp with news of the second priest and the bloodied pool.

Weary and weakened from her bleeding  Ravenna retired to rest and meditate on the evil that had befallen her and her company. A third group set out to investigate the source of a necromantic taint upon the land. They are preyed upon by waves of undead until they reach a glade with a number of bodies bound to a tree. The mages of the party can sense a great taint upon the area with the necromancers sensing a tangled web of life essence tearing open a rent in the very fabric of the land. Master Acton begins to unpick the life to bundle it up back into the bodies. Meror begins to help but the two demonologists sensed a demonic taint and were guided to the thread of it that stretched out of the glade. The pair of them took hold of this thread to keep it from unravelling away as the necromancers hurried around bundling the life essence back into the bodies as the physicians healed them of their wounds. And all the while they were attacked by terrible creatures.

Once the people were saved the adventurers pressed on chasing the thin thread of demonic taint to see the Vampire in the company of a demon and his crystal ogre. The party faced their foe and decided the best course of valor was to see another day. They hurried back with news of what they had seen, but as they returned they saw a strange sight – a number of undead carrying the body of a woman. After chasing off the vampiric thralls they found the woman carried a map – but who was she, and what did the map show?

That night Sir Falcon and his nephew returned from their review of the local hamlets and travelling to his sister’s lands. The thanks and hospitality of the people led to a fine meal within the chapel at which a number of things came to light – they had found a book of sermons that might help with the reconsecration of the shrine, and a scroll which tells the tale of a tailor who faced the great monster El Murano in the light of Crowa wielding the sword of San Pedro … the sword they sought. The girl they had found was also the niece of the Knight, and whilst cleaning the chapel they had found a trap door down which might be the relics.

And so the company ate and celebrated and remembered those who had died. One group played Mya, and Dame Ravenna sat in conversation with Sir Falcon, his nephew, Sir Thomas de Sanclair and Father Ezekiel about the dead girl and the map.

After dinner Dame Ravenna, Father Ezekiel and the demonologists thought long and hard about the questions they would ask of the spirit, for Ravenna was resolved that the spirit of the girl should be sent on before the morning and saved from any danger that might befall it another night where vampires prowled. What the girl’s spirit told them was great and terrible and they made note as much as they could before the spirit grew quiet. And Ravenna laid her to rest. Late that night a terrible thing befell the company as some of them sought the relics of the shrines in the dark tunnel beneath the chapel, for the villagers who had been so hospitable to them – marked as they were with a red sword said to protect them in times of great danger – suddenly arose with a shrieking wail and collapsed where they stood dead. Something had drawn their life to it. Some of the mages investigated the bodies as Ravenna laid each to rest in turn. The company who had braved the tunnels returned with dire news of the dangers they faced, but at last they were victorious – returning with the relics and a few bumps, bruises and crushed feet.

The shrines were tidied, candles were lit and the faithful kneel in prayer and hope that they can clear the fog of death on that place. Guided by the prayers of the priests and through devoted offerings of the heart the shrines come to life, helped by both the faithful and the faithless. And the night went on, the calm before the storm.

The next morning the company gathered together to face the Vampire and the remaining corrupted priests, fighting off greater numbers of vampires and fayunds. At one point crystal ogres took to the field and the party were greatly beset, but through faith and courage and prayer the sword of San Pedro came into their keeping and they fought and destroyed the fell vampire. Armour rent, weapons shattered, shields cleaved and much alchemy used and many bandages to clean the adventurers were victorious and ready to return home.

Most went via the portal, while some took cart overland to the sea and a swift ship hence to return to the green lands of Ithron.