Well, here we are again – twelve months since the reboot of Wolfish Written began. It wasn’t a planned reboot, and the content has grown organically over the last year, but for once I would like to speak directly to you, my readers, and thank you all for coming by and sharing this space with me.

Twelve months ago the website had been neglected for a while, with sporadic updates as and when I felt like it (or made the time). Having gone from random updates in the early days when vocalising to the silent void was new and exciting; to an ambitious tri-weekly schedule of writing nonsense, larp updates and arty likes; through to sporadic larping updates and the occasional random writing post – the website had become a burden and writing about a dead LARP character, who I had put alot of time, effort and love into; hurt.

However, I kept going and slowly began to get the old cogs and wheels turning and a more regular raft of updates began to come back online. However it still felt to be a bit of a chore.

It wasn’t a conscious decision at first to “reboot” the website but I decided I wanted to write more about the things I love and the hobby which unites it all – music, sewing, historical fashion research, hand sewing techniques, story writing, inspirations etc. A year ago today(ish) I posted my second tutorial on tabards and made the choice to keep going – to write regularly to a schedule and turn Wolfish Written into a resource for new (and not-so-new) larpers. And I am proud that I can look back over these last twelve months and see an update every Friday, full of things I hope will help make people’s larping experiences a little more immersive.

So, from me to you, thanks. Here’s to another twelve months of larping/crafting/creating.

~ Space-wolf


If you have anything particular you would like to see written about here on Wolfish Written that relates to general larp, kit prep, ideas or simple tutorials – shout out below!