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Today’s post is a mix of a number of events that occurred over the weekend, which included hosting an in-character banquet (and cooking for it), flying the flag for the system at Nerd East, as well as heading off into the woods for another bold adventure.


Newcroft In-Character Banquet

Members of our branch refs team wanted to run an in-character party with a difference compared to the usual fare. And so we set about running a Banquet hosted by the Vleyborian and Crowan churches with the aim of raising funds to aid in the works of the light. Adventurers from near and far were invited and a three course meal prepared for their delight.

My OH planned a three course menu for meat eaters and vegetarians – soup starter, main course and baked apples for pudding – catering for around 28 people. Thanks for the help of a friend the pair of them peeled veg like demons, made two huge pots of soup (french onion and vegetable) and prepared a mountain of potatoes for roasting, boiling and mashing, before putting aside batons of parsnip and carrots for roasting. Having made the vegetarian option in advance (melanzane parmigiana), and the soup and vegetables prepared the night before, the chicken, vegtables and pudding were cooked on the day to minimise the amount of cooking to be done from scratch at the venue.

The course of the event included a raffle for some great prizes, an auction of offerings from the various guilds, and a number of strange occurrences that were not “scheduled” by the organisers. When dinner had been completed – served in part by a truly penitent Vleyborian ex-communicant who was taught a sound lesson by the Longstorian Church – with the adventurers joined by members of the Berwickshire nobility, and the auction completed, one of the items turned up a nasty trick. Young Albrecht picked up a cursed ring and was caught by a troubled spirit that was inside it of a dead Crowan. Albrecht was eventually freed from the prison that bound him, but the spirit blended with his own for a time and he bore two souls within him. Observing all this a Feracarthan elfin maiden who had come seeking adventurers willing to kill, and a veiled form in black that waited in her shadow with words of prophecy. These two mingled with the gathered company, the figure in black spouting words of prophecy and the maiden observing what was happening. Eventually the maiden left, her plea for assistance heard by some. Members of the Thanes court came to seek thoughts of prominent adventurers on the current automata problem, and later that evening Dame Ravenna Corvidae arrived at the gathering. With the help of High Mother Anne of Longstor she was able to free the soul of the Crowan from his troubles and Albrecht, as well as discuss the current situation in Barra with prominent members of the adventuring community.

Thank you to all visitors who came to visit, and to those members of the branch who participated in the revelries, as well as those who helped with npc-ing and cooking and setting up and tidying up afterwards.


Nerd East 2015

The next day I went along to the Nerd East convention, the North East’s roleplay, mini-convention and kit fair – the event I have attended to represent Fools and Heroes a couple of times. I took a turn behind the stall, wandered amongst the stall holders, but from packing up the night before I was not present for the entire event. A number of systems were represented (Fools and Heroes, 5k Rem, Catreath), with leather workers, costume makers and weapons/larp kit. I also saw a brief demonstration by the Hotspur School of Defence.


Player Mission – The Claw and the falling star

Lord Celther’s lands have been overrun with foulspawn bearing the sign of the White Star, in such number that his own scouts have been forced out and he and his family escaped. He wished to reclaim his lands and bid the aid of the adventurers to attempt to find a solution. Bid to kill the leader of the foul spawn in the area to sow panic and confusion, to aid in the reclamation of his lands. There were also bid to seek out a man who had been prophesying about a great calamity, And then there was the matter of the bright star seen falling from the heavens …

The adventurers who attended the hiring were:

  • Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild; Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium;
  • James of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Roger the Blacksmith;
  • Master Ash and Wren of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Dr Leofrick Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Stewart DePiercy, Head of the Knightly Griffin Order; Dame Ravenna Corvidae, Head of the Knightly Black Order; Errant Evelyn Ingram of the Knightly Black Order; Esquire Vincent Savage of the Feudal Order of the Stag;

The party travelled onto the Celther lands where they were given a status report by a pair of scouts in the area who informed them that the foulspawn had seemed to become more disciplined since the falling of the star. They came upon a band of foraging foulspawn bearing the white star and recovered a bit of paper which seemed to relate to the falling star, or the crowning of some leader/king orc. Ahead they found the body of a man, whom Ravenna laid to rest before the party fought through another couple of bands of orcs.

They were approached by an ogre magi and his body guard who told them they were fighting the white star and his treacherous ex-lieutenant that went by the name of Claw given his disfigurement. The creatures meant them no harm and were allowed to leave, though Sir Stewart did not like the idea of letting another problem wander off into the woods. They fought more foulspawn up a rise, finding more bits of paper, and some information provided by an orc that had been ordered to hunt for the falling star but who did not want to be part of the White Star forces. It was allowed to pass, though the knights were wary and bid James keep watch on it until it was gone out of sight.

A scout came out of the woodland and told them what he had seen, speaking of the dead man who they had already found and his soul passed into Kharach’s keeping. Then up a hill, heading for the main body and the now infamous Claw. Dr Kyle made his own preparations by drinking a foretell future (just in case) and the adventures set upon their task to rid the area of its new foulspawn leader. It was a bitter fight, with many of the party torn apart by the orc’s sharp claw, but it was slain and the party patched up before the hunt for the star began. It was found and with Esquire Savage carrying the head of the beast home (to Ravenna and Evelyn’s disgust), they headed back to bear news of their success to their hirer and the Lord Celther.


Monster Mission – War or Peace?

A group of adventurers were hired by the Vleyborian church to protect upcoming peace talks between the elven leaders Frigg One-Eye and Sparrowhawk, the latter whom the elfin maiden wished to be killed. These adventurers were:

  • Kestrel of the Scouts Guild;
  • Krom Goodfellow of the Physicians Guild;
  • Mistress Ember and Auraleigh ‘Cookie’ Potts of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Lysandus Tathadiir of the School of Enchantment;
  • High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; High Father Andre of Rolbor; Father Ezekial Wheeler and Crag McFist of Vleybor;

The party were attacked by dark elves seeking to disrupt the potential alliance and were bid, that before either leader would consent to pursue these talks, they had to venture into the city and retrieve a gavel from the law courts that had once stood as a sign of justice, honesty and truth in the ancient times. After finding a break in the magical storm that encircles the city they were able to gain access to the ancient courts through balancing the scales on a statue flanking the door, and entered the halls. They witnessed apparitions related to a trial once conducted there – hearing rumours, evidence and the deliberations of those gathered there as they walked the halls before reaching the main chamber where, upon taking up the gavel, they were bid to prove themselves through acting as judge of that long forgotten trial. Having done so they fought their way back through the restless dead of that city to return to the place chosen for the talks and the two leaders, who until now had been at each others’ throats, were able to speak of an alliance.

The two elves agreed to work together under the leadership of one individual who fought for their mutual cause – the reclamation of the city. And this leader was to be? None other than Kestrel, who has been foretold by the seer of the citadel that one day he would be King of Feracartha …