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With the recent destruction of the cathedral at Barra, Ravenna and Morgan decided to venture north to offer what aid they could to the Clydesdale adventurers. When they arrived on a “typical” Lirronese spring day with its grey mists and clinging drizzle they set upon a pair of hirings out of the market square of Barra – one to the dwarven silver mine, one down into the tunnels beneath the ruined cathedral.

Thank you Glasgow branch for a great day out at your impressive setup of a site. More fights around the castle next time please.


Monster Mission: The Silverhammer Mines

The first group were hired by Ingot Greenhammer to aid him in clearing out his newly acquired mine in the holdings of the dwarven Silverhammer mines – Clydesdale’s dwarven community.

The adventurers who went to investigate his little problem were:

  • Captain Seryn Nivan and Geralt of the Mercenaries;
  • Aiden Tanner of the Scouts;
  • Dave the Blacksmith;
  • High Guildsman Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology;
  • Sir Duncan Talloch-Artair of the Feudal Knights;
  • Sister Arrianna Dawnbreaker of Sidhe;

The adventurers travelled to the mouth of the mine where Ingot could be seen in discussion with another group of adventuring types – members of the Reformed Roving Renegade Company, a notorious group of ne’er-do-wells looking to make some coin in this adventuring lark. Annoyed at the approach of other adventurers they tried to threaten the dwarf into paying them, but another similar group had already gone into the mine and was yet to return and the wily dwarf told them where to go to get their coin. He recognised the blacksmith Dave, with whom he had been in communication with, and welcomed his party. The tunnels, once infested with foulspawn now had a dark elf problem which was yet to be resolved, and the new mine owner wanted the creatures cleared out before he sent more workers into the depths. Promising to investigate a price was agreed and the group trekked into the darkness.

They reached the mine entrance which was pooling a little with water and were forced to light a lantern to combat the darkness inside, though it did little to drive back the whispering forms in the gloomy corners. Ghosts of the miners trapped inside the mine when the last mine owners shut the doors during the last foulspawn upswelling, the dwarves had died in torment to leave behind only an angry bitter shade determined to keep the dead places in the hands of the dead. After a couple of attempts through the room ended with several of the party speaking the words of the spirits within, the group were able to forge a path through, dragging those who were ensnared with them out of the chambers into a wider tunnel.

They came across wandering undead of assorted varieties before a set of tunnels branched away. Choosing one of them the adventurers pressed on. They struggled through sections that creaked and groaned about them before a tunnel collapsed behind them, fought there way through undead and came upon dark elves who were “searching”. However they came across a large void in the floor and Seryn leapt across it without invoking the name of her Lady Tralda, and her goddess, aghast at such reckless behavior, turned her gaze aside. Excommunicated, Seryn left the party to seek another way out.

Finding a larger chamber the party were met by ghosts of the dwarves who had died in the tunnels during the last foulspawn upswelling. They assumed there might be a way out, perhaps down the tunnels they came up from, but the spoke of who they wanted to see pay for the decision that had left them to suffer down in the dark – they wanted vengeance on the original owners, justice. If they received this, then they would feel free to leave and go onto Kharach’s halls.

Later in the tunnels they found a pair of dark elves picking over Seryn’s corpse – evidently having startled her and overpowered her in the gloom. They threw the corpse down into a well before the party could stop them. After gathering up what remained of her personal belongings they continued on their way into another set of tunnels before coming upon a pair of dark elves and a small collection of undead. After killing them they followed the tunnel before they came upon the ghost of an old friend. Furious, angry at the betrayal of her goddess, the ghost of Seryn was not the person they recognised as she spat her angry words at them, blaming them for bringing her here, Tralda for abandoning her and Elandowyn for brinigng her into the faith in the first place! Her angry words echoed after them as they found another tunnel out to return to the dwarf and tell him what they had found.

And the ghost of Seryn was left alone in the dark, angry at the world which had turned its back on her …


Player Mission: The tunnels beneath Barra

The cathedral in Barra was once a beauty to behold, a building that held shrines to the Seven nestled in the spiritual heart of the city. But not so many weeks ago there was a terrible cracking rumbling sound and the great building fell in on itself as the tunnels that had appeared beneath it gave way. Tangled amidst the rubble were parts of metal men and whilst the major relics were rescued, the adventurers had been sent in to try and find some of the other precious artefacts. At the behest of the Earl of Barra a second group were to travel into the tunnels and hunt down the one responsible for the undermining of the great monument – ideally not bringing them back alive.

Those who set out upon this task were:

  • An apprentice of the Mercenaries;
  • Erik of the Scouts;
  • An apprentice of the Physicians Guild;
  • Dame Ravenna Corvidae of the Knightly Black Order; Knight-Errant Thomas Sinclair of the Feudal Knights;
  • Mother Elandowyn Atariel McCrae of Tralda; Father Layton of Crowa; Sister Elspeth of Longstor;

The adventurers were met by a representative of the Earl who agreed some form of payment for those venturing into the tunnels, and she walked with them as they headed out through the city. At the gates Errant Thomas and Dame Ravenna heard a trio of priests lamenting that the cathedral was not to be rebuilt, which was concerning to them both and the Earl’s feudal vassal invited the trio, along with Dame Ravenna and Mother Elandowyn to dine with him that evening and discuss the matter at some length.

At last they reached the tunnel mouth and went on into the dimly lit interior. They came upon a pair of ducks in the path, which triggered a giggling foulspawn ambush, before being attacked by talking troll who blamed them for his little accident. Ravenna uncovered the next trap as she stepped upon a panel on the floor which sank with a loud click. With the way shut behind them, they had no choice but to press on. Waiting until the others got past her she eventually moved from the block only to be hit by a falling slab of masonry before being beaten to the floor as something swung from the wall and sent her flying. She lay bleeding until her party healed her and soon she was back on her feet.

They came to an opening in the tunnel which led to a tunnel beneath, where they encountered a group of dverges trying to get into a locked box. Licking their lips several of the creatures struggled to take their eyes off the armoured members, but once the box was opened (and the key locked within retrieved) the creatures pounced on the gems and jewellery inside and the party hurriedly opened the door and locked it shut behind them. In the next section of the tunnel they encountered the architect (and tradesman, crafter, accountant and assorted odd jobs man of the Clydesdale Construction Company. After listening to his ramblings the adventurers decided to tie him up and come back for him later – leaving him with the dverges for now …

He gave them a map, under duress, and after studying it they decided to explore all avenues shown to them – including the traps that they had already navigated. After being confronted with the choice of cake or death (picking up a box of cakes) they triggered some other trap that washed them out of the tunnels into the marshes.

There they caught a man in golden robes flanked by automata and defended themselves, before killing him after his porcelain ones shattered and tore great holes through the party’s armour. Continuing on up the hill they were faced with a strange group of individuals – holy creatures and worshipers of the dark and light gods who were working in accord over their shared horror of the destruction and defilement of the Cathedral. The Rolborian tried to explain why they were there as the party chased down and killed the Kryganite and Fygolian, only to be taunted and teased by the Bequifisian that tried to convinced them to take vengeance into their hearts. Ravenna tried to counsel against this, trying to ignore the servant of her Lord’s darker sister before accepting the words of the Rolborian – that whatever they did Rolbor would want a word with the person responsible, and they had to stop what was going on it the encampment.

As they passed through the threshold of the ruined keep the religious amongst the party felt the weight of all the agony of the souls lost to the destruction of the cathedral and the holy symbols around their necks grew hot. For Ravenna this was a double agony as both her symbols felt to burn against her flesh but she cried aloud to her gods for their deliverance and then they saw another group of automata and their mistress.

What happened next was another struggle against the metal and porcelain creations as the mage evaded them, but as one wave was complete Ravenna stalked after the woman in gold, determined to stop her. But she was frozen in place by a vile spell and could only listen as the woman crowed her victory over them. As Thomas took up the chase, Ravenna was left to face three automata alone only to fall as the procelain one shattered and drove pieces of broken pottery into her chest. She lay on the ground, blood oozing across her shield as her life blood drained out until Thomas returned having killed the mage and fled her minions to pour healing alchemy down Ravenna’s throat and woke her with the urgent “we have wounded”. Casting her shield aside she dashed to the nearest body – the physician – and bound his gaping chest wound and arm before rousing him, leaving him to tend to his other arm as she went to the next casualty.

Sister Elspeth was dead when they got to her, Erik too lying where he had fallen and Ravenna prayed over them both. But Elandowyn looked down at the scout and pitied the waste and prayed aloud to her goddess to save him. She gave of her own life to bring him back, casting aside the items she had been gifted throughout her second service to her lucky lady. As she fell gracefully to the ground her life left her, entering into the scout, healing his wounds, and returning him to the land of the living. And the adventurers carried the two priestesses back to Barra so that they could be tended to by their own customs, and so they could report to the Earl all that they had uncovered.