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The White Star are currently occupying the surface area around the Dwarven Kingdom of Dun Mhurdo and their mining mountain, or at least that was what the office of the Thane believed. Lord Bremer Van Brock called for a small group of adventurers to look into an alarming report of White Star around Lake Kelther.


Those who went out to investigate the report were:

  • Ranger Wulfric Nolastname of the Berwickshire Medium; Guildsman Aly of the Scouts Guild;
  • High Guildsman Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology;
  • Dame Ravenna Corvidae of the Knightly Black Order;

The adventurers set out from Newcroft, heading north to the town of Nelfarig then across the borders road towards the hill country and the great lake, heading for the small village of Rockcliffe. On the road near the village they encountered a group of White Star foraging for herbs and roots and a decision was made to dispatch them before the supplies they were gathering were returned to the hobgoblin Fixer. Further along the road they were approached by a merchant before Ranger Wulfric flushed out another foulspawn from the undergrowth. As they slew the creature the merchant protested in outrage, aghast at the violence. They arrived in the village of Rockcliffe where the people were under the belief that there was peace with the White Star. In light of the news of the Lady Mayoress’s proclamation that Foulspawn were not to be hunted, and the arrival of a letter of peace from the White Star, the villagers were already trading with the creatures. A pair of merchant groups were already in the village, trading in food stuffs, plants, some alchemical supplies and “physicians” stuffs, with the foulspawn trading in dwarven goods and armour, with Adam of the Crescent Moon Trading Company anxious to know how long the adventurers would be in the area. Members of the village were either at ease with the new situation, anxious about the circumstances in which the peace had arrived, or downright angry at the presence of the foulspawn nearby. A recent veteran of Amblebury, the town milita sergeant, was furious that the creatures were being welcomed and traded with after all the losses in the recent fighting, and a dwarf who had lived locally for a number of years was grumpy that foulspawn were being left alive.

After speaking with the villagers and their elder they learned that the foulspawn were camped away from the village. Wanting to observe what they were about, Ravenna bid that the group investigate further. Venturing back down the road they arrived at the foulspawn camp. Asked if they had something to trade Wulfric held up vial of physicians drugs and they were led into the camp. When he asked to speak with the leader of the foulspawn Wulfirc was bid to entertain them, and he ended up having a fight with a troll with only a dagger. He then spoke with the leader of the foulspawn and learnt they were expecting a shipment of goods in a couple of days. There was also a scout in the area who had been propositioned by the foulspawn to make a map – to which Ravenna was agast that anyone would agree to such a thing. Luckily a word in his ear from Ranger Wulfric and the pair came to some agreement. But as they were preparing to leave the camp a villager came running up yelling for them. The Elder had sent him – there had been a murder!

Travelling back the adventurers found the foulspawn they had killed earlier were up and walking around and with no way to permanently quell the walking dead, they were resigned to tipping the bodies into the river as a solution to the problem. In the village they found the place anxiously waiting for them – the militia sergeant who had been taken to bed when his drunken state had been found dead outside the village by one of the lads out checking his traps. Who had done the deed? Foulspawn or someone else? Was the village now in danger? As the others gathered information on what had occurred since they had left, Ravenna spoke with the Elder about preparing the village for the worst – she was not keen to return to find the villagers dead or under attack simply because they held to their belief in the foulspawn peace. The dwarf was asked to repair Wulfric’s damaged armour, after which Ravenna enquired as to some repayment for his generosity. He spoke of a cave which he had been chased out of by a “talking wolf” which both Wulfric and Ravenna took to mean werewolf, and she informed the dwarf that they would see what they could do about returning the contents of the cave to him. At which Morgan proclaimed that there was a great evil in the area – probably responsible for causing the dead to reanimate, and he wished to investigate. Ravenna also agreed to look into this.

They set off to investigate the corpse, to then return to the village via the cave. On the road they encountered a pair of foulspawn harrassing a nobleman known to Morgan, and as the pair had a pleasant chat about some vision he had had and his desire to woo a noble lady, Ravenna and the scouts kept eyes on the foulspawn who seemed to be talking animatedly and making gestures regarding the knight and her missing eye. The nobleman agreed to head back towards the village and the party continued on down to a small clearing where a pair of bodies could be seen. As Wulfric examined the area to get an understanding of what had occurred, Ravenna and Al stood guard. A pair of foulspawn appeared, to be cut down as they attacked, but Ravenna was keen to move on to report on what they had found. As they made their way back up the road they were attacked by foulspawn with a shaman in tow who, with a few sneaky spells froze the advance scouts in place and left Ravenna holding her own against three foulspawn with no support but her shield and honour sword as Morgan defended himself. But a chance blow to the face she was brought to her knees and awoke to the other three standing over her. They came upon more of the animated foulspawn corpses that had climbed out of the river, and after taking a brief detour came upon the nobleman they had met before and the man he’d been looking for. The nobleman Charles, the third son of the Baronet Kenton, had been gifted some form of vision of himself fighting a demon with Morgan’s assistance and was convinced that this night he would accomplish his goal. After some discussions he presented a charged scroll of Sidhean blessed weapon that Morgan needed Ravenna to use, but as she began to prepare a blessed sword a thought cross Morgan’s mind – let Charles use the sword already prepared from Ranger Wulfric’s belt in exchange for the scroll which was useless to him, and in return they would help him seek out his goal. This was agreeable to Charles and so Wulfric’s sword was passed to Charles, Ravenna was given the scroll and the party gained another couple of companions as they headed towards the cave.

Outside stood a demon with a pair of cadevers that were commanded to rise to their feet as they approached, and something else standing in the shadows of the cave. The gateway was sealed but when Ravenna realised that there was a demon (a great ugly horned thing that was difficult to discern in the gloom) she rushed the demon with only her sword and shield. The creature shrugged off her blows as she yelled at the scholarly nobleman to draw the weapon and come to their aid, but he did not come and after she was wounded she noted he was on the floor and Wulfric was picking up the sword. He hesitated as Morgan told him to wait for Charles to come round, but Ravenna told him to remove the filth from the place, angry that her party were willing to let it linger there. Charles eventually came to, stood up and took up his blade and in manner of his vision Morgan appeared to do some magic as he struck the demon with his ensorcelled blade. It vanished and Ravenna instructed the others to lay into the undead creatures beside it as she tended her wounded leg. Then it was all over and Morgan turned his attention to the cave. There was something inside and as Morgan had a think on the problem Ravenna was stuck listening to the scholarly nobleman crow over his dashing valor and skill. He might consider writing a book on this great deed he had done, and of course all the others would be mentioned, but yes – a fine night’s work. Ravenna couldn’t possible comment on the whole business politely, so she held her tongue.

Morgan was eventually able to dismiss the creature that was in the cave and the party headed back towards the village, having discussed the possibility of more militia to the area with Charles.

In the village the Elder was glad to see them return and heard what they had found. As they spoke Wulfric took the Elder and Ravenna aside to discuss the implications of the death of the militia man. The man had not died as he appeared – neither had the foulspawn. The creature had been slain by a bladed weapon but the militiaman’s sword was undrawn and unbloodied. He died by a small cut to his arm – a sign he had been slain with poison, and that he had been taken unawares. The scene was then set up for others to find, and the murderer most likely returned to the village. So it was likely that the murderer was amongst the people. They had narrowed it down to a few suspects through Wulfirc’s conversations with one of the merchants, but would have to leave the investigation in the hands of the elder given the threat that was likely to come from the foulspawn given their recent aggression to the adventurers.

After staying the night in the village, and the scouts turning a shift on the watchposts to lend a hand, the adventurers returned with their report to Newcroft, for further investigation into the reason for these supplies and a way to end the threat of the Fixer.