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Things stalk Berwickshire, hiding in shadows, hiding just out of sight. The adventurers of Berwickshire hunt these things, fight against the foes that assail them. Ravenna and Morgan Corvidae once more set out upon their travels to face down the dangers of the realm and wonder yet again how far the rabbit hole goes.

Monster Mission: Bloody Murder out of Nelfarig

Another murder has been discovered in Nelfarig, Lord Nelfaril’s doorward or trusted guardian of his lands and property, brutally slain. The Guards are at their wits end and turn to the adventuring community to help hunt down the culprit.

The adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Guildsman Kestrel of the Scouts Guild;
  • Master Mortimer Lowe of the School of Necromancy; Master Albrecht Crow of the School of Enchantment; Guildsman Morgan Corvidae of the School of Demonology; Guildsman Daniel of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Brother Ezekiel Weaver of Vleybor;

The adventurers were told of a peculiarity, that the corpse had been found with no blood and some marks upon his neck. They set out upon the road towards the village where Lord Nelfaril’s door-ward had been living with his lady wife. On the road they met a group of villagers from Ashcroft who seemed to be sickening. It broke Brother Ezekiel’s heart to see them suffering but they warned him back and he learnt that they were hoping to reach the Vleyborian Shrine at Heathcote to seek healing. As the mages prepared their rituals, Brother Ezekiel prayed for Vleybor’s aid in helping these people and promised to do all he could to see them healed of their afflictions.

As they climbed up the hill they came upon a harassed lady and her attendant page who were both fleeing the village. This was the wife of the deceased door-ward, driven out by the people who accused her of murdering her husband. She denied this, saying that one of the villagers had started up the rabble who had forced her out. The Guards thought that she might be the murderer but as they spoke with her a suspicion grew that she was not the culprit and may instead be a victim. The page mentioned he had seen a mark on his lady’s neck, two pin pricks like those found on the neck of her husband. Perhaps there was something more necromantic involved? She spoke of a young woman who had come to the village recently with whom her husband had been spending a lot of time. Perhaps she was the last one to see him alive?

Up ahead they encountered a clump of undead and fought their way through before another knot of undead came ambling over the hill. The Necromancer and his companions destroyed these creatures before coming down to the village. Here they found the villagers stirred to a frenzy, preparing to hunt down the door-ward’s wife because the Guards clearly weren’t doing their job. Managing to calm them down they were able to learn that the woman Marion lived outside of the village and they continued on their way.

On the road they fought more undead and came upon a pair of merchants – a physician and his guard. Things seemed to be going smoothly until they noticed the Omega symbol upon them and they attacked. The mages had been looking into the Omega group and they were not pleased to meet these two. After the two merchants were able to escape and the party patched up their wounded and limped on. They came upon a grove where a pale woman told them to clear off her land. As Mortimer recognised her for what she was she pacted him and not for Morgan’s quick fire spell to lift the pact, they would not have been able to destroy the Vampire. As undead attacked the party, Mortimer tried to get the Vampire to speak before destroying her with a simple command.

They returned to Nelfarig with the Vampire’s ash and the information of what happened to the door-ward, as well as word of a pair of “bandits” on the road.

Player Mission: The Orcs at the Gate

With the Dwarves of Dun Mhurdo recalled to their mountain stronghold as the White Star Orcs close their ranks around them, the people of Berwickshire wait for word or a call for aid. But concerned that word would not come from the mountain, or would come too late, members of the adventuring community took advantage of a dwarf looking for news of her kin and her people to go and take a first-hand look at what was going on up the mountain. The adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Senior Guildsman Ember of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Guildsman Krom Goodfellow of the Physicians Guild;
  • Sir Stewart DePiercy, Head of the Knightly Griffin Order; Errant Ravenna Corvidae of the Knightly Black Order;
  • High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor;

Hired by a member of the Longstorian church to seek word of her kin and to convince him to gather with the remaining dwarves still “topside” the group set out towards Dun Mhurdo. They came upon a group of Grant’s men (a crowan mercenary who had a vengeance against hobgoblins) who were out hunting the White Star. As they reported to Sir Stewart a group of foulspawn came out of the woods. The adventurers went to the mercenaries’ aid though two of Grant’s men were lost to their wounds. Travelling on the adventurers found dead dwarves and tracks showing that foulspawn had dragged something off. Following the tracks led to more foulspawn being killed before the adventurers reached a dwarven village. They met the Longstorian’s kinsman and learnt that they had remained to try and grow food for their people. Unconvinced the humans and elves could do anything against the foulspawn the dwarves were reluctant until Finwe was able to make an agreement to help feed and protect the dwarves should they require it. In the woods Finwe spotted a pair of shapes and he alerted the group to their presence. Pressing to find news of the mountain the adventurers fought their way through the orcs, where Ravenna fought an Ogre by herself to claim a third honour kill (also whilst beating off its “helpful” hobgoblin friend) as Sir Stewart kept the rest of the party occupied with keeping the other creatures off the Black Knight Errant.

Down to a pool of water the adventurers fought more White Star Orcs and another roaming patrol before a Rolborian/Crowan dwarf came stumbling towards them. He’d been sent to clear a path for his brethren to aid the Underking break their siege and then to seek aid from the humans and elves of Berwickshire. With the aid of the adventurers they were able to break through the other patrols, the members of the Orders fighting side by side in a shield wall. Sir Stewart called upon the power of the Griffin Blade to protect the minds of the knights to prevent the foulspawn mages from causing them to break. They eventually made it to one of the old mine shafts that was under threat from the foulspawn. They arrived too late and the White Star broke through the seal, releasing some noxious mine gas that caused them all to choke but some of the party remained standing to protect the others from the foulspawn that recovered from their choking fits. They stopped the foulspawn from gaining entrance, made the breach ready for the dwarves who had planned to hold it and escorted the dwarf back to Carlech to bring his request to the Thane of Newcroft. But before then Finn went and popped her head over the hill to look down into the valley before Dun Mhurdo’s gate, only to see the mass of White Star covering the hills already engaged with the dwarves of Dun Mhurdo. They were no longer besieged, they were at war, with barricades rapidly being put up as others are overrun.

This was what Ravenna had feared would happen, but with this new news they may be able to convince the county to rise up in defence of one of its peoples. Time will only tell …