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We decided to take advantage of the weather and make a trip north of the border to Edinburgh for a quick visit and a day site with some of the Edinburgh/Glasgow branch members. It was lovely to catch up with some of our new friends and play the missions prepared by the Edinburgh referees.

Thank you Edinburgh Branch for a lovely day out!

The drive back, though in the pitch darkness along some windy old A-Roads with some pretty hairy corners was well worth it to catch sight of proper dark sky stars and a blood moon rising which we caught a glimpse of as we wound back and forth around the edge of the Cheviots and through the Lammermuir Hills of the borders.

But, enough sightseeing! On with the missions!


Player mission: In the light of Crowa

In the brisk chill mist (or sea fret) of a crisp Lirron morning (boy was it cold!) the adventurers gathered at the behest of the Church of Crowa. Over the past year patches of Tholonese Mist had been affecting shrines across the country and one of the shrines to the Lady of Battle had fallen under its influence. As such the Church wished it to be reconsecrated before the holy site could be used for ill means.

The adventurers who answered the hiring notice were:

  • Matthias Grimwald of the Scouts Guild;
  • Captain Saryn Nivan and two members of the Mercenaries Guild; Sergeant Morgan Steiner;
  • Elspeth of the Physicians Guild;
  • Errant Oberyn Mac Fintain of the Knightly Griffin Order; Errant Ravenna Corvidae of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Father Layton of Crowa;

They set out from Dun Lirron and were warned by the Militia man on gate duty about undead that had been seen in the area and “something weird” which caught Ravenna’s interest, as well as the Abraxians that had been seen on the road. The Church had already warned about the chance of their dark counterparts making a move on the site, and confirmation of their presence made the party pick up their feet. They fought through some undead and beyond the Errant of the Griffin Order was challenged to a duel by an Abraxian, before another three tried to waylay the party. After the first challenged the Griffin the others attacked him and the rest of the party leapt to his aid. Checking that he no longer considered the fight a duel Ravenna waded into the fight and between the pair of them they finished the Abraxian off.

They found the body of an undercouncil courier carrying a message for the Father of Crowa amongst the party naming him the new Primate. Then they encountered a Kharachian priestess trying to save a young woman who was being dragged away, dashing to her aid as she was felled by the skeleton she was fighting. After crushing the undead, Ravenna protected the physician as she tended to the woman’s wounds as the Abraxians took advantage of the situation and ambushed the group. Rousing the Kharachian Ravenna reassured her that she was safe and helped her in her wish to lay the souls of the fallen to rest. In gratitude the Priestess offered to bless one of the party’s weapons.

More undead and Abraxians crossed their path, with a clump taunting the Crowans in the party as they worked with the archer to pick off members of the dark church. Ravenna was able to claim her first honour kill – duelling with a Templar Death Knight that brought her to her knees before she was able to crush it. Victorious she cried out before clamping her hands to her haemorrhaging leg as an Ulfanwere rushed into combat. Pulling the blessed axe from Ravenna’s belt Captain Seryn and Morgan Steiner fought it off as Ravenna helped defend and tend to the wounded once her leg was bound.

They met an alchemist and accompanying guard on the road looking for foulspawn, who they addressed warily, before coming at last to the Shrine. A Crowan was facing off against an Abraxian in plate armour, who addressed one of the accompanying woman as Holiness before charging at the Crowan. But the priest did not stand alone, for as the Abraxian was ordered to kill all there, Ravenna urged the other Errant forward and the party rushed to his aid. They fought off the Abraxians, secured the holy site and set up a watchful perimeter. But as Ravenna offered her hand to the fallen priest, asking if he required her aid, his hood slipped back to reveal a Valkor with proud eye and feathered brow that stood before her. This holy creature had been waiting for the new Primate to come to the shrine who, through prayer to Crowa, found himself able to reconsecrate the shrine with its relic. After conducting the ritual he and the two errants knelt in prayer, praying to Crowa and the Gods to bear witness to the Shrine blessed in the light.

When they were done the adventurers returned to tell of what they had done to the Church and to announce the appointment of their new Primate.

And with one honour kill under her belt, Ravenna has taken her first step on her path to Knighthood.


Monster mission: Awakening the Stone Fathers

The Stonearm Dwarves are looking for Mercenaries to help with a little problem they’ve got. The adventurers who set off to go and investigate this request were:

  • Grey Squirrel and another member of the Scouts Guild;
  • A member of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Dave McGowan the Blacksmith;
  • Yasi the Physician;
  • Junior Guildsman Morgan Corvidae, Journeyman Daniel and Lysandus Tathadiir of the Guild of Mages;
  • Novice Greyson Kelly of Crowa; Elodwyn McCrae of Tralda;

As the adventurers set out they came upon a Boar Knight (known to some of the party already) and his militia who was trying to convince a group of peasants to leave their foulspawn riddled lands and come live on his own lands where they would be safe and protected. But of course they didn’t want to go, and the adventurers decided to have a chat about it all. Travelling on they encountered some foulspawn until they came to an angry dwarf out hunting goblins who traded them a map if they would attend a hiring for his new Thane. Eventually they came to a forward camp in the mines of the Stonearm clan and were addressed by the Thane, resplendent in his bushy grey beard. He set the scene, pleased that there were a group of mages amongst the party (who at this point were already tired of having a group of mages with them) and told them that he needed them to go clear out a path through his mine, activating some old rune stones on the way. He avoided telling them why, only that they had to do it, for additional pay for each stone activated. If they did an especially good job they might get some alchemy from his “special” reserve …

The adventurers weren’t entirely happy about going into the mines and tinkering with some unknown magics, but never the less they agreed to the hiring. On the way through the mine they encountered foulspawn of many varieties, a dead dwarf near a runestone, frightened a Scarahai pup into changing shape and fleeing whilst all the party were on the floor retching, and another runestone before they came to the tomb marked on the map. Inside was a goblin shaman watching as his minions battered down the door of the tomb and, whilst the adventurers launched themselves at the creatures, Morgan Corvidae touched the final runestone. With the grating sound of stone on stone, something awoke from within the tomb and reached out a hand to squash the foulspawn intruders. A great stone dwarf, one of the Stone Fathers, heaved itself out of its slumbers and began to remove the intruders one by one. This caused great alarm to the adventurers and after the mages gave it more power (yes, one of them did channel it more power!) it began to shepherd the humans and elf out of the mine as more of its kind began to awaken.

Back at the camp the Thane was pleased to hear the humans had done as they were asked and settled up with human coin as agreed, even adding in some alchemy when he heard they had “enpowered” one of the Stone Fathers. Then, as the grating grinding sound of the Stone Father came closer down the tunnel he told them, in human tradition, to “get off my land”, ignoring any further talk of investigating how the stone creatures worked or what other plans the humans had.

And so, the adventurers woke something up down the Stonearm’s mine. What could this possibly mean for the future?


And, just for a bit of loveliness, here are two photos I took at the end of the day overlooking to Firth of Forth from Cramond Village. What a lovely view!

Cramond Island, Cramond Village, Scotland

Cramond Island, Cramond Village, Scotland (Oct 2014)

Inchkeith, Cramond Village, Scotland

Inchkeith, Cramond Village, Scotland (Oct 2014)