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A patron of the arts is distressed to learn that his acting troupe, a group of traldan players and their associates, have not arrived in Carlech ahead of a sold out show in Carlech. Putting out a message to the adventuring community he seeks aid in locating these missing individuals and returning them to Carlech for the next sell out evening of their tale of “Nimaway and the Liche”.


The adventurers who attended this hiring were:

  • Dr Leofrick Kyle of the Physicians Guild; Journeyman Krom Goodfellow;
  • Master Mortimer Lowe of the School of Necromancy; Senior Guildsman Albrecht Crowe of the School of Enchantment; Junior Guildsman Morgan Corvidae and Journeyman Bedect of the Guild of Mages;
  • High Father Andre of Rolbor; Novice Devotee Birch Ford of Crowa;
  • Along with a second group of local “heroes”.

In the hiring square these two groups approached the hirer, another thespian who hired them on behalf of his master Herr Bismark. The first group decided to make a brief pause at a tavern, to strengthen their mettle before braving the night, whilst the adventurers continued on their way – though not before the physicians were approached by a member of the guild with a delicate task for them to perform. Someone had taken a great number of drugs from the Carlech Guild House and the guild wanted the drugs returned and a reason sought before they were forced to bring the Law into the matter. Dr Kyle and Krom were instructed to look for news of John York and do what they could to recover the missing guild property.

As they travelled on through the dark they came upon a mage lurking in the bushes that approached them hesitantly. She was soon recognised by several of the party and after recounting the last time she had met the adventurers (involving a stolen jewel, blackmail and a missing husband), Master Nyria Burdon of the School of Thaumaturgy explained the reasons she was waiting in the dark – to catch a horrible creation of the Candlestick Maker that would be passing through the region bearing a message. She was a member of Omega, an organisation which appears to have a rotten and corrupt core to its reasonable intentions, and was carefully looking closely at her organisation. She shared some of her knowledge with the group after a quiet chat with Master Lowe and Albrecht, and warned the adventurers of some funny business going on in the area where the villagers were all acting a little strange.

Forewarned the adventurers travelled on a little further before being attacked by a demon from out of the shadows before they came to a strange magical line across the path that glowed with a taint. After some serious cleansing from High Father Andre the demonic taint was removed and the party passed unharmed but they came upon some groups of aggressive villagers who were possessed by demons. Further on they found an excommunicated traldan who had committed suicide who appeared to be one of the players which cast a further shadow on their mission.


They came to the village where the players were supposed to have stopped to rest and prepare for their performance in Carlech to find five of the actors stuck in a “loop” where they replayed a scene from the play over and over again. The villagers were understandably freaked for they had been doing it for two days, the point where the evil Nimaway had summoned a demon before the brave heroes of Berwickshire had been able to stop them – James Brack-on-Hill amongst them. After examining them it seemed that they were “muddled” in the mind and under a similar influence to the spell of Obey. Determined to free them, and the missing villagers, from this malady they continued on their way. More possessed villagers led the adventurers down to the river where a group of travellers where investigating another traldan suicide. This group claimed to be members of an Elfholme Resistance led by a member of the Crowan faith, and when John York was mentioned their physician admitted to knowing him. As she tended to the wounded of the party she hesitantly described John and said he was one of their companions and would most probably be at their camp with was nearby, though she didn’t know what he’d done wrong to incur the wrath of her guild.

As they climbed up the hill through the dark the adventurers chanced upon (and knocked out) a local scout tasked with keeping people out of the Elfholme region and keeping people from the Elfholme region in. The adventurers knocked him out to save them the trouble of having to convince their way past him and eventually came to the camp of the local resistance cell who sought sanctuary from a holy site of Rolbor. As they spoke of the site and the wellspring of water that had once been used to forge the finest blades in Carlech in the good old days, a Kharachian High Mother walked amongst the party looking for demonic taint or other maladies and was informed of the traldan suicide the party had discovered. As High Father Andre took some water from the wellspring the physicians had a quiet chat about the missing drugs with John York and learned he had taken them to help free the possessed villagers from the demons in them, for when struck with any weapon the demon would leave them and they would be poisoned and like to die without a physician’s aid. The surplus drugs were confiscated by the adventuring physicians and took them with them when the party moved on.


More possessed villagers and another pair of demons lurking in the shadows waylaid the party until they reached a bridge over the river where a ghostly figure waited for them. She could not recall her name but knew she was one of the traldan players and she was free, saved from the horrors she had almost been made to do – a half-finished summoning circle nearby hinting at her near folly. She relayed the fate of the others of the company to the adventurers – speaking of one who had fallen, one who was in peril and two who were in great pain, flinching occasionally when their pain became too much for her to bear. She asked that they send her soul on, that Tralda had kept her here to act as a messenger for those who would save her friends from their fates, as well as revealing a cure for the malady of the mind – a cleansing by a Traldan priest. With her warning in mind of a great and terrible thing up ahead, the adventurers pressed on – finding another excommunicated traldan lying dead at the side of the road, more possessed villagers, a vaguely familiar necromancer who some of the party had encountered before (who was promptly killed), before coming to an old mill by the water.

But alas, they were too late, the dark deeds at work that night were done as with a scream a woman cried aloud as she completed a ritual and was mocked by the demonologist standing over her. A demon stepped from the portal the Traldan had opened (and in doing so become an excommunicant from Tralda) and everything went wrong. Luckily the adventurers were under the effects of a foretell future and so were able to get inside the old mill. The demonologist fled, the other members of the company were freed from their torture by a demon and the excommunicant was taken aside. However her colleagues fled the scene and were chased down by members of the party and almost killed due to mistaken identities.

What sinister work was the Omega mage up to, and why use the Traldans for his work? We can only wait and see …