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The leaves are beginning to turn in the north of Ithron and whilst some thoughts are beginning to turn towards hibernation and the chill of winter, evil does not sleep! A threat to a shrine you say? A damsel in distress you say? General grumblings in the borderlands?

Don’t worry (!) the adventurers are on it *.

*maybe you should worry … 


Player mission: Vampires and Vleyborians

A hiring notice went up on behalf of the Vleyborian Church seeking aid in removing an undead problem and recovering a priest of the faith in a village near Nelfarig, but also a “secret” mission for the Church of Vleybor to attempt to undo the ill-luck a relic of the Church has befallen. Those adventurers who set out upon this task were:

  • Rocco the Mercenary;
  • Apprentice Aiofe Murphy of the Alchemists;
  • Journeyman Krom Goodfellow of the Physicians Guild;
  • Albrecht Crowe of the School of Enchantment; Journeyman Morgan Corvidae and Apprentice Bedect of the Guild of Mages
  • Squire Ravenna Corvidae of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Novice Ezekiel Weeler and Supplicant xyz of Vleybor; Novice Gideon of Kharach;

Travelling by cart to the area the journey continued on foot. After being warned off the area by a pair of scouts, the adventurers learnt of the “groups” of “marching undead” that had been sighted, not to mention the strange behaviour of the villagers known to the pair. After being attacked by a trio of feyunds (who seemed to be counting the party), the adventurers came upon some woodcutters from the nearby village. These individuals seemed vacant, emotionless, even slightly lethargic as they slowly addressed the party. Examined by both the physician and the gaggle of mages, it was noted that they had a necromantic taint though nothing appeared physically to be wrong with them. Suspicious, the adventurers travelled on.

A fight with undead led to a meeting with a scout with an “alternative” side quest for the group – to discretely return the daughter of a local nobleman who had eloped. The adventurers agreed to see what they could do, and continued on their way. A marching group of undead caught their interest before they reached the village and its desecrated shrine, where there were more villagers acting out of sorts and a Necromancer lurking. The people had no clue as to how it had been since they had seen the priest, but they recalled him disappearing. Further examinations confirmed the necromantic taint upon them, which was hypothesised to have been caused with contact with a powerful undead. The Vleyborians attempted a cleansing on one of the villagers which nearly killed him (!) but he was roused and seemed greatly improved.

However, it seemed the nobleman the young lady had eloped with was their local Lord and they still had to find the priest. Whilst some of the party made preparations whilst in the relative safety of the village, they were attacked by a Black Order Death Knight and his cohort of cronies. Let’s just say he was smashed to bits, laid to rest and his tabard claimed to be returned to the Order and not dwell on the path he cut through the party …

More undead on the road until we came to a bridge, under which a Vleyborian ghost asked for aid. She told them that the Lord had been enthralled by a vampire and he had done the creature’s bidding in killing her slowly – the twin puncture marks attested to having been a tasty meal for the Vampire. Her body was to one side of the bridge, the priest to the other, so after smashing some more undead Ravenna and the Vleyborians went looking for the High Father. They found him in the undergrowth where he had crouched to hide from the undead patrols and learnt that he had in his possession the candles required to help reconsecrate the shrine. He was urged to return to the village to begin the ritual whilst the adventurers completed their task and bring down the abomination that was the root of all the problems.

It seems Ravenna’s catch line for the mission was “Cut off the head, the body withers”. She said it a lot in regards to this vampire problem.

They found a young woman in the woods who turned out to be the missing daughter and learnt a little more about the reasons she left her Father’s home. She had been concerned for her lover, the local lord, and hearing that he had “taken up with some redheaded floosy” had come to tell him what’s what. But she hadn’t gotten close enough because of the undead and she was beginning to lose hope. Rather than risk her safety Ravenna told her to remain hidden and they would return with her lover and escort them both back to her Father’s lands, rather than make the promise that she would not tell the Lord the truth of the matter. All seemed to find this agreeable and the young woman disappeared back into the woodland and the adventurers continued on.

More undead, though the fayund scouts were stopped from telling of their presence by an epic charge by Rocco up hill, before they climbed the rise towards the Vampire’s lair. But alas, treachery! The necromancer from before came towards the party and began to choke one of our heroes as the vampire pacted Rocco and Ravenna. Unable to hurt her, the two heavy hitters of the party were unable to stop the creature until the pact was lifted from Rocco by Morgan and Rocco and Gideon went to town on the Vampire. Bringing her to the ground they thrust the Kharachian stake Ravenna carried into her heart and felled her. The other undead were destroyed and a feeling of peace came upon the party as the book in Ezekiel’s pocket glowed brightly. One good deed began to undo the damage done by the two excommunications done by its previous bearers.

Ravenna saw the corpse of the ghost laid to rest and bore witness to the Vampire’s ashes being laid to rest, whilst the physician and the mages looked over the nobleman. The matter concluded, the lord was escorted back to his lady, but she had gone (and a pair of mages were missing)! They continued onto the village, oversaw the reconsecration of the shrine and then travelled to Nelfarig to reunite the lord with his lady (we hope).

Monster mission: This independent county of Northern Berwickshire

The borderlands, feeling neglected with all their woes as all attention goes to the south or to foreign land, has turned to “Laird” Flannigan for aid. He’s been making noises of becoming their own county, and declaring himself to be Thane … or Duke. The Thane of Newcroft is having none of this, and the Guards hire the adventurers to go see what’s what and put a stop to this nonsense. The adventurers who went north were:

  • Ranger Finn and Apprentice Kestrel of the Scouts; Wulfric Nolastname of the Berwickshrie Medium Infantry;
  • Speid the Blacksmith;
  • Daniel of the Mages Guild;
  • High Mother Anne Turner and Father Finwe of Longstor; High Father Andre of Rolbor; Supplicant Devotee Birch Ford of Crowa;

They arrive on the edge of Flannigan’s lands and are met by some of his guards who warn them of the Nixons lurking around and tell how their Laird’ll make things right. Keen to set the facts straight the party pressed on, were ambushed by Nixons and eventually came to the encampment where Flannigan was giving a stirring speech.

The problem came down to this – there were 6 main problems that needed seeing to that no one had bothered about before and he, Flannigan, was going to show the borderlanders that under his care they would be safe. After some explanation about why they had come he eventually agreed to split the problems and work together. The adventurers chose to kill a vampire, cleanse a tainted stream and kill “the monster of the moors”, whilst the Flannigans would go kill the local Nixon group, the werewolf and a trickster who had been robbing money off good honest folk.

The party were able to kill the vampire after fighting through some of his undead minions, then cleansed the tainted pool after fighting through Elderkin ambushes and settling the arguments of a pair of nymph sisters – a naiad and a dryad. Then they went into the moors where they were beset by marshkin, undead and a howling banshee whose screech can make even the hardiest writhe in pain.

When they returned to the encampment they found that the Flannigans had “dealt with” the trickster and his men, butchered the Nixon interlopers and sorted out the werewolf problem – proudly displaying the head for all to see. Having both worked together to solve the area’s problems Flannigan was willing to stop talking about becoming his own Thane and agreed to refer to himself as Chief not Laird, though perhaps that might change one day …