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So, earlier this month I got the mission/fest write up within my self imposed deadline of two weeks (which is a significant improvement on the … two months it was last year?). My intention is to try and get mission/fest write ups done within two weeks of the event (within reason and other commitments permitting).

However, this year was even more exciting as my OH wrote and ran one of the missions on the first day, which led to us preparing kit/props for the last few months – aka project xyz (because things kept being added to the list).

Below are a few photos of the things made in the run up to Summerfest for your enjoyment.


The Optakyn Robe

The Optykyn Robe - Summerfest 2014

An Optakyn is a particular type of demon in game, the physrep requirements specifying “a robe of eyes” amongst other things. Using my “standard” robe pattern that has become the base of many of my robe-like garments, I made a sleeveless, hoodless, capletless variety out of a gorgeous black cloth I found at one of our local curtain warehouses. There was just enough cloth to make the robe to fit my OH, which was a good guide for length.

After the garment was made and the seams overstitched using a zig-zag stitch to stop them fraying, I had the “joy” of hand sewing dolls onto the garment. Rather than embroidering eyes onto the robe or gluing them I wanted to be able to reuse the robe for other pieces of monster or player kit in the future, which meant I had to take a bit more time whilst making the robe. Luckily I had a friend who was more than happy to help when she popped round for a visit, and between the pair of us we were able to get the bulk of the work done over the course of an evening.

Close up on the eyes

Once the eyes were attached I went a bit mad with a roll of purple ribbon to give the demonological aura my OH “needed”. This robe also made an appearance on the final Black Prince mission detailed here.


The Puzzle Stones

THE PUZZLE mentioned in my Summerfest write up had a pair of stones that the players interacted with. These were actual flagstones we purchased (!) and painted up with acrylic paint. One was the “key stone” upon which the key had to be placed and the other was the riddle. We wanted to have actual stones so they could be partially buried or covered in dirt without worrying about the props getting damaged or the writing wiped away. Therefore we packed these in the car before packing all the tents all bundled up in cloth and put them straight back in the car after they were used so as not to have to lug two flagstones across the site more than was necessary. I say we, I actually mean my OH and whatever minions he can summon …

The Keystone The Riddle Stone

The Holy Symbols

For THE PUZZLE the players had to find the odd one out of the holy symbols loosely placed in a bowl. There were 27 in total – 12x dark gods, 15x light gods (14 + a spare) which were symbols painted on various sizes of wooden disks painted with acrylic paints. Hopefully these may make it into branch/ref kit at some point …

The Dark SixThe Light Seven

The Traldan Cards

An item found on the mission was a pack of Traldan playing cards which I designed. Below is a picture of the shrine with the bag and cards (the purplely thing) and a spread of the decks with my designs. The bag was just a simple pouch made from two pieces of cotton velvet with a twisted braid drawstring. Each card had a distinctive design related to the spell on the card (phrase included) with colours related to the suit of the card. These were designed and drawn using digital media and printed on card before trimming to size.

Traldan Sereklan ShrineThe Deck

The Pack of Cards

The Griffin Tent banner

Every knightly tent needs a wall hanging (of sorts). Just a little something I put together to decorate the Griffin Tent for the fest.

The Griffin Banner

Other Projects

Kharachian Holy Symbols (for Wren)

Wren was in need of holy symbols when she turned Kharachian, so I painted up a pendant I already had and strung it on some braided cord with some silver beads. The one on the right hung from her wrist (because I couldn’t get my symbol over my extra hair as my elf) so she purchased another one and I used a polymer clay skull given to me by another larper as the symbol. I painted it with varnish to help it survive the elements and it brought out the bone-like colour of the clay nicely.

Kharachian symbolHanging symbol

Wren’s Crafting Circle Armband and Tree Headscarf (embroidery)

My first attempt at proper embroidery done for the Leedsfest Eborshire Fayre mentioned in this entry. This armband came second in the “Handmade Item” category. Green polycotton with embroidery floss embroidery, some fusible interfacing to help keep the stiffness and braided wool and wire “points” threaded through the eyelets.

Crafting Circle Armband FrontCrafting Circle Armband Back

The headscarf was made using brown cotton and felt embroidery, with machine stitched “leaves”.  The belt sash was made using felt embroidery with a few details in embroidery floss on green polycotton with green satin backing.

Tree HeadscarfWren's sash

Randon Jewellery

These are some examples of jewellery I’ve made recently from the bits and pieces I’ve had in my bead box. The single black drop is one of a pair made for the then future Black Knight character. The single rose pendant was made as part of the Black Prince plot as his bride’s token, written about here.

Longstorian bracelet and Rose/Vleyborian chockerGreenery setBlack Knight drop earringBlack Prince's Bride's token

Other Cloth Costume Pieces

The following items are pieces of cloth kit I’ve made recently for character kit. The waistcoat, cravat and reversible robe are for my OH’s mage character. The doublet was a request by another Larper ahead of the banquet at Springfest. The tabard is the future heraldry for the Black Knight character. Eventually it will be trimmed in red. The griffin tabard has also been trimmed in green due to the character reaching the rank of Order Knight.

Mage WaistcoatMage Robes - apprentice and school of demology

Rolborian DoubletBlack Knight Tabard
Trimmed Griffin Tabard


Freeman of Newcroft Scroll and Seal

The following photos are of the scroll prepared to award to the Thane’s Champion of Newcroft at the tourney held before Springfest earlier this year. The seal was made using sculpty attached to a ribbon that was threaded through the bottom of the cloth scroll.

Freeman of Newcroft Seal

Freeman Scroll pt 1Freeman Scroll pt 2