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In the gathering dusk ahead of the adventurer’s campaign in Tholon, two hirings of adventurers set out to put right the wrongs of the land. The first set out to end one of the Black Prince threats to Berwickshire, the other set off to answer a call for aid in a small village off in the wilds. Both missions stretched the limits of the adventurers who set out that day. Not all would return …


Monster mission: The end of the Fae Prince

Baronet Auklish, plagued by his problems of undead and fae in the marsh at the edges of his lands demanded the adventurers do something towards one of their goals. After a brief planning session the plan was as follows – go into the marsh, find a fae portal and wave the bait over it to entice him out, where they would try to destroy him.

The adventurers who set out on this fool’s escapade were:

  • Wulfric Nolastname and Conchobar of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry; Ranger Finn of the Scouts Guild;
  • Ferris of the Physicians Guild;
  • Albrecht Crow of the School of Enchantment; Daniel of the Guild of Mages; Battlemage Arthur Lightfoot;
  • High Father Andre of Rolbor;

Led into the outer edge of the Marsh by Finn, the adventurers came upon some of the resident undead who were feeding on a pair of dead mercenaries who had also answered the Baronet’s bounty for “solving” his problem with the Marsh. They were met by a man who warned Daniel not to go messing with fae portals, or else … a message from the Brotherhood who Daniel had deliberately contacted. Up ahead they came to the fae circle they’d been looking for and after deliberating who should go in, HF Andre stepped through. As they waited they were attacked by more wandering undead, one of which led a merry chase for Conchobar when he was separated from the party. When Andre returned he had news – he had spoken to a servant of the Fae Prince who told them his master intended to enter the human realms within 2 moons … or was it a moon and 2 years? He was given a message to take to the Prince regarding a fae princess tear that Daniel had stolen from him at their last meeting, and would come to them in the human world with his response. His return was swift – so swift the aelion was wounded by one of the attacking undead and burst into loud and noisy tears at the pain. After members of the party had coddled it and patched it up, it told them his master was coming to the human realms for his prize and they had better be prepared.

On the adventures went – more undead and a close encounter with death after a trio of Berwickshire Medium came pounding down the path being chased by a Raggedy Man and his Scarecrow cronies, before they came upon a group of pucks taunting a group of undead. A fight ensued and the adventurers pressed on, coming to a particularly grim section of Marsh that Finn guided them through. Out of the boggy ground came undead that sank back in when they were attacked, intent on pulling the unwary down into the depths. The party nearly lost two to the marsh as they came under attack, and once back on dry ground there was no respite, for a Red Cap and his puck cronies jeered at them and attacked the initial party members who made it out of the marsh alive. Once they regrouped and fended off another trio of fae, they came to a great enshrouding mist through which stepped the Fae Prince, who roared for his slave (the unfortunate Albrecht) and his prize.

The adventurers flung themselves against the Prince to little effect, fighting off the first waves of his army before the party were able to wear down his defences. With some members of the party knocked out whilst they were under the Fae’s control, it came down to Wulfric preparing a swiftdeathed enchanted blade to attack the fae but when he was wounded Albrecht plucked up his courage and struck the deadly blow. The Fae Prince sagged to the ground – an empty vessel of hopes and dreams – but Albrecht pitched through the portal into the fae realm beyond. Andre and Arthur plunged after him, leaving Wulfric, Ferris and Daniel to guard their backs.

Whilst those three were in the fae realm those remaining faced down more fae and began to worry as to the health of their friends, but luckily their fellows returned and the adventurers prepared to move out of the area. Though not before the Black Prince showed up …

With his flock of undead he attacked them and the adventurers fought back for their very lives, able to escape his clutches and destroying some of his undead horde that have been gathering in the Marshes.

But soon, very soon, the adventurers will bring their fight to the very gates of his barrow and will put the Black Prince back to the sleep of death forever.


Player mission: Trouble at Mill (again!)

Elder Saal of Brunton Mill has trouble (again). Leaving a hiring message on a hiring board, adventurers from across the county and beyond gathered together on the road near the Akenwode and set out on their way to the Mill. Those who gathered together were:

  • Rocko and Thurwulf Aethelson of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Wren of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Lee Thorne of the Mages Guild;
  • Sir Peter Sabloir-Flessan of the Knightly Griffin Order; Errant Gabriel Kingston of the Knightly Grey Order;
  • Supplicant Gideon of Kharach;

Setting off they encountered some locals on the road who warned of foulspawn about and gave directions to the Mill. There were a pair of foulspawn on the road whom Rocko took to one side for a friendly chat, but Wren had the feeling of eyes watching them and began to scan the trees for their watcher. She spotted it and after realising she had seen it, it melted away into the woods. Curious, Wren plunged into the greenery after it, hoping to get a better idea of who, or what, was interested in watching the road. She lost it amongst the trees but her companions became concerned for her safety and called out her name. Exasperated she called back to them before plunging on into the greenery, returning to them briefly before going in again after their follower. Apparently there were some dead orcs by the road, but she did not see. Following their hunter with Thurwulf they came upon an opening where their watcher began to run. Chasing him down they came face to face with two more dark elves who, when challenged, declared them prey. Then a third popped up out of the undergrowth and Wren realised they were surrounded. She yelled at Thurwulf to go and dodged arrows as the archer took pot-shots at her, retaliating with her own arrows. But then she heard sounds behind her and realised she was alone with three dark elves intent on blood and she screamed for help. The party came to her rescue and they hurried on their way, aware they were being chased through the woodland until they got back to the road. Again, more foulspawn that Rocko was talking to, but he concluded his business and after attempting to chase off the dark elves, the adventurers pressed on.

They were shadowed by dark elves as they spoke with a pair of locals and an Elf who was hunting the roads to make the area safer, and told of the tomb. The adventurers decided to investigate the tomb but as they climbed down to the great cave entrance they came under fire and Wren was hurt. After a brief respite they continued on, a few armour repairs done in preparation for dangerous things in the cavern.

There was something in the tomb, faceless and weeping, but Wren did not get a look at it as she tried to guard the party from the dark elves that kept coming at them from out of the gloom. Sir Peter killed one, Wren was unable to stop another as he cut the Errant Gabriel’s throat after wanting to “talk”, and they caught one after it attacked Thurwulf. Wren was able to talk to it and learnt that the dark elves had a claim on the territory, but before she could explain what was going on she was attacked as she tried to check it was properly disarmed. The knights leapt to her aid once the dark elf had a weapon, and it was killed and Wren angrily prayed for its soul and forgave it’s misdeeds in accordance to her repentance of her own sins. However, the party were becoming frustrated with the constant hit and run attacks and Thurwulf was wounded and lost his arm whilst this was all going on. Wren lashed out at him but regretted it, turning aside so her company could patch him up and urge him to be quiet until they were safely away from the dark elves and their harassment.

They fought against a knot of undead whilst under fire from the dark elves before they came to the village. The knights spoke to the elder and learned of his troubles with the dark elves and Wren conducted some trade in the village and talked shop with one of their crafters, whilst the others tried to find a reasonable solution to the problem. Wren expressed her views when asked, but the adventurers resigned themselves to making a stand against the dark elves in defence of the village that would undoubtedly be attacked once they left.

In the pitched, frantic, frenzied fight that came next, Thurwulf was lost as the adventurers became strung out and picked off by the dark elves that came at them from out of the woodland. They revealed their true colours by the arrival of their necromancer as the main bulk of the clan, displaced by the White Star Orcs, moved through the area heading for the tomb. Thurwulf was summoned back into his tattered corpse and he walked amongst them as one of the enemy and chaos reigned.

Somehow the adventurers were able to stand firm despite their desperate fight for their lives, and whilst they could not stop what happened, they were able to bind their wounds, cover the bleeding hole that had been Sir Peter’s eye, and head off to stop the dark elves in their dark arts. But when they came to the tomb they saw the weeping creature with its hand in the chest of the necromancer and realised that something foul dwelt in that tomb. Rocko put the dying elves out of their misery before the adventurers slammed the tomb door shut and Wren set about bringing down the rocks around the tomb door with the help of Rocko and Sir Peter to block the door and buy them more time.

Hopefully someone would be able to keep an eye on the tomb should the creature find its way out, and pray that when it does the adventurers would be able to stand firm against it. But with the presence of a supplicating Kharachian priest, Wren has hope they will prevail.