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Eborshire, that ‘reet good’ northern duchy, home to adventurers and the Women of Eborshire famous for their white roses, bonnets and no nonsense attitudes. Two years after the last Eborshire Fayre was made open to the adventurers where the future Queen of Ithron proved her worth to the Dragons, the Women of Eborshire sent invitations to members of the adventuring community inviting them to a weekend of contests and mild diversions at their annual county fayre.

But, invite a number of adventurers to any one place and trouble is sure to follow …

Thank you to all those involved in planning, organising and running this year’s Leedsfest, and to all those who came to play and monster (even with the inclement weather). You’re the ones who make events like these memorable.

If there is anyone who knows they were at the event and are not named (or are named incorrectly), please drop a correction in the comments below or send an email to wolfish[dot]written[dot]author[at]gmail[dot]com


The adventurers, brave and bold, that came to the event were as follows:

  • Mercenaries – General Colt Carrison, Barak Wolfheart, Wade Goodbread and Rocco; J. Venator of the South Escans; Captain Jaren Reid of the Queensmount Militia;
  • Scouts – Guild Enforcer Ranger Al; Silas Corvin of the South Escans; Arrow; Ranger Finn; Percy Thrower; “Arrow”;
  • Alchemists – Master Ash Stocktown, Ember and Elspeth; Gemma Brady of the Queensmount Militia; Miss Woodbury of the WoE.
  • Blacksmiths – Zandrak the Dwarf, Wren, Tiffin Goodbread and Titus Braithwaite; Arthur Mason of the Queensmount Militia;
  • Physicians – James Ashworth and Dexter Brady; Miss Mary-Katherine of the WoE
  • Mages Guild – Keeper William Meeks; Battlemage Arthur Lightfoot; Witchfinder Middlebrook; Schoolmaster Grahorn Shiphorn of the School of Enchantment; Miss Barnaby and Lady Astra of the School of Necromancy; Marcus Loe of the School of Thaumaturgy; Lee Thorne and Robert Chopper of the Mages Guild;
  • Knights – Knight Commander Sir Dalon Berwick, Errant Gabriel Kingston and Errant Sturm Summerholt of the Knightly Grey Order; Head Griffin Sir Stewart DePiercy, Sir Edward Wentworth and Sir Peter Sabloir-Flessan of the Knightly Griffin Order; Sir Edward Montbastable, Sir Sergei of Queensmount and Errant Alfred Courtney of the Feudal Knights; Errant Archibald Stone, Errant Rufus Crowe and Esquire Reginald Rowan Raskelle of the Duskwater Militia;
  • Churches – High Primate William Longstaff, High Mother Anne Turner, High Father Bill Burns, Father Harry Braithwaite, Father Thorn, Defender Eitan Tamson, Devoted Father Finwe of Longstor; Primate Lady Olivia De Haviland and Mother Evangeline De Winter of Vleybor; Defender Morgan Falkenrath of Kharach; Father Jeremiah Bristleback of Rolbor; Devoted Mother Lucy Ashworth of Crowa;
  • Other – Bogdan; Rusty;


Friday Night – The Gathering

Adventurers travelled from across the realm to the city of Kirk Leigh and onto the prepared fayre ground. Greeting old friends and making new acquaintences, the adventurers from outside of the region soon came to understand the danger they were under.

Wren, fresh from the road, sought out the Farrier’s forge looking for somewhere to stash her tools and to meet with the local adventuring blacksmith Arthur Mason and her other guild mates. When she arrived and had introduced herself, Arthur took her aside and explained the situation. The Konnish had been making threats on the Fayre (a gathering place of important and influential people) and had taken to attacking caravans and taking supplies. This meant that there was a shortage in the region and as such, a shortage of materials for the fayre. Through careful bartering and some favours, enough material had been obtained to repair 10 suits of armour a day and a conduct a number of temporary repairs with scraps could be done from the scrap box in the Farrier’s forge where space had been made for the visiting craftsmen. With this in mind, Wren, Arthur and Tiffin went to inform those of the Knightly Orders, Mercenaries, Scouts and Feudals who it might significantly effect.

A number of adventurers had received letters from the local Primate of Krygan and a party was organised to go hunt him down as the twilight fell. The Longstorian Church, out in force on this occasion, prepared their shrine beneath the sweeping boughs of a willow tree, and a group of heroes went off out into the darkness. The rest stayed behind, enjoying conversation, drinks and the amusements that putting a mismatched group of adventurers together can bring – namely duelling.

Wren met and spoke with one of the priests of Longstor and shared some of her thoughts on the world in general and listening to what the other had to say.

But then, as the night drew on, Wren retired for the evening to awake the next morning to face a new day.

Saturday Morning – How not to open a portal

After a hearty Ithronian breakfast, Wren potterered off to do something around the Fayreground, but Space-wolf went out with the morning monsters to crew one of the first missions. The adventurers were tasked with meeting four objectives over the weekend that would play a part in a wider reaching plot and the battles that would run on Sunday. Whilst one group set out after a rumoured soul-fire bomb heading towards the tower of High Sorcery (which would mean big trouble for the mages nationwide) the other group set off after a group of Konnish that had been marshalling in the vicinity.

The Konn (home of the Konnish tribes) is a desert land far to the south east, on the borders of Tholon and Nilith, a place of nomadic tribesmen rumoured to worship demons and known to work in collusion with demonic and undead forces. There had been reports of these people being in the region and a concern that they meant harm to those gathering for the Fayre, but no one believed that to be true until they attacked the camp early the next morning.

After fending them off, two groups of adventurers set out upon their appointed tasks – one to go stop a soulfire bomb from wreaking havoc upon the magics of Ithron, whilst the other went deeper into the Konnish controlled territory to find the source of their numbers. Fighting off waves of Konnish, demons and their pet Warlocks, the adventurers were able to stop the first of two rituals by killing the Warlock mid incantation, but the strange lingering scent of incense drew them on. Then they fought through more Konnish, passing through a planned ambush outside a tunnel then on to a second summoning circle.

Taking precautions the Keeper of the Seven Secrets drank a potion of Foretell Future and the group plowed into combat, with the intention of stopping the Warlock mid summoning. They were able to kill the Warlock before he completed his ritual but the future was denied. Armed with this foreknowledge the Keeper began to inform his companions as to what lay before them.

And all the while the Warlock walked his ritual circle unhindered.

With a loud crack a portal to Sharda opened before the adventurers knew what had happened and out stepped three large demons who seemed to be waiting. As the adventurers threw themselves at the demons the Keeper commanded one of the newcomers to kill all other demons present, which turned into a chase around the area as adventurers and konnish alike sought to avoid the rampaging creature. But the portal was still open, and reinforcements were on the way.

Eventually the adventurers were able to corner the Warlock and the Keeper took the body with him in an attempt to negotiate with the denziens of Sharda to close the portal, whilst the rest of his party licked their wounds and returned to camp. Who knew how many things had gotten through whilst the portal was unguarded?


Saturday Afternoon – Siege of the Templar Keep

With news of the morning’s exploits weighing on the remaining adventurer’s shoulders, two further parties set out after their goals – one to investigate something through the sewers of Kirk Leigh and another to bring aid and reinforcement to the nearby besieged Templar Keep. The Blacksmiths packed up their tools when they heard that news that the defences were fairing badly and the Griffin Knights, members of the Church of Longstor and the Blacksmiths set off on their task.

Fighting their way through Konnish and undead, they stumbled upon four bodies dressed as Templars impaled upon spears and wooden spikes. Taking the bodies down, Wren bid the others strip the corpses of their white tabards so as to hide them from any seeking eyes. A concern was raised about the souls of the fallen – given the undead activity nearby – and with no Necromancer or Kharachian to help them, Wren prayed to Kharach for guidance. This he gave, expressing concern for a threat in the nearby area, and Wren informed the others. High Mother Anne was able to assist and used a charged scroll to send the souls to Kharach.

Pushing on they fought past a group of Konnish and came to the aid of a wounded Templar who had been sent to seek aid. He gave ill tidings of his brethren, so the adventures pressed on and fought their way into the Keep. Taking advantage of the brief reprieve the others gathered their strength as the Blacksmiths assessed the damage before setting about repairing the main keep door. Wren offered her guidance before adding her shoulder to the defensive wall.

Eventually they were able to put the makeshift door into place, calling the Griffins and companions back behind the defences. Grateful the Templar brethren offered their aid and some small reward which was politely refused by the Griffins, before the adventurers sought to leave the Keep and return to add their skills to the defence of the Fayre.


Saturday Evening – The Eborshire Fayre

That evening the main events of the Fayre were hosted and people were able to forget, for a time, the dangers beyond the Fayre ground. There were contests of archery, strength, team tug of war and duelling, alongside the traditional Fayre contests of Largest Vegetable, Best Edible thing in a Jar, best cake/pie and best handmade item. Wren entered most of the contests and whilst her archery and strength were not comparable to others at the gathering, she leant her strength to the Team Tug of War (came third with the Griffins and Lee Thorne the Mage) and came second in the Handmade item category.

Wren also spoke with the Defender of Kharach and High Mother Anne of Longstor, troubled by the gnawing feelings she had in light of her second visitation by Kharach, and eventually came to the decision to take up the service of Kharach as a Kindred. But, alas, with no shrine or priest to bless a symbol she was unable to wear the sign of her newfound faith upon the morrow, so she made a point to find out who the Vleyborians amongst her party were early the next day.

And so, once the prizes had been awarded and the Women of Eborshire and their associates thanked for their hospitality, the adventurers set to preparing for the morrow. With the numbers of Konnish likely replenished in the area there was likely to be an offensive directed towards the capital, and there was a rumour of a damsel in distress – the Duchess of Eborshire in the clutches of a fell demonic presence.


Sunday Battle 1 – the long road to Norham

Early the next morning those who had been commanded to Norham set about their task, whilst the others readied themselves to travel to the home of the Duchess of Eborshire to put right the damage the demon had done through her authority. Alas I cannot say what happened on the road to Norham (for I was off accompanying someone to A&E), but I hear tell how the Griffin Order and members of the Longstorian Church held the line, how a soulfire bomb was destroyed before it could cause any real damage and the foe put to rout. Norham and the capital is safe for now …


Sunday Battle 2 – A damsel in distress

The second group of adventurers accompanied Errant Gabriel Kingston, Sir Edward Montbastable and members of the South Escans in their mission to sort the damage the Duchess of Eborshire had done with her authority, for it was widely believed her people had been seen fighting alongside the Konnish and if this were true then evil was at work in the duchy. They slowly made their way fighting through straggling bands of Konnish, trying not to get too strung out chasing lone individuals until they reached the Duchess of Eborshire’s home. Here they made their stand, to prevent the Lady from entering her domain before the Keeper and the Lady Primate of Vleybor could tend to her and uncover the truth. Wave after wave of Konnish came against them, breaking on shields or being cut down before they could butcher them all from behind. A soul fire bomb decimated the land, stripping the natural free magic from mage, magical artefacts, magical beings and the land itself. The Blacksmiths worked to keep the fighters on their feet and to protect the healers or the bowmen, but with the arrival of the Duchess came a champion, and William Meeks went out to meet him. As the Keeper was cut down Wren began to strip off her belts to become swift of foot, prepared to dash to his aid and heal him, but a pact was declared between the warring parties and so a perilous dash turned into a cautious walk past demons and their allies. Dragging the Keeper back behind the lines they left him to the healer’s mercies, and the standoff began.

In the end Wren could not be sure what happened – Sir Montbastable stripped the Duchess of her Militia by order of the King, releasing them from any orders she had given them regarding the Konnish and the dark forces at work in the land, Wren was accused of barring the Duchess’s way but was simply standing in front of the door shoulder to shoulder with others who had intended to block her path, one pact was broken due to the distance from the one who had made the agreement and fights began to break out at the edge of the glade, then the Primate of Vleybor slapped the Keeper and broke the other pact so that the adventurers could defend themselves when attacked by the demons and Konnish. The Duchess was struck and fell to the floor to the anger of her bodyguard, but the Primate of Vleybor was able to heal her wounds and save her after the demonic force left her.

Wren’s work on the battlefield was commended by one of the South Escans which made her glad to have been of use, and the adventurers began to return to their homes to make preparations for the upcoming journey to Tholon and other foreign shores.