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Chance finds three of Berwickshire’s heroes travelling south of the county’s border into the Valley, just in time to lend assistance in the disappearance of Whitebay merchant and a strike against some illegal alchemy labs. Trouble seems to follow adventurers wherever they go …

Thank you TV Branch for the adventures that were run last weekend. It’s always good to pay you guys a visit!


Monster mission: Ruffians and general n’er-do-wells

Sir Peter Sabloir-Flessan and his man-at-arms Thomas ventured forth on a ramble where upon they heard of a report of a missing merchant. Joining several of the Valley’s local heroes they began the search for the missing man at his house in Whitebay where a “commotion” had been heard the night before by one of the local busybodies. Those approached by the local constabulary were:

  • Lee Thorn of the Guild of Mages;
  • Sir Peter Sabloir-Flessan and Man-at-Arms Thomas of the Griffin Order;
  • Defender Johann Tullson of Vleybor; High Father Bill Burns of Longstor;

Gathering together, they were given the scope of the situation by Deputy Jackson who sent them on their way to the Merchant’s house, where they were allowed access to search the property for clues as to the reason behind the Merchant’s disappearance and find out what some of the locals might know. After speaking with a local drunk, a shop keeper and a local resident they learned that there had been sounds of a struggle the night before and that the merchant was a known collector of unusual artefacts, and quite friendly with the local mage. Inside the evidence of his collection appeared to have been looked through, leading the adventurers to eventually conclude that the merchant had had something someone else wanted and that he and the item had been taken away. Their only clue? His friendship with the local mage. Perhaps he would know where to find Mr Celvet …

Unfortunately for them, they were being watched.

As the adventurers trekked on through Whitebay town they came upon a group of armed men idling in the road who made it clear that they were not welcome there. Advised to go back the way they had come and go round, the adventurers protested and warned the armed men to step aside and let them through. But, alas, a contract is a contract, and eventually a fight broke out. One man died of his wounds, but the others were patched up and advised to hand themselves into the law, though not before one of their number was able to run off through the streets.

They came to the mage’s house to find the mage bound and the merchant dead. They were able to get a description of their assailant – a man in gold with a pronounced limp – and hurried on out of the city after the usual permit checks at the gates.

Outside the city they came upon a group of noble militia men fighting one another in answer to insults spoken against their lords and masters. Defender Tullson intervened and tried to get to the bottom of the disagreement, with Sir Peter offering helpful words to the despair of his Man-at-Arms. Eventually it came out that the men of the Merric de Howards had said that the Duke DeCourtney had ordered the death of the sons of that house killed after they had spoken out against him. The DeCourtney militia men had taken great offence and to protect the honour of their Lord’s reputation they had made arrangements to meet in the woods outside the city to give the others a sound thrashing (they sadly failed though …)

After the scuffle came to an eventual halt, the adventurers came upon another group of hired thugs under orders not to let anyone pass. Another fight broke out and the adventurers were able to proceed where they met with a fisherman repairing his nets. He most certainly knew /nothing/ about a local smuggelers came, or that a man with a gammy leg had passed by recently. But he pointed them in the right direction whereupon they found a cave set back from the beach.

Inside they triggered all the traps set to alert those inside to intruders and after a net entangled the priest of Longstor and the Griffin they were set upon by ruffians and smugglers. After teaching them a lesson (as adventurers usually have to), they hurried into the cave to corner the man they sought, only to find him dying on the ground and his assailant nowhere to be seen – with a convenient pile of cut rope and an escape route up to the top of the cliff. They were able to recover a map, having disturbed the men before they could take what they wanted (the usual back-stabbing “curse you sudden and inevitable betrayal” common amongst smugglers) but knew no more as to the whereabouts of the culprit.

But, armed with another piece of a mysterious map, the adventurers of the Valley seem to have stumbled upon a tale of bloodshed and pirate gold, or a mere wild goose chase.


Player mission: What pretty eyes you have …

Wren, arm healing nicely after her mishap in Oluthen, was hired to join the company looking to storm a set of illegal alchemy labs that have been causing the Wyngate locals trouble for over a year. The others answered the Baron’s request for adventurers were:

  • General Colt Garrison of the Mercenaries; Sergeant Jaren Reid of the Queensmount Militia; Rocco the Half-Ogre;
  • Wren of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Master Ash Stocktown of the Guild of Alchemists;

After leaving the city, the adventurers travelled to a corrupted grove that Master Ash cleansed using a gift from his church, before striking at the first of the four laboratories – the “poison” lab guarded by undead, as advised by the Guild Protector of the Scouts and other sources. After fighting off the corpses of kyganite and abraxian foulspawn, Wren set to breaking the hinges of the door before Rocco kicked it in and charged into the building. They had not been warned about the mage or the demons inside, and with a limited supply of enchanted weapons the situation looked dire. Things looked worse when Rocco, his mind caught in the mage’s spell, turned on his party. But before he could do any real damage Wren brought him to his knees with a swift enchanted arrow to the chest through his armour, before setting another to her bow and popping the demon behind him. Salvaging the contents of the lab and confiscating an enchanted silver dagger, the adventurers left the heavy equipment for the Baron Pilkington’s men to seize as they travelled behind them with wagons, before making the decision to hit the “top end” alchemy lab that was reported to be guarded by mages and assorted creatures.

As they travelled on Rocco set off a series of traps that wounded his legs as the rest of the adventurers engaged with the mage and his mithamese entourage. Fighting their way to the wall surrounding the other lab, the party took a brief respite and prepared to storm the second lab. With the element of surprise they were nearly undone by a “friendly” follower of Longstor who was unmasked as a Sereklanite and stopped. His associates were also killed before they could summon the aid of a stone golem tucked behind the door of the lab (luckily for us). However, as this all kicked off a figure appeared out of nowhere and tried to kill Master Ash, leaving a note on his body before the General and comrades stopped his escape.

They found a small hatch (trapped as the General discovered) that led out into a large warehouse containing alchemy and a portal stone/waystone. Perhaps this is the way the Mithamese had been entering the valley, or perhaps how their stocks were getting into the hands of their “customers” in the nearby besieged town. The adventurers decided it was imperative this stone be examined further, with talk of another mission to be arranged to bring more learned individuals to do the deed after the Baron’s men had confiscated the alchemy supplies.


Two down, two to go. The next lab was the “low end” alchemy, where dead bodies had been spotted outside. Warily the adventurers approached only to stumble across a number of bodies bearing the signs of being “harvested”, much to Wren’s distress, and Master Ash’s contact holed up inside. Apparently they had been drinking their supply of foretell futures to keep ahead of the dangers in the area (having necked one as we approached) and had no more to help. As Ash gathered what information he could from them and gave them instructions to head out of the area with the rearguard, some of the other brewers eyed Wren up, particularly as Sergeant Reid asked if they had anymore foretells left. Wren particularly did not like the looks they were giving her …

Patching armour before the final push to the “healing” lab kept Wren busy for a while as the military men planned the assault, but soon they were off. They were accosted by another group of foulspawn with a mage in their midst, who heated Rocco’s armour and warped Wren’s bow after trying to command her to kill her party. Wren carefully stashed her bow and drew her sword, angry more that they were now deprived of the enchantments on her arrows against their final enemy.

They kicked in the door on the final lab to find a Father of Abraxis inside with his cronies and battle followed, three of the party falling foul of the foulspawn’s enchanted venomed greatsword (though not before Wren got a hit on him with an arrow in her hand). Alas, as Wren tried to patch the General up she was struck and in her unconsciousness did not witness as Master Ash and Sergeant Reid pounced on the Abraxian, forcing him to the floor before landing a strike with a swiftdeath coated weapon. The alchemist who had been hiding from the creatures came to their aid with the last of his healing stock that he had hidden when the Abraxians had taken the other supplies towards the town not 20 minutes before. Frustrated at having been robbed of their goal, Wren and Master Ash reminded the others that they had won a great victory – that dismantling the lab would stop any more supplies going to aid the heretics in the nearby town.


On the way back to the Baron the adventurers returned to the grove, only to find that followers of Krygan and Githas had returned to the shrines within the twisted thicket. As the others attempted to call out the Kryganites for a fight, Wren expressed her dislike of killing anyone at the foot of a shrine. Thinking to call the heretics inside cowards, the adventurers turned to leave, but not before the Goddess Krygan whispered in their ears and began putting them to sleep. Watching as her companions fell to the ground for no apparent reason, Wren called out to the Goddess with an apology for any insult caused or disrespect given, with interesting results …

Never the less, the party were soon back on their feet and gave their report to the Baron, sold the silver dagger and divided their pay amongst themselves before setting off into the sunset wherever the next adventure would take them.