First of all I would like to apologise to all my readers/followers who come by Wolfish Written. I had not intended to leave Wolfish Written alone for so long, but in the run up to Summerfest last year things got a bit hectic. Not a good excuse, but I was struggling to strike the correct work/real life/larp balance and the website got neglected. This isn’t meant to be an excuse, but it happened.

What put a real stop to the website updates was this – after Summerfest I was feeling a bit burned out as Rowan, and after retiring her from the ranks of the Foresters (having been appointed Huntsmaster in July), she advanced to the ranks of the professional devoted. Within a week of being granted Crowa’s gift of final battle, Rowan died heroically fighting the Vampire Lord Von Raven – the closest thing she had to having a true arch enemy.

This loss hit me worse than I expected.

I’d heard of other people playing Crowans and final battling – going out with a bang as a true hero – and how cool/epic/awesome/fun it had been. And supposedly, according to the referees and PCs present, it was. I was ok with the loss of Rowan for the first few weeks, prepping kit for my next character and getting past the initial supplication period of my new Sidhean priestess. But over time, especially after our mini-fest, it hit me how involved in my character’s life I had become, how she was a part of me – a part that was now silent and empty. As strange as it sounds, I finally understood what authors say they feel when they kill off a major character or stop writing the series that character has featured in. It’s like losing a piece of yourself, or losing a close friend. At times it was heart breaking to think of, and I struggled to get into the headspace of my Sidhean.

Even contemplating updating the site to write of her demise was painful, so I avoided it by not making time for the website, even though I wanted to tell of my new priestess.


But, I now feel I can attempt to get back to Wolfish Written’s larp updates and continue chronicling the adventures in Ithron and all the troubles it is currently under.


So, please bear with me as I oil the rusty cogs, brush off the dust, sweep up the cobwebs, wash the grimy windows and get the writing mojo back, because I really want to share the current plot going on in Newcroft and introduce you to the characters I have come across as Lady Miriam Celther. Updates from July to current might be sketchy, without the full depth of characters present or actions undertaken, but I will do my best. So any help from people who can cast their thoughts back to adventures we were on post Leedsfest through to Summerfest and beyond, it’d be gratefully recieved.


I also hope to get a few kit photos up to show what I’ve been up to, as I have a number of kit projects that I want to share with you.


Thank you for bearing with me,