Folk are going missing in the Lirronwood, a small dark corner of Eborshire. Concerned, adventurers gathered in the city of Eborcomb and travelled into the wood to seek out the source of the troubles.

But, alas, things are never as simple as they seem …


Thank you Leedsfest crew and players, and a specific shout out to the refs who wrote the missions, ran crazy mini-missions out in the night and threw wave upon wave of monsters at us. Your efforts and keen are fantastic and you all deserve a well deserved break – or a trip to the lands of the Empire.

If you attended and are not mentioned in the list found below, please comment below or send the name of your character to wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com.

Those of the adventuring community who ventured into the woods were:

  • Captain Colt Garrison, Boulderdash McGash, Footman Farran of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Pathfinder Richard Black, Ranger Al and J of the South Escans;
  • Huntsman Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale, Forester Algernon Longshanks and Jnr Forester Thomas Anderson of the Foresters;
  • Keeper Drake Darkwater, Mr Meeks of the School of Demonology; Schoolmaster Stanley Middlebrook, Ash Witherspoon, Aeron Darkwynd, Grahon Shipsail of the School of Enchantment; Erulisse of the School of Thaumaturgy; Arthur Lightfoot, Elrin Stillsong, Marcus Loe, Freddy Ashton of the Guild of Mages;
  • Surgeon-General Georgina Gris, Doctor Leofrick Llew Kyle, Doctor Katherine Amber, Sebastian Fitz, Ellen Glidnow, Balthazar “Bones” of the Guild of Physicians;
  • King’s Champion Quinn of the Meadows, Sir Edward Montbastable, Sergei of Nilith of the Feudal Knights;
  • Holy Mother Madeline Blanchefleur of the Rose Order;
  • High Primate William Longstaff, Defender Finwe, High Mother Anne Turner, Bill Burns of Longstor; Defender Soren Sinadel, High Father Jacob Bowyn, Sister Lucy Ashworth, Marcus Thorne of Crowa; Defender Johann Tullson of Vleybor; Brother Merry Sadron Tithdaeron of Kharach; Andre of Rolbor;
  • Elias and Bluey;
  • Albert the Herbalist;

Things seemed well enough until the adventurers arrived at a set of standing stones with stone gargoyle heads atop them. At which point fae popped out of a portal and made straight for the party gathering amongst the stones. Led by a man highly familiar to Elias, the fae attempted to kill the fae-prince amongst the party.

It soon became clear that Elias was the source of the problem, and the reason why all a barrier sprung up that prevented the adventurers from leaving. Elias the previous year had cast a ritual around a primate of the heretical dark six by the name of “Obadiah Hakeswell” and sent him to fae. There he was disconnected from his Lady of Greed, marked excommunicant and somehow gained fae allies. And his anger was directed solely at Elias.


It soon became clear that Elias’s “solution” to the problem at the Eborshire fair had had wide reaching consequences – and with the arrival of the Sapphire Queen confirmed part of the problem. A civil war had broken out with the arrival of the heretic and his Fygolian ways had tempted members of the Gemstone court, and the two sides had been at war for a year. She spoke with the gathering, demanded Elias fix what he had done, and demanded the respect she was deserved – which caused Sir Quinn, Schoolmaster Middlebrook and the Pathfinder, amongst others, to speak out against her. As she tried to leave, Schoolmaster Middlebrook warped her dias, which led to chaos as the Sapphire Guard rushed to protect their Queen. Unable to get home, the Queen set off into the woodlands and Captain Garrison rushed to try and keep the ally they so desperately needed.

As the night wore on a figure in white came to the circle – a ghost of the past denizens of this place – who conjured her protectors from the stones. The creatures tore through the party who the ghost feared would do her harm, but eventually she was placated and the creatures returned to the stones. However, shadows were seen flitting through the darkness and some of the food stuffs that had been brought by militia were taken. One of the shadows was caught, and after Sebastian of the physicians had had a little “chat” we were warned that the fae under Hakeswell’s thrall were out looking for things to steal. A number of items had already vanished – food stuffs, weapons, and some personal items of some mages – to which they are bound.

And so, late into the night, a small group of adventurers went after a book of one of the demonologists. But, alas, out in the darkness the party were ambushed by fae and their belongings stolen away, their lives barely spared.


The next day a series of groups went out – to try and uncover caches of stolen goods, to seek out information on escaping the pocket realm the adventurers now inhabited, and finding out all they could of the strange room, the golem trapped in an underground maze, and what really happened to the elves who lived there before.

The camp came under attack from fae, and from demons and other creatures that came through the portal, before the evening banquet. At the banquet Rowan was appointed Huntsmaster of Norham, and Algernon as her Huntsman.


With the information gathered on the day before, the adventurers set about finding a way home, using an ancient portal and balanced using a set of dragon statues. As one was fixed with a special glue made following a recipe, and the power balanced between the Gods and magics. As the ritual was underway the adventures came under attack – by the fae led by Hakeswell (who was eventually slain and his sword removed from his possession as it was believed to be a source of his power), and many things that came through the portal – Llaminusians, Axirians, demons, undead, more fae – and members of the party were stolen away, vanishing as the power ebbed from one pedestal to the other.

Eventually, the elven Thaumaturgist Erulisse was able to open the portal and the way home, lifting the veil around the area. Victorious, with all belongings returned, the adventurers returned to the problems the country was facing in the King’s absence.