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Trade out of Ravensholme has stopped. News from the settlement is non-existent and people have been going missing in the region around the ancestral seat of the Vampire Lord Von Raven.

Tasked by the Captain of the Mercenaries Guild in Carlech, a group of adventurers set out to investigate this matter and gather information for an offensive that is being planned to stop this vampire once and for all.

But for the Rangers, these developments are worrisome and Rowan wants to see first hand what is happening in Ravensholme …

Setting out from Carlech, Rowan and Christo briefed the party on what they knew of the vampire and his history before entering the land around Ravensholme at a point the scouts had indicated was the safest for them all. They were warned to attempt to return via the path they had forged into the area to try and avoid the undead that were wandering through on patrol.


The adventurers who travelled to Ravensholme were:

  • Captain Christo Eadronhart, Ronan Eadronhart and Gregor Fallon of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry;
  • Huntsman Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale;
  • Aemon of the Blacksmiths Guild;
  • Doctor Leofrick Llew Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • High Father Benedict DePiercy and Sister Lucy Ashworth of Crowa; Brother Crag McFist of Vleybor;

On the road out of the area were bodies that had been clawed apart, chewed, stabbed and generally killed. There was nothing that the group could do, save try and determine what had killed them – the general consensus was undead, which confirmed the reports Rowan had received (via her network in the Rangers) of the undead in the region. Benedict caught a little nasty something off a corpse as he investigated the cause of death. He quickly sorted the problem out, but it reminded the party not to get careless.

In the wooded dell beyond there were more bodies that seemed to have been grabbed as things rose out of the ground – they were walking through a graveyard it seemed. This was confirmed when they found a man digging a grave. He seemed to think they were one of the Master’s goons, though they soon startled him and after Christo attempted to knock him out Rowan tried to run him down to no avail. Their cover blown, Rowan urged the party to pick up the pace. They were attacked by zombies down by the river, found a woman who was turning into a vampire. Rowan knocked her out and asked Doctor Kyle about drugging her to stop the change.


More undead and an encounter with a scout in a bush gave the adventurers more information of Ravensholme, whom Rowan ordered out. After a fight with the skeleton in the armour guarding the bridge (an ex-caravan guard), the adventurers reached Ravensholme to find it full of terror. The inhabitants worked during the day on a fortress and didn’t leave the safety of the settlement at night due to them being “fair game” for the undead who roamed the woods.

They spoke of a vampire lurking near the shrines up on the hill, “corrupting” the shrines, so the party set off to see what they could do, warned though of a “shadow” that lurked up there. The party fought off some more undead, dismissed a wraith and battled with the vampire who was trying to deconsecrate the shrines. A man under the thrall of the vampires was trying to bleed on the shrines whilst the vampire watched on. After Benedict, on Crowa’s Holy Day, was able to strengthen the shrine again which kept the vampire out.

As the adventurers holed up in the shrine, Christo spoke with the vampire before the group were able to destroy him using a sword Rowan blessed in preparation for further engagements, herself unable to slay the Vampire due to being pacted with him. Amidst the ashes of his form was a letter from Von Raven, which after a cursory glance at it’s contents was entrusted into Doctor Kyle’s keeping. After tending to the man who had been trying to bleed on the shrine, the adventurers returned to the settlement and began to make preparations to continue on their way.


In Ravensholme they were told of one of the women having gone missing that evening, having left the village to warn her lover of the troubles that had come. But the adventurers were keen to get what information they had obtained back to Carlech, so they offered to escort those who wanted out a way out. Most of the villagers chose to seek sanctuary until morning in the Crowan/Sidhean shrine, though a few decided to come with them – two women, a man and a messenger from Newcroft. They crossed the bridge and tried to continue along the path they had entered in, but looking down they saw crowds of undead and Rowan made the decision to try and cut a new path out.

They fought a off a mummy and a skeletal minion – with Rowan keeping the mummy down to allow the party, with it’s quartet of terrified civillians, time to move on. Once they were out of sight Rowan raced after them, intending to outpace the monster before it realised what had happened.

More undead slowed the party down and the group became strung out, leading to Rowan taking the rear guard and snarling at those who became too slow, hoping to be more frightening to them than the monsters lurking in the shadows. It seemed to work until the point where High Father Benedict needed time to make further preparations – where one woman slipped away to meet a grisly end (whose body we found later). But they were attacked as they reached the foot of the hill back to the point they came in, with zombies, animates, fayunds and other undead who tried to stop their escape from the realm of the vampire.


The party fought their way out, with Rowan holding off feyunds – and falling to their talons before being dragged off by the party to stop her from fighting to the death as seems to be her way. They lost another of the civilians in the fray, though they were able to save two of the villagers who will hopefully be able to help plan an offensive into the region. But they still have the problem of Von Raven to face and it seems he’s building an army …