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Late on a summer’s evening in Shoring 1013, several brave adventurers set forth on a dangerous journey into the dark …

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Monster night site – Merchant seeks item, pays well …

A member of the merchants guild seeks an item, rumoured to have been lost on Sir Wilhelm Osbourne’s land in the not so distant past. After sending out a group to find the treasure and have them not return, he turns to the best of the best – the Adventurers of Berwickshire – to aid him in retrieving his trinket. Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for …

Those that undertook this errand were:

  • Errant of the Knightly Grey Order; Squire of the Knightly Templar Order
  • Brother Merry Sadron Tithdaeron of Kharach; Brother Crag McFist of Vleybor; Andre of Rolbor;
  • Mardknockiln of Clan Stanroc

The adventurers were hired from the small settlement of Amblebury to seek out the old ruined tower where this treasure was, after the merchant’s years of searching, rumoured to be hidden. So off they went, only to find the town guards a little antsy on their night’s watch, scanning the darkness for terrors. The walking dead had been increasing over recent weeks, they told them in hushed tones, and the priestess of Sidhe and her accompanying Rolborian devotee had not returned yet … but some of their protectors had …

The adventurers eventually learnt the names of the Priestess and the devotee and set off to deal with the dead creatures lingering in the shadows – all moaning horribly and shuffling around. They clashed with more forces of the dead, came to the aid of a pair of Rumese Mercenaries tasked with protecting the roads, and continued their fight though the darkness.

They spoke with the ghost of the devotee, who begged them to help protect the Priestess and to send his soul on, torn between believing himself to be alive and accepting the fact that he was indeed dead. He guided them on their way, warning of some monster by the tower. But when they turned back, he was gone.


They found the Priestess a little further on, wounded and sick with the zombie rot in one leg, hiding from the patrols of undead. She warned them of the vampire, urging caution and passing on the last dregs of her power to the party, who promised to return to rescue her once their task was done (or in Merry’s case to watch the sun rise with her and end her existence if she seemed to be being twisted to undeath).

They came to the tower, where a mage was working magics around the Devotee’s bones, but before she could complete her ritual (got so close to rousing a wraith!) the adventurers charged in and knocked her out before dusting the Vampire. In a surprisingly swift encounter, they ended the creature and turned their attentions to the tower and finding the item, whilst suitably securing the necromancer with a section of metal chain in her boot.

As they found a box and tentatively checked it over, the merchant and his bodyguard arrived, seeking the picture frame. However, it became clear something was amiss and when the box was opened the adventurers were surprised to find a tiny mirror inside. This must have rang alarm bells for Merry, who quickly hid the mirror and suggested that the party reconvene at the settlement where they could check all the items with relevant guilds – uncomfortable with the knowledge that a mirror is a symbol of the dark god Githas.

So they returned to the town, where Mardknockiln was arrested for theft, but the matter was concluded amiably when the mirror was discussed and their concerns raised. As for the necromancer … well … she got away with it this time.