Rowan and Merry continued their wide roaming misadventures by travelling to Kirk Leigh, to assist in a “wind-up-a-vampire” mission in the company of the Griffin Knights and a possible last stand …

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Player Mission – To do or die …

A stronghold has been built in the woods of timber and stone, believed to be the home of a vampire based on the lack of door or windows of the Keep. Adventurers have attempted to gather information and defeat this creature to no avail, so Errant de Glanville called together trusted adventurers to seek out more information and undertake the plan. The plan was basically this – knock on the door, kill some undead, wind up the vampire, kill him and come home. The adventurers that answered the call were as follows:

  • Forester Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale;
  • Doctor Katherine Amber and Bramble of the Physicians Guild;
  • Master Samuel Belt of the School of Demonology;
  • Seneschal Jeremiah, Head of the Knightly Templar Order; Sir Sebastian Coulson, Battle Knight, and Errant Aaron de Glanville of the Knightly Griffin Order; Sergei of Queens Mount of the Feudal Knights of Ithron;
  • Brother Merry Sadron Tithdaeron of Kharach;

After pleasant introductions, it became clear that information was scarce and Rowan had the sinking feeling they were walking into a trap which a Vampire Lord has carefully constructed over time, and voiced her concerns accordingly. The Seneschal appointed Sir Sebastian as commander of the field, who had a quiet word with Rowan after the commands of the Defender, learning a little of the circumstances which led to Rowan’s commandment from Crowa. As they arranged the marching order and made preparations, the plan was slowly formed before they set off and climbed the hill into the woodland. A group of locals greeted the party, cheering on the Griffin Knights and the general heroes of Ithron. They informed them that originally the vampire had bought the wood from the locals, but slowly people had been vanishing as he began to build up his minions. Now, safe behind his stone walls, wooden palisade and with his windowless tower complete, he had nothing to hide and made his presence felt.

A brief skirmish with undead followed, raising the philosophical question of whether a soul resides in the raised corpses, before the party pressed on up the hill towards the fort.

Then came the grind. The adventurers fought off waves of undead before sending Master Belt into the fray, as he seemed to be able to pass unseen through the creatures. He returned, informing the group of the cages filled with people and the fact he couldn’t break open the door. The agreement was made to push into the compound and for Rowan to go and assist the mage with freeing a group of prisoners – which was done after she smashed the lock, kicked open the door and smashed the pin holding the chained prisoners to the wall. As Samuel began to lead the group out to safety, Rowan pushed back into the fight and helped pick up the party who had had an unfortunate encounter with a wraith.

They discussed whether they were able to attempt to save more of the caged prisoners and decided to make the attempt as Rowan and Samuel went scouting the walls. They found a smaller side gate, less heavily guarded, and returned to the group to find them under attack. During this time Bramble was grabbed and lost to the party.

The Vampire appeared, having had enough of the party’s meddling, and forced them to retreat after being attacked by Rowan and her enchanted sword. As they picked up their wounded and carried them away, Rowan watched as the Vampire’s mummified minion closed the heavy gates behind them and promised herself she would see this creature turned to ash.

Unfortunately the group did not notice Bramble’s absence until it was too late, and they were too late to save Samuel Belt who succumbed to his wounds. And so, lamenting, the party returned to the city to make their plans …

Monster Mission – Trade missions in Eborshire

The adventurers were tasked with scouting out a trio of villages on the edges of the Mean Wood, a place filled with foulspawn with violent natures, and to see what could be done to help them prepare for the coming year. Charged with this task by the Duke, they were:

  • Ranger Al Vidarr of the Scouts Guild;
  • Captain Colt Garrison of the Mercenaries Guild;
  • Lumia Tibor of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Miss Mary-Catherine of the Physicians Guild;
  • Master Drake Darkwater, Keeper of the Seven Secrets, of the School of Demonology; Miss Barnaby of the School of Necromancy; High Guildsman Erulisse of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Bill Burns of Longstor; Little Bear of Kharach;
  • Elias and Blue;

Travelling towards the Mean Wood, the adventurers fought off a small foulspawn attack and came to a “thriving” market town where they met with a materials merchant who was already under instruction to supply materials to the local settlements. Miss Barnaby and the rest took on the task of investigating the defences as well as clearing the way ahead of the wagons of food being brought to the area.

In each village (Beeshive, Lightwater, Star Fall), they determined the supplies required by the village elder to repair and fortify the settlement and discussed requirements – Beeshive had able labourers but no supplies, Lightwater and Star Fall had some supplies but no skilled labour – with these material requirements and payments arranged and paid for once the group returned to the market town.

On the road they were attacked by vicious foul spawn, rescued a villager from an attack and showed the villagers of the region what the adventurers were made of – Captain Garrison finding willing recruits to the militia in Star Fall for example, whilst Miss Mary-Catherine gathered admirers.

With the villages properly fortified and prepared for the coming year, the adventurers could be proud of themselves for a job well done.