The Desolation at the heart of the Norfel Moors of Derwentshire is a place of strange things, a place of of tainted chaotic magics that can twist and beguile and trap the mind and body of the unwary traveller. It is a place where dark things dwell and plot and plan and set these plans in motion. And yet, in the darkest of hours, there lingers yet a tiny spark of hope. For in the heart of the Desolation lies Norfel Vale, a place set apart from the realm in time and space, locked away and forgotten about until now. Ruled by a trio of tyrannical sorcerors, the peoples of this land have been forgotten. But no longer. Under orders from Earl Androplies de Savona, Earl of Derwentshire, the adventurers gather together to free the people of this forgotten realm, to return them to the light of the Seven and the life that belongs to them as Ithronians, to break the hold these creatures have upon them and to rally to the banner of his chosen noble – the Lady Ysmay of House Verrer, a Derwentshire Baronet.


This is the writeup for Springfest 2013, an event run by Derby Branch over the May Bank Holiday weekend. Last year’s entry can be found here. The event is smaller than the Summerfest gathering, but runs in a similar fashion – with smaller missions going out like normal adventures, personal plot and the main storyline of the event, lots of fun and froth and character interactions (if your character wants to sit at the bar and drink and observe, then they can sit and drink and observe …), culminating in a final day of battles and an evening where weapons can be downed and tankards taken up for an evening of entertainment, fun, good food and lots of laughs. At Springfest this traditionally takes the form of a Banquet.

This year was my second Springfest and I wish to raise the virtual glass to all the event organisers, referees, plot writers, prop makers, dedicated crew, first aiders, caterers and all those who attended for making it such a wonderful action packed event. Cheers!

There were so many wonderful people who attended the event, however I know I did not get to meet you all or get introduced. If you know you attended this event but are misnamed/unnamed, please contact me on wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com or comment below.

If unnamed, please give me the name of your character you arrived with, not the one you left with (!).

The adventurers of Ithron

The adventurers of Ithron who answered the Earl’s call and came to the aid of the Lady Ysmy in this “crusade” were:

  • Mercenaries: Captain Kavat Smithson (d); Captain Rac; Captain Breaca nic Graine; Captain Erurainon en Laurina-Taurë; Captain Sneaky Badgerous;  Kurtis Snow; Paullag of Serruma; Balder; Nathaniel Crowe (r)
  • Scouts: Pathfinder Richard Black; Ranger Neville of Newcroft (r); Ranger Elenor Veldar; Thatcher; John; Steve;
  • Foresters: Huntsman Rowan Tait of Amblevale; Forester Mordecai
  • Alchemists: Guild Senior Daniel Matthews; Guildsman Harriet “Swiggs” Potter; Journeyman Lumia Tibor;
  • Physicians: Surgeon General Georgina Gris, the Lady Mayoress of Norham; Doctor Tubby Gendril; Katherine Amber; Rosie Baker;
  • Mages: Witchfinder Stillsong; Master Thaumaturgist Lahsaa Nethir; Thaumaturgist Gaalen Iskarschrynn; Master Necromancer Thomas Ward-Mouldheel; Master Necrologist Vladimir Romanovich; High Guildsman Necromancer Sid; Apprentice Sascha;
  • Knights: Knight Commander Sir Dalon Berwick and Sir Oliver Mormont of the Grey Order; Sir Stewart DePiercy and Sir Kador Hawkwinter (d) of the Griffin Order; Errant Brandon Hawkwinter of the Black Order; Novice Rose Bethany von Liechtenstein (d);  Feudal Knights Sir Charles Warwick and Sir Deacon Warwick;
  • Priests and Devotees: Chaplain Templar Tess Farrier and Lady Patience Mormont-Warwick of Sidhe; Defender Finwe, High Father Thek, High Mother Ann Turner, High Mother Fang, Novice Laynara Hunter of Longstor; High Father Benedict DePiercy and Chaplain Rose Jacob Bowyn of Crowa; Chaplain Black Tabitha Wade, Novice Merry Sadron Tithdaeron and Novice Devote Elinastrael of Kharach; High Father Eldoran of Vleybor;
  • The Edgeminer Clan: Snorri Gotrekson, Robovah Longhammer, Grogg Longhammer of Clan Edgeminer;
  • Elias and Bluey

I’m afraid this write up is a long time in coming, and therefore will not have the depth of details that it should have.

There was a strange place on the moors of Derwentshire, a place of wild magics and strange happenings. The adventurers gathered together to travel into this place known as the Vale to bring the power of the Gods to the people who had been long apart from the land and it’s ways.

However, in entering the protections placed upon it, they were trapped in that place, lost and separated from their Gods and their baggage. But through faith, the Gods’ gaze was brought to that place and the faithful could once again feel their presence. But in the Vale the Triumvirate of Ram, Wolf and Hart hold sway – from life to death and beyond. Their forces fought against the adventurers and resisted them, with undead stalking the camp and other monsters hidden in the darkness.

An uneasy truce was eventually made and broken with the meeting of the three leaders of the land, and the day of battle for the hearts and lives of those in that place dawned. One group – primarily knights and the most of the faithful held off against the forces of the Wolf and the Ram, breaking these cruel masters from their hold on the people; and the other went with the necromancers to seek out the Hart and break her hold on the spirits of the dead of that land. All life flows downstream.

Those who fought the main battle to delay the Wolf and the Ram were able to escape the Vale through a great obelisk as the world around them broke at the death of two of these lords. The other battle uncovered the Hart’s treachery as she tried to escape to conquer another land of the living. But her attempt was foiled by the brave deeds of the Pathfinder, the necromancer Thomas Ward-Mouldheel and other great heroes and her “people” freed from their slavery.

As the world around them broke, the adventurers and all those who once dwelt in the lands of the Vale were brought back to Derwentshire. A great feast was prepared in thanksgiving and the adventurers sang, ate, drank and gave thanks for all that had occurred, mourning the loss of some of their number. And in the evening High Father Eldoran officiated the wedding of Tubby Gendril to his sweetheart Rosie Baker.

Rowan also faced accusations of Corruption, but was found innocent of the crime by the court that convened under the guidance of Baronet Jarvis.

Glad to be alive, the adventurers of Derwentshire now have much work to be done to bring the peoples of the Vale back under the sway of the Lords of Ithron and return them to the light of the Seven.