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Bold adventurers wandering the lands of Berwickshire and between – two more adventures of those Fools and Heroes of Ithron.

The Surgeon-General seeks to track down her daughter on the eve of her wedding to offer her the choice between her two halves, and missing scouts south of Pendrake rouse the attentions of the adventuring community. But death and despair followed in the wake of both gallant bands …

Monster Mission – The Fae Wedding

The Surgeon-General gathered together a group of adventurers after recieving word of a way to enter the fae ways to speak with her daughter Willow ahead of her proposed marriage. This child – daughter of the Lord of Winter and half human/half fae – appeared the last time the adventurers entered Ferracartha, with a very special sword on the hip of her protector Sir Nolad. And so, Sir Dalon’s hunt for the Grey Blade began.

The adventurers who accompanied them were:

  • Ranger Nev of the Scouts;
  • Ash of Stockton of the Alchemists Guild;
  • Mortimer Lowe of the Guild of Mages;
  • Surgeon-General Georgina Gris, Lady Mayoress of Norham, of the Physicians Guild;
  • Sir Dalon Berwick, Knight Commander of Ithron, Head of the Knightly Grey Order;
  • Father Barnabus Locke of Sidhe; Supplicant Grimm of Kharach;
  • Elias and Bluey;

Outside the city they found a pair of women picking on a small goblin child – two members of the “Brotherhood”, a group of werewolves who task themselves with protecting the faeways. After convincing them of their right to be there, and protecting the small child, the women let them past. The child offered a toy dagger to Sir Dalon in gratitude for saving his life. Unfortunately, Mortimer couldn’t resist temptation and asked one of the women to change shape. With a laugh, she did so – sending him spluttering to the floor as her flesh writhed and morphed and she shifted into her terrifying wolf form much to the horror of the party.

They approached a group of foul spawn and a log where a little golden bell rested on – their way into fae. Once the bell was rung, mud creatures rose from the ground and gambolled about them to open the ways, before dragging them into the mud. Down, down, down they went, to enter into a place that wasn’t quite what they were expecting.


They had entered the Dreamlands, with a group of fae talking excitedly about the upcoming wedding – a place where dreamers go, but where a dreamer’s nightmares can kill the unwary traveller and time can extend and collapse without warning. All was revealled to the travellers by the dreaming form of one of the Hags – in the adorable form of a talking ferret – and the adventurers set off.

They travelled through the dreams of a woman debating whether to give her lover a potion to bind his love to her, Lorik’s dream where he argues with his father and entered a young woman’s dream who dreamt of her love returning from Llaminusia. At this point, irritated by the apperance of the adventurers in his realm, the Lord of the Winter Court came and confronted the adventurers to warn them off. He turned the dream into a nightmare when they refused to leave, and a great wall of darkness chased the adventurers out of the dream realms – it was in this rolling encounter, where fallen comrades were absorbed by the dark storm and spat back out further along as nightmarish things came out of the dark at the party, that High Father Barnabus succumbed to his wounds and died.


The party found Sir Nolad, the dog Knight who had protected Lady Nix, who had grown old trying to solve a riddle in a dream with no answer where a man was arguing with himself about his position in life. Once they had navigated themselves past that little problem, they came to a dream where Lady Nix was found safe and well and were all ready to return home until Sir Dalon pushed for her decision on her marriage. The dream broke and they found themselves in Lady Nix’s dream at last, though the dream of the wedding surrounded by Lords and Ladies of Fae with the Winter Princess in the company of her Summer “husband”. Sir Nolad, Sir Dalon and Georgina tried to convince the girl to awaken from her dream, but the Fae Lord was trying to convince her that it was all true, manipulating her to his own ends. But, clamouring to be awake, frightened by all the clamouring talk, the girl demands to be woken from her dream. Her father complies, draws Sir Nolad’s blade and runs him through the heart.

The dream broke, the party knocked to their feet and coming to in the fae ways. Sir Nolad, curled around the sword, lay still as death. But the sword was also deathslept. Here came the choice of Lady Nix/Willow – the choice between who to save. Save Sir Nolad, Lady Nix’s constant companion and protector, and the one whom her human side had fallen in love with – and remain fae forever, bound to the will of the Courts and forever barred the tales of a human life. Save the sword, the fabled Grey Blade, and Willow would grow old and die as a mortal, forever barred from the immortal life she could inherit but free to live and love as she chose. It was a decision she alone could make.


In the end – after talking with her mother and Sir Dalon, the girl begged her mother to save her beloved, making her choice after the manner of the story book takes she had grown up with in this short year. Georgina pulled the sword from the fae’s body and threw it away, where it shattered into pieces, before proceeding the purge the deathsleep cast upon him and heal his wounds. The sword gone it seemed Sir Dalon’s quest was at a bitter end, but as the delighted princess and her knight embraced before the great tree at the heart of Fae – Paluen – Sir Dalon was gifted the Greyblade from the simple gift of a child’s toy. All along this had been a test of Sidhe on his chosen knight, and the Grey Blade once again was wielded by the Head of the Knightly Grey Order.

Many things were said under the boughs of that wise old tree – Grimm offering himself as a servant having failed his supplication by naming the dead, and Sir Dalon arranged for Georgina to be able to travel in her dreams to see her firstborn child in her new life as a Lady of Fae alongside her beloved Lord.

And so, through tears of joy and sadness, this chapter of Georgina’s story has ended, though another is just about to begin …


Player Mission – Missing Scouts

The Scouts Guild have reported an absence of reports from the Scouts post near Balrat, which with the recent weather is not unusual, however the extended absence now the passes have cleared has led them to become concerned. So, seeking out hardy adventurers, they gave directions and sent them off on what should have been a simple mission. If only …

The adventurers that answered the summons were:

  • Captain Christo Eadronhart of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry and an Apprentice Mercenary;
  • Ranger Brendan DePiercy of the Scouts;
  • Huntsman Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale, Huntsman of the North;
  • Gaalen Ishkaryn of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • Doctor Leofrick Llew Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • Defender Finwe and High Mother Ann Turner of Longstor;

It started off simply enough – a sleeping orc-ish scout, foul spawn in reasonable numbers, signs of undead passing through the area. Then they found bodies on the road with signs of one being dragged away and another shuffling off in another direction. Undead was the bet called by members of the party, and undead usually meant trouble.

They came upon a strange  creature that was seeking a member of the Crowan church, who was missing, but who seemed interested in the appearance of Rowan. Trying to converse between waves of orcs and undead that came crawling towards them proved frustrating, so Rowan made arrangements with the Valcor – a holy creature of Crowa – to speak with it at another date. This seemed to satisfy the creature who went on his way.

The party freed some villagers who appeared to have been enslaved by foul spawn and told the village of Balrat was overun. On the way to free it, the adventurers were jumped by their age old enemy – goblin in a bush – as they went to the aid of a mage who was getting his head stamped on. Things went badly as the main fighters fell to the weapons and envenomed blades, leading High Mother Ann and Defender Finwe to get the party back on their feet. And not a moment too soon … that pesky goblin just wouldn’t die …


They arrived, battered and bleeding, to the village of Balrat where the Elder translated the wishes of the Ogre chieftain who had claimed the land after a vampire had come and taken away many of the men for his army. Sounds like the usual tactics of Von Raven, which made Rowan’s lip curl at the thought of that monster. After diplomancy failed, even with Gaalen’s silver tongued word smithery, Rowan challenged the leader to a duel to the death, though she was not quick enough to defeat the beast with his two handed shining claymore.

As she lay bleeding to death the party debated whether or not she should be saved, having agreed to a fight to the death, which led to  Brendan expressing a dislike of the idea of her dying. There was a sudden clap of thunder, the excommunicant mark appeared on his face and Longstor turned his back on his devoted servant. Brendan went mad and went after the foul spawn, leaving Leo to woundwort Rowan’s wounds to tend to her later, though not before the Ogre demanded her metal armour as trophies of his victory.

When she came round she decided not to ask about her missing armour, suddenly faced with the death of her friend who had “turned his back on the gods” and Christo’s unfortunately fist fight with the village Elder who was demanding the mercenary be arrested for assault. In floods of tears, aching all over, Rowan was forced to return home with Brendan’s body (in pieces I might add) to try and give him some form of decent burial and relay the bad news to those who had to hear it.

It was a sad and bitter day for the adventurers of Berwickshire. More deaths in this bitter spring …