Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale, Supplicant Grimm and High Father Benedict DePiercy trod the well travelled road to Derwentshire to look for hijinks and adventure whilst the rest of the heroes were out of the country in the Holy Land this weekend past. But, as usually, all they found was trouble …

Thank you Derby Branch for a great day out. Really looking forward to Springfest now!

If you know you took part in one of the missions detailed below but are misnamed or unnamed, please contact me on wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com or comment below.

Monster Daysite

The adventurers of Derwentshire were sent looking for missing food supplies around the village of Ashbourne that had recently suffered an outbreak of a sickness. The adventurers that set out that day were:

  • High Guildsman Djinn and an apprentice of the Scouts; Geraint Warwick;
  • A member of the Derwentshire Physicians;
  • A member of the Alchemists Guilds;
  • Supplicant Grimm of Kharach; Supplicant of Vleybor

As they came to the settlement they met with a girl struggling against something in the barn that she was holding back, something that roared and snarled. As some of the adventurers took her place at keeping the barn doors shut, she told the rest that the sickness had some to their town, that it had sent it’s people mad, that she had escaped those taken by the sickness and had kept them trapped in the barn – just as the barn doors were flung open and the rabid occupants inside came rushing out, ravenous and mad with hunger – think Reavers, for those Firefly fans out there …

The adventurers fought off these ravenous monsters, though not before a few had been pulled to the ground and gnawed on.


They then met with a group of mercenaries known as the Black Shield who were also looking for the supplies, encountered a pair of dead militia men that some orcs were picking over for food, and uncovered a letter detailing certain taxes in the area. Grimm fought with the leader of the Orcs to stop the desecration of the corpses and proved his metal against his foe. As they continued on their way towards known settlements, where they were ambushed by Petty Dwarves – who, when their ambush went sour, used their own kin as shield and weapons against their ‘elvish’ enemies.

They came upon a small farm where a man was encouraging the land owner to take up arms to protect his own, to not give food to the “weak” people of the county whom their Lords would pamper and coddle and “protect” in these bitter times. After being questioned as to what had happened, as to the tax collectors who had been in the region, the missing funds and the food gone astray, the truth came to light – the man was an Abraxian stirring trouble and at the praising of his lord’s name three others took up the call. Three souls turned away from the light, which shook the religious members of the party to the core. After bringing down the Abraxian and the farmers who fought at his side, the adventurers turned away towards another known settlement, hoping to find it untouched by the twisted words of the dark gods.


But, as they travelled to this place and they fought through a knot of undead, not uncommon for the region, they came upon a scene of idyllic peacefulness – men and women tending their crops with men standing watch. Their lord kept them safe, it seemed, safe from the dangers of the land. But there was something strange in the eyes of their guards – a hollowness that unnerved certain members of the company. When led to their lord, the adventurers saw why. A spirit, clad in old armour and with a malevolent presence about him, with a man in black kneeling in prayer. They fought with the spirit and his guards, sought to protect and defend themselves against the evil that dwelt there. Until the physician noticed a skull cupped in the hands of the priest and knocked it from his grasp. With one last prayer to his lord, the priest collapsed and died and the spirit pounced upon the skull in which 100 souls of the villagers had been protected.

But Grimm wasn’t going to let the creature send this souls to its master – oh no! The Kharachian Supplicant fought for the skull, attempted to lay the spirit to rest whilst trying to keep out of his reach, fled the field with the creature’s sword, was chased down and almost choked to death by the spirit who believed he had taken the skull, only to race back to rescue the skull and the spirits of the villagers from a fate worse than death. And so, the skull safely in his hands and the party back on their feet, the adventurers left the scene with the creature threatening to hunt the Kharachian down for what he had done …


Player Daysite

Rowan visited the town of Greater Ridgley and volunteered to assist the Sergeant of the McRory Militia in her tasks as a training member of the Guards. The companions who she set out with to track down bandits were:

  • Heather McRory of the McRory Militia;
  • Huntsman Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale; Deputy Rayne of the Guards;
  • Raine Campbell of the McRory Militi and School of Thauaturgy; Zathras and an apprentice of the Guild of Mages;
  • High Father Benedict DePiercy of Crowa;

They left the city and came upon a merchant caravan who set up awailing about taxes and about how they’d already paid. Confused, though aware of people claiming to be collecting taxes in the area, Rayne and Rowan tried to talk sense into them. They were both attacked by a man who had travelled with the caravan – and what followed was Rowan and Rayne struggling to bring him in. It took several attempts of binding his hands, and Rowan using his own blade against him, before they dragged him back to the city to awake in the custody of the Guards.


They crossed paths with a pair of strange men at the sign of an ambush, where Rowan and Rayne inspected permits and, not believeing their initial story, sought the truth of the matter with stern words. After gathering some information, the party took one of the paths that lead away from the ambush into the woodland, where they met with one of the McRory Militia. But he was acting strange, wearing a red band on his arm and carrying some strange paperwork, unable to answer Rayne’s questions, obsessed with collecting from the adventurers what they “owed”. She ordered him and his colleagues to be knocked out until they could determine what was wrong with them, and the adventurers set about defending themselves. But the pair with the red armbands on mysteriously met their end, slitting their own throats as they came round from being knocked unconcious. The remaining villagers had a lecture from Rowan on questioning what is right after it seeemed they had simply gone along with the militia man, instructing them to return home after giving up their arms and to only give taxes to those who travelled in the company of the Guards or Foresters.

But the faith in the law guilds has failed – and they must now rebuild the people’s trust in Derwentshire after the betrayal of those who fought alongside the demons and the Scar.


A group of orcs – looking for the lord in the north or someone call Crum, sought their attention and came to blows with High Father Benedict. After knocking the leader down after one of his own attacked Rayne, the two law officers tried to understand what the orcs were after – though not before the mages had tried to keep him down, and he had dislocated the High Father’s shoulder. Once they agreed to let him go – in a sign of good faith – the orc patched up the Crowan’s arm and gave him a taste of his own medicine to aid the healing. In pain, but still able to fight, High Father Benedict gritted his teeth and the party continued on their way.

A pair of Credo were looking to burn a Fygolian heretic they had caught, and whilst Rayne and Rowan let them do their “job”, they questioned the man before he met his end. They learnt of a missing sister and a missing trio of wagons, and agreed to split the hunt between themselves and Credo – the law officers still hunting bandits took the missing wagons, Credo took the missing sister.

They encountered more unhappy people looking to defend their homes – which rang alarm bells for the two Crowans as they listened to the rhetoric the group were spouting  – more people sick of taxes, sick of the war, sick of things being taken for the poor.

They found the wagons having been raided by Petty Dwarves, who were in discussion with a Fygolian who was chased down by Rayne before he turned his Lady’s gifts upon the Guard – more coincidences, more rumours of this “Project” that did not sit well with the Forester or Guard. Heather stumbled upon an Abraxian, torching the remains of the wagons. The party made ready for battle, prepared as best they could, and then strode in against the Abraxian.


What happens next none of the party remember, but they did not fare well against the Abraxian and his cronies, who seemed to have cast an illusion on the party so that they appeared monstorous in the eyes of the innocents in their company. They fell to the blades of the Abraxian and awoke later, with wounds dressed and bound and no memory of what had befallen them. This absence of memory will surely come to haunt them in the future …