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Captain-General Catherine Brack-on-Hill is missing, and only a few people know where she had gone. One of those was Rowan, who called together a group of adventurers to go rescue Catherine. And so, after a number of rituals of locate – both divine and magical, Rowan and her companions left Newcroft, heading north to Dunstenborough and west into the Grenwolde.

The adventurers who travelled with Rowan were:

  • Captain Christo Eadronhart of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry;
  • Huntsman Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale, Forester;
  • Doctor Leofrick Llew Kyle of the Physicians Guild;
  • Master Arthur Lightfoot of the School of Demonology; Baronet Gaalen Iskarynn of the School of Thaumaturgy;
  • High Father Benedict DePiercy of Crowa; Supplicant Grimm of Kharach;
  • Mardnotkiln of the Stanroc Clan

As they travelled through the Grenwolde the adventurers came upon a scout who gave them a map showing several old towers and with reports of dead creatures and recent battles and a dead man walking. As they passed through the woods they came upon a pocket of magic that tore at their vital essences, draining them of life and causing dead bodies to rise from their shallow graves to attack the party. Fighting off waves of vampires and other undead, stumbling upon a man who had read a book of Ordet and relieving him of the object.


Bypassing old traps, ridding one of the old towers from undead, and after retrieving a box from a pair of golems, there was still no sign of the General, Rowan urged the party to continue on. More undead led the adventurers to a trio of demons – with one claiming to carry a ring of Ordet. After killing off the other demons and after Arthur attempted to obtain the ring from the demon, the adventurers fought off further waves of undead as they steered clear of the demons reported to be lurking down by the river.


Things went badly for the party as they crested a rise and encountered a necromancer and some of Von Raven’s minions. As they regrouped after the fight, Arthur cast another locate for Catherine and found her to be just around the corner. Hopeful that the end was in sight, Rowan urged the party on as they emptied their reserves of blessings and power and distributed potions amongst the important members of the party, and they hurried down the hill hoping to find Catherine’s grave.

They couldn’t believe it when they found Catherine alive and in the company of Quinn Dexter.


Reunited, Rowan turned her attention to Catherine’s real task – hunting for the Gateway to the find the Spirit of Berwickshire. She turned to the rest of the company and set out this next part of the mission, raising some complaints from the others. But she encouraged them to press on – and so they did.

They came upon a bone monster known as the Rattler – which appeared at one of the Nights of the Dead two years ago – and which fell to the weapons of Christo Eadronhart and High Father Benedict DePiercy as the rest of the party came to their aid.


And then they came to the Gateway. With the single ring of Von Raven Rowan had brought along (just in case), and a make shift ring of Ordet crafted by the mages using another of Rowan’s rings and a symbol of House Ordet, the party attempted to breach the magical barrier protecting the Gateway. After Gaalen exploded after attempting to channel the magic, the General attempted to push through the barrier through the use of her armour, though not before it back fired. But, in the company of the adventurers were two of the Swords of Berwickshire that were designed to channel soul fire in the crafting of the Great Spell. Rowan asked that Quinn Dexter – with the Vortigen Sword – to stay behind and help Gaalen channel the soulfire the crafted ring couldn’t take.

Arthur and High Father Benedict forged a path through to the Gateway and open it, and the adventurers ran through as it opened …


… into “the Bleed between worlds” which had a decidedly demonic taint to the world. An ex-enemy of the Rangers of Dunstenborough, the demon Morolnis, who gave them warnings about what they might face – of his master sleeping still. But the party pressed on, looking for the Spirit, fighting off demons as Catherine led the way to the mirror of the second Ranger’s Tower that lit up the sky with a holy glow. As the others held out the demons, Rowan located and took up the Pendant and undertook the tests – three questions asked of her heart by the Spirit of Berwickshire: what is our creed? Who is the Spirit Keeper? What is our strength?

And after answering honestly, Rowan became bound to the pendant, appointed Spirit Keeper and tied to the fate of Berwickshire forever.


And she awoke something, kneeling there in the darkness, in the Bleed between Worlds.


Demons came writhing from the shadows, from the walls and floor, an infinite horde awoken from slumber, that the party were swept before as they tried to escape the demons. Rowan took the Spirit and left – commanded away by High Father Benedict, ordered to keep the Spirit safe. As the party stumbled away, running and fighting and falling, Rowan waited for the others to join her before, Leo carrying the wounded, they all leapt through the Gateway … leaving Catherine giving them a chance to escape.

And Catherine died saving the party, and closing the Gateway behind them.


And so came about the end of Captain-General Catherine Brack-on-Hill – adventurer, mother and hero of the land.


Rowan disappointed her Goddess with her actions, but the Spirit of Berwickshire has returned to the county and the Rangers once again have a leader of sorts, though bigger problems to deal with.

One night at prayers Rowan was visited by the Archon of the Crowa who delivered a message from their Goddess, a warning of the future path Rowan has been set upon, and a new commandment Rowan has to follow.