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With no Ithronian Adventures to report, I think it’s time to show off a few of the crafty projects I’ve recently been working on to flesh out Rowan’s kit. I’ve been working on “elements” to flesh out Rowan’s kit – satchel, shield cover, foresters sash and armband, as well as a few bits and bobs for other people.

Cloth Satchel Embroidery pattern

Satchel Decoration

Rowan’s cloth satchel (started ahead of Springfest 2012) and finally finished (Jan 2013) with a cross-stitch “tree of life” symbolising her name and her initial.

Forester sash Forester Armband

Dragon insignia Huntsman of the North

Rowan’s Foresters sash – initially as a Junior Forester, then as a full Forester (Summerfest 2012), addition of Rowan’s dragon insignia to the hip point, with the final addition of the Hunters Horn and the two stripes of the Huntsman rank.

Insignia in the embroidery circle Belt sash

Rowan's Dragon Shield

Rowan’s dragon insignia – being prepared in the embroidery frame, as a belt sash and the original shield design.

Feudal Knights in Rowan's book

Additional pages to Rowan’s notebook on heraldry – the Feudal Knight page.

Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale - forester dev

Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale in the field.

Lucius's sash Centre point on the sash

Defender Lucius Aquarius Rhade’s Prayer Scarf.

Vleyborian Cross

A Vleyborian Cross for a special relic.

Recent embroidery work

Recent fabric crafts – another belt sash, a red/silver belt twist and an “Office of County Affairs” arm band for a new character.

DePiercy Heraldry

Digital heraldry for the local boards – the DePiercy family.

The happiest little griffin

The beginnings of a Griffin Tabard – embroidering the front of the tabard in my new embroidery frame.