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The bold adventurers of Berwickshire travelled south to Maccamwell, heeding the talk of trouble stirring with the resident Llaminusians who had settled there about a year ago. The adventurers who went to investigate were:

  • Ranger Ned of the Scouts Guild;
  • Doctor Leofrick Llew Kyle of the Physicians;
  • Master Thomas Ward-Mouldheel of the School of Necromancy; Gaalen of the School of Thaumaturgy; Mortimer of the Guild of Mages;
  • Errant Revan Korrell of the Knightly Black Order;
  • Defender Lucius Aquarius Rhade of Vleybor; Father Locke of Sidhe;

They came to some of the beacons that now run the length of the northern coasts, where a trio of scouts informed them that whilst no Llaminusians had been seen coming ashore, somewhere they had been sighted as the beacons had been lit. They warned of creatures off in the undergrowth, but could do little more than await their relief who were following the adventurers, who were determined to press on.

They were attacked by foul spawn, encountered refugees fleeing Llaminusian attacks on their villages and heard how a local blacksmith had gone missing in recent days. More foul spawn, hungry for any fresh meat in this lean season, and a group of “Llaminusians” who were chasing a pair of villagers. These Llaminusians backed off from the party, but seemed reluctant to speak, and melted away into the undergrowth.

Up ahead the adventurers came to see why, as a group of “Llaminusians” were challenged as to their being there by Master Tom, and instead of listening to his word, praise was given to Krygan and they attacked the party. When Leo took a closer look at them, he caught a scent he had not smelt in a good number of months – Randall Porter … surely he wasn’t behind this?

They came to the town of Maccamwell where they heard a sergeant of Mortem Pince’s militia calling the muster, urging men and women to take up arms and join them in the call to Norham, on orders of the Knight Commander and Lady Mayoress. A pair of scouts reported some strange activity near a camp across the water and a woman and her brother were selling a slave after the dreadful murder of her husband, a well to do cloth merchant.

The adventurers began to piece the puzzle together – if the Kryganite doctor was looking to cause bother, he’d need a blacksmith for tools, and cloth for clothing. So they went to investigate the camp, rescued the blacksmith and wounded Randall Porter with an enchanted silver weapon, proving a suspicion some of the adventurers had been harbouring for a while. Unfortunately, the cur got away from them in the chase … to return another day and wreak havoc …

They fought off another “Llaminusian patrol, fended off more hungry denziens of the forest and met a Mithamese merchant trading scroll paper with his two body guards. They came across an earlier group answering the muster and urged caution to them, that they were needed here in the North rather than down in Norham.

On the road towards Little Llaminusia they found three women being escorted away from the cordon by a pair of Axirian legionnaires. Managing to talk their way through the adventurers headed towards the command post, bypassing another standoff between the Axirians and the Llaminusians – allowing the Defender of Vleybor to practise his diplomacy. At the command post they spoke with the Axirian commander in charge, informed him of the deception they had uncovered and went to investigate his missing scout patrol to stumble upon more of Randall’s handywork. Clearly looking to cause trouble, several of his men had infected the Axirians with the Echidnae virus and stolen their uniforms once they had died – leading Lucius to cleanse the area of the sickness and Master Tom to lay the souls to rest.

Averting a potential bloodbath and further increases in the tension between the axirians and llaminusians, the adventurers were able to enter the settlement and go speak to the Jarl and tell him of the danger to his people. They also learnt that he had already been contacted by Carlson and had refused to raise arms against the people of Ithron who had welcomed him and his people to their shores.

And so the start of the war was averted for now in Berwickshire, though there have been reports of Llaminusians seen as far inland as Eborshire, and the strange summons of the muster for Rowan to investigate …

Things are not what they appear and the storm that has been building all Winter seems about to break upon these hallowed shores …