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In the dark of the night, a small band of adventurers set out to stop a particularly nasty heretical follower of Sereklan from continuing his abuse of the fae-ways and to apprehend a High Father of Fygol near the Shrine of All Gods.

Edit – a rough Summerfest write up has been added to Random Wednesday (Friday) #79: The Heralds of War – 16/02/13

Armed only with a map, a gold ring and their wits, the adventurers who set out that night were:

  • Ranger Ned of Newcroft;
  • Surgeon General Georgina Gris, Lady Mayoress of Norham, of the Physicians Guild;
  • Defender Lucius Aquarius Rhade of Vleybor; High Father Cornway of Tralda; High Father Benedict DePiercy of Crowa; Sister Sorcha Gravesong of Kharach;

They headed into the Greenwold, another dark forest in the county where untold nastiness dwells, through the village of Greenwold Pass, whose inhabitants warned them of ‘demons’ lurking hissing amongst the trees. But these turned out to be only dark elves – probably telling the adventurers to be on their way – and after navigating through several ambushes and fighting with the Queen of the clan, the adventurers came to the portal they were looking for – a small way into Fae with the help of the gold ring.

But upon entering the way they came face to face with a pair of red caps who fought off the party and caused them to scatter – leaving wounded behind. High Father Cornway succumbed to his wounds and it seemed for a time that the party would turn back to get help.

But they pressed on, hoping that they might be able to find a way of bringing the High Father back from the dead.

They passed by a particularly nasty piece of Fae fauna – a paranoia tree – which spread their worst fears amongst them and the party seemed like to break if not for the drive they had to return their ally to life. A pair of Fygolians, walking a road in the human realm, caused them to pause in confusion, but having overheard them and their complaints about High Father Fellows and their band near the Shrine to All Gods, the adventurers continued. A duel with a fallen Fae Squire, a chance encounter with a Aelion and the arrival at the Fae Market brought a glimmer of hope to the party.

It seemed that a high ranking fae of the Winter Court was to be wed, and the lord of the area fancied his chances as suitor, and so might be willing to speak with the mortals who wandered his little corner to the realm – and whilst some of the party tried to find out how they could speak with this Lord, others bargained and bartered with the merchants and denziens of the market – some tooth faeries, some cobblers, some more sinister and more disturbing – dealing in dreams and wishes and unburdening of sorrows.

They spoke with the Lord of the Fae Court and were able to complete some of their business at his Meridian, before moving on to find a Fae Knight in his ‘cave of wonders’. Led by a cheery little Aelion through his guards of  stone, the adventurers were able to snatch what they sought and get away without properly engaging with the sleeping knight, before returning to the fae court to conclude their business.

However, it was here that Sister Sorcha committed her greater sin – having already accidentally named Cornway since his death, and having traded her grief and sorrow a lifetime without such emotions she did not have the regret at having sinned once. In speaking Cornway’s name again she was struck from the sight of her Lord – the excommunication mark appearing on her face, and horrified, she tried to convince Ned to kill her. At his unwillingness, she turned to the Fae Lord and asked to be sent back to the Kharachian Shrine, at which point she fell upon her sword through the portal, before any of her party could save her from her suicide.

Horrified, the party were at a loss at what to do, and so the remaining party members continued on their way – through a few scouts the Fygolian band had on patrol, to fight with the High Father of Fygol and win their victory.

It was at this point they learned that the Shrine to All Gods was under attack, and at once the pair of priests were ready to rush to its defence – but one of their fellows knocked them out for their safety and brought them home. The defence or recapture of the Shrine to All Gods was certainly a task for another day – a day where a well armoured, well armed, well prepared party could tackle the madness that would surely wait for them …