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Player Mission: Onto the Norfel Moors

In Derwentshire, north of Eastreach and Greater Ridgely, is a region of wilderness known as the Norfel Moors. A dangerous and tretcherous place, of a shattered and wild magic and strange happenings where no soul should travel alone and there is no safety in numbers. The Escan road, connecting Derwentshire to its northernly neighbours, skirts the Moors and for a time was reasonably safe. But not in recent days.

Uruk (orc) attacks have increased in the area since the non-aggression pact with the previous Huntsmaster ended a few months ago, and merchants have been whisked away to meet gruesome ends. Previously a group of adventurers tracked the Uruk back towards three strongholds and discovered, to their horror, that the people were being fed to “giant” orcs that seemed to be creating more of the creatures. Killing one, the noble family Warwick seek to destroy the remaining pair to see the region safe at the behest of the Baron of Eastreach.

And so Rowan was contacted by Chivalry Warwick to lend her tracking skills to their mission, and she went south to meet them on their way.

Those who gathered on that bright frosty morning were:

  • Torak Thorgeirsson and Barak Wolfheart of the Mercenaries;
  • Charald Badgerous and Djin of the Scouts;
  • Forester Rowan Tait-of-Amblevale;
  • School Master Alfie and Raine Campbell (McRory) of the School of Thaumaturgy; Grey of the School of Necromancy; Chivalry Warwick of the School of Demonology;
  • Katherine Amber, Mary McRory and Victor of the Physicians Guild;
  • Charles Warwick, Feudal Knight of the realm;
  • High Druid Moonworm of Longstor; Brother Rhett of Sidhe;

After the introductions, permit checks and filling in of what information they had, the party set out to investigate an obelisk on the edge of the Moor which seemed to be tampering with the magical flows of the region – before pressing on to deal with another of these “orc mountains”.

As they left the settlement they came to a shrine and a mob of men of the Credo calling for the death of a demon they’d caught – a terrified man who begged and pleaded for his life. As the adventurers tried to convince the Credo that this man was no demon, it became clear that something was awry when he did not bleed and they found themselves under attack. As the man fled into the woods pursued by Chivalry, Rowan went after him with two more demonic figures stepping from the bushes and chasing after the mage. As he brought them writhing to the floor it became clear that the adventurers were not prepared to deal with them and Rowan and the two men of the Credo were cut down before they were slain. When Rowan was roused she was faced with evidence of assault but as she listened to the tale from both sides she decided that it had been an honest mistake and since the Scout Djin wasn’t bothered about pressing charges, she was happy to let the matter go. However, the Credo commander offered the fine that would have been paid to the courts to the scout and on the party went.


They had been warned of places where time seemed to have warped people in the Desolation – another name for the strange magical effects of the moors – making them grow old or young or revert to an older primeval state. They came across a group of these ‘stone-age’ people and skirted round them when it became clear the could not push on through – at which point Chivalry, School Master Alfie and Moonworm vanished off after the demon the Credo had captured earlier.

Separated, the adventurers discussed their next plan of action with the aid of a map Rowan had obtained from the local Foresters – but as they made their deliberations they were approached by two men with reports of an orc army amassing in the Desolation. Aware they could not make their goals if they turned south, a smaller group agreed to scout out this army and report back – so Charald, Rowan, Rhett and Victor left the party.

They didn’t get very far – they came upon a pocket of magic that magnetised their metal armour and the three fighters were stuck together with Victor looking on helplessly. Telling him to go back, Rowan managed to bring her whistle to her lips and blew, hoping the sound would attract the attention of their companions so that Victor would not have to go far alone. But, as the powers began to constrict their armour about them, they shuffled back the way they had come – much to the amusement of the McRorys who had come running to their aid.

As they tried to peel the three apart, more of their number passed through the pocket of magic and eventually were gathered in one place so that School Master Alfie could undo what had been done. Thrown violently apart as their armour repelled them, they were left shaken as a group of orcs came out of the woodland and attacked them. But it was strange – although they attacked, cut wounds and pierced armour, the wounds were not there as the corpses faded into the mists – an illusion it seemed, a trick of the mind.


The army seemd to be but another illusion as they crested a rise looking down onto the Desolation, as 200 strong orcs shimmered out of existance. Reporting back, the plan was changed as they turned back to head for the Obelisk and their end goal.

A vague plan of action had been prepared, that four runners would assist the mages in damaging the obelisk once the mages established some form of conduit, with the physicians ready to tend to the wounds that were likely to occur. However, things did not start well as they approached the obelisk – magic flowing through the mages leading to School Master Alfie pacting those nearest him in an attempt to burn off the excess soulfire running through his blood. But, as he directed his spell at Rowan, a bolt of lightning passed through his casting hand straight at the Forester and knocked her to the ground to the familiar agony of awakening soulfire, tempered only by a Bequifisian ‘boon’ Rowan bore. Whining, screaming and moaning in pain as she writhed on the floor, the lightning bolt continued its journey ricocheting off all the armoured individuals and wounding them. As the mages tended to the fallen, Raine Campbell came to Rowan’s aid and drained her of the soulfire burning through her before it could kill her in the fatal combination of mana and soulfire. This has been the second awakening of Rowan.


As she got shakily to her feet, she was encouraged to step back from the others should it happen again and rather than assist in the breaking of the obelisk, she turned to take watch over the mages to give a warning should anything attack. Charles Warwick and others scored lines down the mithril runes, breaking whatever purpose they held and the magic snapped back from this point and rejoined the Desolation. All in one piece, the party continued on towards the towers and the place of the “giant” orcs.

But, as they approached the rise, they fought off some of the uruks and were almost undone by their strange strength, and Rowan’s shield was cloven in two. Then they came to the rise and looked down upon the world. Warned not to raise their gaze towards the tower that would hold their gaze in it’s baleful influence, they soon learned that the two keeps now caused the eye to wander onto the tower to be held – so they did not see the signs as the ground opened under the feet of the scouts and swallowed them whole. They had stumbled onto the giant orc and their number was depleted.

Soon all the adventurers were in the belly of the beast – fighting off newly ‘born’ orcs and trying to find a way out in desperation – rescuing a pair of their fellows from being digested in a horrible pit in the center of the chamber. After attempting to sever a pulsing vein with rope, Mary McRory turned to the last desperate plan she could concoct and as she warned the party, Rowan continued to stand guard over her. Apologising, the physician picked up a spear and rammed it home – covering herself and Rowan in hot acidic blood as she pierced the vital point in the beast. Writhing in pain, the ground shaking beneath them, the afflicted adventurers were hauled up and out of the beast as it died, to fly from the scene to safety. Those who had been sprayed with bodily fluids had to be treated with physicians poison to kill off whatever parasite lived within that ate through flesh and metal, and a quick purge had to be administered at this deliberate poisoning of their friends.

But they survived, their task done, and they limped home victorious to face another day.


Monster Mission: Pay the iron price

My apologies – this mission write up will be short as I left the monster crew about midway through and therefore missed most of the “cool” stuff that attacked the players.

The adventurers were hired to go and collect a sample of iron ore from mine workings in the Derwentshire region. Iron, the basis of armour and weapons, has become a precious commodity as trade between the Oakenshield has been throttled by the actions of the Ironthrone.

  • Baronet Frederick Arnold of the Raptor Legion; Captain Godfrey Pilkington;
  • Elven ranger;
  • Rosie Baker and Tristan of the Physicians;
  • Thomas Ward-Mouldheel and Lady Mercedes Pilkington of the School of Necromancy; Holly-Lynn Icechanter of the School of Enchantment; Horace Worblehat of the College of Battlemages;
  • Primate Vivianne and Defender Lucius Aquarius Rhade of Vleybor; Defender Soren Sinadel and Chaplain Ilona Morin of Crowa; Father Sebastian of Sidhe;

After passing through the gate guards of a town, speaking with a merchant looking to trade in weapons, they came upon a merchant of the Ironthrone in the process of hiring a group of dirty, dirty dwarves to intercept and make off with an iron shipment heading for Ashbourne. But, alas, when the woman was agreeing payment, the lust of gold came upon the Dwarves and they beat her to the ground to rummage through her pockets. Outraged the party pushed them back, healed the girl and listened to her story before sending her on her way.


As the party travelled on towards the Fenlands, they came upon a wanted outlaw and two members of the Credo before stumbling onto the edges of a marshland. Out amidst the mists a voice called out, crying for aid and seemingly under attack. And there, sinking into the foul rotting mud, was a man fighting off a group of foul spawn who eyed him hungrily. For very little good comes out of the marsh …

With the appearance of many tasty things that don’t need to be hauled from the mud, the foul spawn turn on the adventurers as they try to assist the mithimese gentleman stuck in the mire. And when the foul spawn were gone, undead came crawling out of the mists.

It was at this time the Primate of Vleybor, the cup bearer, brought forth the holy item of her Goddess and turned the undead aside.

After fending off the undead the adventurers continued onto the mine, where there were beset by more of the dirty, dirty dwarves and undead before someone tampered with something they shouldn’t have and Thomas Ward-Mouldheel, Defender Rhade and Ilona Morin went deep underground – chased by unspeakable horrors.


Unfortunately at this time I left the monster party and went back to the cars … but from what I can tell the adventurers were able to successfully secure the sample they were sent to find, fought off some more unspeakable monsters and came home victorious to warm fires, good food and pay.

Should anyone want to fill in the gap, please get in touch and we’ll set the tale straight.