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Been busy this week, but got a little bit of art mojo on last Friday after submitting last weeks post. With that and the continuation of FnH fan fluff with a friend, I feel really keen to adventure at the moment, to see where the game will take Rowan.

Little bit of craft underway for my Foresters sash but I’ll explain below.


Own Art:

Forester Tait of Amblevale

A conceptual piece of how my LARP character may look towards the winter if I get passed being a probationary officer and onto a real Forester. A mix of V4 and M4 clothing, I’ve tried to show the layers of kit I normally put on her, along with some things that won’t make an appearance until September or beyond.

She has plate bracers and greaves, leather bracers, tunic and shirt, heavy leather body armour, chainmail and the green Foresters sash. In character I intend to keep wearing my tartan sash across my shoulder beneath the foresters sash, however it’s included in this picture around her waist.

She’s shaping up to be a proper fighter, which is a nice change from my meek and mild physician.



Wow Art:

I am Empty  by ~ChuuStar

A sad little piece, exploring what I think are the various ways people try to make themselves feel happy when they feel empty inside. This piece resonated with something I have felt at times, and maybe you’ll recognise something in it too.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 01 June 2012.


Athena by *ahbiasaaja

The intensity of the gaze and the depth of focus created in this piece of digital art really caught my imagination as I was skimming through deviantArt. Once I’ve reeled in my imagination and returned to a more suitable skin tone, I’ll get back to writing. Definitely one to keep for the pot of “Demon Prince” inspiration soup …


Rain: One Thousand Words by =NightsongWS

I saw this as a thumbnail and immediately thought it was FFX2 fan art. Then I opened it up and felt very stupid until I read the artistic comments beneath. To have caught the emotion and essence of a scene from a game and added a personal twist is awe inspiring. Not to mention I love NightsongWs’s work.


.:No Fear:. by *EVentrue

Just a kick ass warrior maiden which made me think of all the fnh warrior women I know. Made me smile.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 20 May 2012.




Craft Art:

Working on my Forester’s sash ahead of the trip down to the Black Country Branch as part of the long weekend and in preparation for sitting on the Fools and Heroes stall at Nerd East 2012. If you’re around on the 09th June, pop along and come and say hi! Then go browse the amazing collection of shops and other events that’ll be there!


Forester sash over 3pt Heavy Leather armour Detail of end of sash - this will sit around my left hip/thigh

I love the colour of the cloth – it’s very leafy/foresty green – though please excuse the graininess/poor quality of these photos.

Eventually this will have an arm band over the right shoulder, a shoulder strap and button and a brown eagle head on the front and back – the symbol of the guild. I need to figure out how to place them to avoid them being covered by my hood, but that’s a problem to solve after getting the shoulder to sit right. I keep having to don my armour and get a helpful somebody to pin the shoulder in place before taking off the armour and seeing how it looks when over my tunic as I don’t intend to make another one for “dress” uniform. However, that plan might change …