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It’s been one of those weeks where things just seem to run away from me and lo and behold it’s Friday afternoon and I’m looking forward towards the weekend. However, I’ve now got to get down to business and look at finding material for my Forester sash should I survive the weekend of larp. I might put up some concepts later when I get my tablet out and do some sketches on what I think I could do to be slightly different from the other Foresters in system.

Until then – my favourite bits on deviantART that made me go oooOO!

Wow Art:

Fushimi Inari Taisha Torii by ~imladris517

These Torii gates remind me of the cinematography in “Memoirs of a Geisha” when the little girl is running through the gates, used to show the passing of time from her making her promise to becoming the young woman which the film (and book) is about.

Salika Wood -FFXII- by *Shelanoir

It might only be a speed paint, but I think Shelanoir caught some of the eerie nature of the Salika Woods in FFXII. I really need to finish playing that game …

Lavendar 2 by ~NorthStarCherry

I added another shot of this cute little sculpture to my favourites, then saw this picture. From a different angle there is a whole different personality to the piece and the concept of these tiny dragons is very sweet. My dose of cuteness for another week.

This photo of Rannoch Moor in Scotland, a place I love for its wildness and the memories of holidays in the Highlands, really helped my creative writing this week.

Awarded a Daily Deviation on 12 May 2012.

Dark Shadows by *Nelleke

Another photograph that helped my creative writing this week – with a little bit of colour play a simple setting can look quite sinister at times … I also like the way the light falls through the trees.

Nursery by ~Tolkyes

An interesting and surreal play on words, with a galactic star nursery blending into a classical British garden. Just something that made me smile because it was so unusual.

Awarded a Daily Deviation on 12 May 2012.


Craft Art:

To do – one reversible Griffin Tabard, one Forester sash (hopefully in time for Nerd East 2012)

To complete – embroidery on my cloth satchel for Rowan

Thinking about- designing the embroidery pattern for an IC map of Berwickshire, crowan prayer scarf, vleyborian belt (similar to the one I made here)