Tomorrow Wolfish Written will have been around for 3 years (2009 – 2012), though not quite in the form it has now. Originally a collection of thoughts and “hello world” type comments, we have gradually evolved into this tri-weekly (most of the time) update schedule of writing, random/larping and arts and crafts. It just made me smile that we’ve been around for a reasonable amount of time.

Running this blog has really helped me hone my writing skills (and quelling that annoying inner editor when trying to get things done to deadline) as well as looking for interesting things to share from deviantART or crafting the stories of the missions in Fools and Heroes – practising the art of storytelling. Hopefully, in due time, I’ll be able to launch a novel from this site and then take over the world …

But, until then, I hope you all continue to enjoy reading Wolfish Written.

This is probably more of a Writing Monday post, but I’m having so much fun at the moment I just wanted to share this with you.

Monday’s post seems to have inspired Phyrehawk to start writing some future Fools and Heroes fluff staring a number of current player characters at some unspecified point in their character evolution. Rowan is one of those characters, so go and take a look!

Part 1

Part 2

But – in reading his work and having had a bit of a thought of what I’d like Rowan to do off in the future, I got inspired to write more Fools and Heroes fluff – it’s a little darker than what I play her as, but hopefully in the far distant future, she’ll be Huntsmaster and a devoted Sister of Crowa and be able to walk onto a battlefield and have people go “That’s the Huntsmaster” and do as they’re told.

That’s the long, long, long term goal anyway.

What I need to do now is actually write some more Fools and Heroes missions and keep feeding this keen that I’ve got!