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Everything recently seems to have been gearing up for Springfest and afterwards I have succumbed to a cold that’s laid me under for a couple of days and proven to be most frustrating. No new art but here are some bits that made me go wow.

Wow Art

Knocker earrings – Labyrinth by ~buzhandmade
Based on the door knockers from Labyrinth, these earrings are quirky and fun.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 10 May 2012

Silence by ~6OClock

An eerie picture in pale colours that makes me wonder what the story is behind the piece. Who are the shrouded figures? Is there any symbolism in the red jewellery?

Awarded a Daily Deviation 07 May 2012

Hang On by =Skioppy

I live the perspective of this piece peering down on Marnen and Sailian. There is a tenderness between the pair and reading the description below deepens the feeling in the picture. I love stories behind pictures.

Blodeuwedd by ~Dreoilin

An illustration of a welsh myth of a woman who betrays her husband and conspires with her lover to have hum murdered who is punished by being transformed into an owl. I heard a similar tale at a Tall Tales and Short Stories event last year and this picture reminded me of the tale. Beautiful details with a “magical” feeling.

Craft Art

Am putting my feet up for the moment, just to give my poor back a break from hunching over embroidery and wearing armour for practically three days straight. Next up is making the Griffin Tabard commission, sourcing material for a Forester tabard or insignia before the end of the month and thinking about what I’d like a prayer scarf to look like should Rowan go Crowan dev come October …

Not to mention the rumours of new Berwickshire insignia for the monster kit …