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In a time before a united Ithron, in a time before the Axirian invasion, the arrival of the Seven Gods and the Guilds of adventurers which we know to this day, there were seven kingdoms: Lirron, Barwyckshire, Sortho, Middval, Ithrir, Avonnia and Wessex. The campaign season of war ran from Spring to Autumn, with the Winter spent licking wounds, making plans and harbouring grudges. Clan McRory, of Lirronese descent with lands in Middval, began a tradition of games to be held every seven years when Winter turned towards Summer, a place where folk could honourably settle such rivalries without the needless spilling of blood. With contests of the seven forms of honour, with a place for duels of swords, wit and strength, folk from across the seven lands could settle their differences, call out those who had caused offence and celebrate the bravest of the brave from across the world. With the land united under one king these games have been forgotten, but with the stirring of an enemy of the current Baron McRory, the games will once again be held to prove that there are other ways to solve disputes and that Callum McRory’s reign of terror will not be left unchallenged.

This event was the Fools and Heroes Springfest, held at a Scout Camp in Leicestershire over the bank holiday weekend. This event, smaller than Summerfest, runs over three days with two days of missions, two evenings of activities and requested side missions (usually organised on the hoof by the refs as players requested certain things to happen or asked to investigate certain things), a day of battles and an evening banquet where everyone could rest easy, chat and enjoy each others company without fear of a fight kicking off. I really enjoyed the event (something I hope becomes clear through this write up) and would like to extend my thanks again to the organisersplot writers, referees, dedicated crew, first aiders and players/monsters who helped make this weekend something special.

If you know you attended this event but are misnamed/unnamed, please contact me on wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com or comment below.

If unnamed, please give me the name of your character you arrived with, not the character you left with(!)

The seven honours of the games

The seven forms of honour, known as the seven forms of Enech (Face, Honour), are roughly influenced by one of the Seven Gods of Light, though not constrained by their ways. These honours were tested during the events of the Middval Games and champions named during the Banquet on the third evening of the event. Those awarded medals will be named later in this post.

  • Clui (Reputation, Fame) refers to reputation or notoriety, specifically when spoken about favourably by others. Bards have the greatest influence over this form of honour, usually associated with Tralda, Goddess of Luck.
  • Tairisu (Steadfastness, Loyalty) is a measure of trustworthiness and dependability. A loyal person may go against other forms of honour such as honesty, courage or justice on behalf of their liege or tribe and this honour is usually associated with Longstor, God of Nature.
  • Oigedecht (Hospitality) refers to a generosity of spirit and the willingness to provide comfort and protection to a guest, however controversial. This honour is associated with Rolbor, God of Generosity.
  • Indracus (Honesty) measures the weight of a man’s word, success in promises and in the tradition of boasting honesty comes at some form of cost. This honour is aligned with Kharach, God of Death.
  • Coair (Justice) is the fairness and justice of a man in a position of power over other who sees that justice is done. This honour is associated with Sidhe, God of Justice.
  • Grai (Passion, Compassion) is the reputation of feeling and passion and its depth, though it is not about anger. This honour is commonly linked with Vleybor, Goddess of Love.
  • Kalon (Heart, Courage) is the most commonly sought form of Enech, though bravado and prowess in battle does not lend itself to this honour. Successfully defeating a great enemy, or undertaking a great feat of prowess, or standing defiant, facing up to the fear of loss of Enech or doing something foolhardy for the greater good all stand for the honour, which is attributed to Crowa, Goddess of Battle.

The brave adventurers of Ithron

The adventurers who entered the games were as follows:

  • Mercenaries – Captain General Brack-on-Hill of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry, Lady Mayoress of Norham; Guild Enforcer Joshua Wilson of the Raven Guard, Devotee of Crowa; Captain Kavat Smithson, Devotee of Tralda; Captain J of the South Escans; Guild Senior Breaca nic Graine; Guild Senior Erurainon en Laurina-Taurë; Guild Senior Jonah “One-Eye”; Correllion Winterblade, Devotee of Crowa; Killian Knox; Tom of the Raven Guard;
  • Scouts – Pathfinder Richard Black; Ranger Neville of Newcroft; Ranger Elenor Veldar; Ranger Al and Ranger Silas of the South Escans; Guild Senior Captain Hawkins McGuire; Guild Senior; Guild Senior Alfwin; Hunter Rowan Tait of Amblevale; Apprentice Esthee Aveshed;
  • Knights –Sir Harry Fitzwilliam Mortimer, Head of the Knightly Griffin Order; Sir Stewart DePiercy, Sir Robert Grosvenor, Errant Kador Hawkwinter of the Knightly Griffin Order; Knight Adventurous Sir Robin Adair, Head of the Grey Order; Errant Dalon Berwick of the Knightly Grey Order; Sir Marcus Northclaw, High Marshall of the Ithronian Chapter of the Knightly Templar Order;
  • Foresters – Huntsmaster Jeremiah Fitzalvin; Junior Forester Lucy Ashworth;
  • Guards – Constable Farmer;
  • Blacksmiths – Forgemaster Master M;
  • Mages – Keeper of the Seven Secrets Sybilla Hellequin; Master Demonologist Arthur Lightfoot; Tobius DePiercy, Necrologist Count Vladimir Romanovich; Master Thaumatagist Lahsaa Nethir; Master Necromancer Thomas Ward-Mouldheel; Guildsman Enchanter Andrew Fox; Apprentice Gaalen Iskarschrynn;
  • Alchemists – Guild Protector Sir Obadiah Hakeswill; Master Brewer Daniel Archer; High Guildsman Amelia Collins; High Guildsman Kassandra Moonwind; Guildsman Thomas Charnock; Reverence de la Coeur;
  • Physicians – Surgeon General Georgina Herald; High Guildsman Susan Wolstenholme; Guildsman Astrid Reynar; Journeyman Angelique D’marais; Journeyman Tristan;
  • Priests – Primate Viviane and Brother Lucius of Vleybor, High Father Cornway of Tralda; High Father Thek, Father Drefan, Mother Ann Turner and Fang of Longstor, Mother Rose Eliza Day, Defender of the Faith of Crowa and Supplicant Priest Jacob Bowen of Crowa; Mother Tabitha Waye, Cleric James Hunter and Brother Beltane of Kharach;
  • Herald Ebany of Rolbor
  • The Einherjar – Jarl Ragnar Morkai; Ranger Hati Skaddison Morkai; Bjorn; Arya; Skade;, Fith the Egilson;
  • Wiglaf the herbalist;
  • Elias and familiar Blue

Events of the Middval games – Friday

On Friday eve the adventurers gathered for Baron Cedric McRory of Eastreach to open the games with his lady wife and attendants, where his Sergeant at Arms read the list of honours and set the first challenge – a footrace down the path to the stone circle where a race marshal would meet them, mark them for the racers to return to the starting post. Some of the Baron’s men were to act as beaters to try and hamper the racers just to add to the challenge. When instructed the keener adventurers sped off but Rowan stayed behind, aware that her heavy armour would weigh her down no matter that she was trained to run and fight in it. Then came the sound of shouts in the woodland that sounded like battle cries to those adventurers of a warier nature and as Rowan, unbuckling her mace from her belt, rounded the corner and found the runners beset by men in a familiar tartan. As Rowan and companions waded into battle, Rowan challenged the nearest, demanding he declare the name of his clan. After a bit of yelling, Rowan learned these were men of Clan Galloway, allies of Callum McRory. As they waded through the battle it became clear that the race was over, the marshall stolen away.

The alchemist Reverence had vanished and the scout tracked a group of prints dragging a body where they rescued him from a group of clansmen. They followed more prints to rescue several young ladies from robbers. Rowan circled the group, hoping to find a way into the thicket but she came across a group that were making their escape and mistakenly thought her one of theirs. But she shattered their assumptions by blowing her whistle, raising the alarm and chasing them off, to clamber over a fallen log when her companions came to her aid. The men got away but the lass had been wounded and whilst another scout instructed that they being bandits were most likely outlaws deserved to bleed, but Rowan turned on him and warned him off – that she showed to patch up the lass to take her to face justice, even if that justice meant the hangman’s noose.

There were more tracks to follow and off the party went, hunting for the woman who was meant to meet them, but the air grew colder, the ground began to freeze and there was an unsettling lurch as the world shifted about them and they seemed to tip into the fae ways where a group of strangers came out of the mist – men and women of Galloway who had been in that place for a week or more. Elias pointed the way back, but the party agreed they should go on. Then the mists came up and encircled the group and some were separated, blinded for a time by the freezing fog. When they were gathered together, they were determined to see their task through.

They fought formorians in blue paint in an open glade where a man was tied to a tree by poisoned wire, patches of ice blooming on the ground that caused a man to freeze if he touched them. Reverence decided to return with the Sidhean priestess whilst the others pressed on. They came to a fallen tree where a “man” was sat warming his hands over a small globe and beyond lay a thick fog that obscured their vision. As Rowan investigated the mist and found it impassable as it froze a thick rim of frost to her mace and then had to haul Sir Robin out of the freezing cold, others of the party learnt that the orb was so hot it would burn through anything save the one for whom it was made – leading to Master M giving something personal away in exchange for the glowing orb. This orb was to save their lives in more ways than one and generally made Elias very uncomfortable as he seemed to thrive upon the cold. The orb would push back the mist to reveal formori forces in battle with a knight in white to be chased off – but only after members of the group discovered that creatures with blood on their faces and wounds in their bodies required to be knocked to the ground three times to put them down for good. Rowan was beaten from behind and knocked unconscious to wake and find her hatchet buried in the skull of one of these beasts, seemingly after it had taken her own weapons from her to use against her friends.

Tracks led away from the battle, indicating something large or someone being carried. Up the hill the scouts led into a battle with Formori where Rowan was once again struck across the back and knocked unconscious. There she lay, alone, bleeding out onto the frozen ground as her companions were fought back or stolen away to the Frost Forge of Dumnal the Smith and Brother Lucius Aquarius Rhade fled the fae realm through the gift of Grandmother Toad, hoping to rouse help to aid his fallen friends. But as Rowan lay dying (for she was dying) she heard a soft golden voice calling her name, urging her to hold on. “Hold on” said the voice “Don’t give in. Fight it, do not give up hope.” Then she felt a soft warmth through her body and the voice faded away, saying “My life for your life. Come save me Rowan, come save me.” Then the voice was gone and Rowan awoke to one of the scouts leaning over her, shaking her awake.

Those remaining were few with several already missing from the party and three more taken by the Formori, battered and bruised and Sir Robin’s sword arm hanging loosely at his side. There was an argument as to whether they should go back or press on. Rowan was unable to fight the need to go on, though she could not fully explain why – all full of feeling and knowledge without proof – but she knew, as if she had been here before, the way. She walked away from the party towards a wide frozen river that cascaded over into what would be a deep pool. The feeling led her along the frozen river and Rowan knew the river would hold. The rest of the party decided to join her and soon the group were fighting their way down the frozen river, slipping and sliding, vaulting over great cracks to run from the weakening ice caused by Master M’s small orb of warmth. Running they came to a great stone cavern where a Formor in blue paint offered them the hospitality of Dumnal – a binding agreement that if no one attacked or stole from the Smith, none would come to harm. This Sir Robin agreed to and they entered the forge to see their three friends in blocks of ice and a woman in manacles being led away as a tall Formor struck a deal with the woaded smith. The smith greeted the party, enquired as to what they wanted and began his bargaining with the party for the lives of their friends. Kassandra, Elias and High Father Thek all gave previous weapons to the Smith and Sir Robin gave some blood for the smith to quench his swords in. But Rowan could not leave the maiden behind, not without attempting to complete the life debt between them and to her horror Sir Robin gave something most previous – his future potential that was precious to the smith for making his most magnificent weapons for Balor One-Eye.

What followed made Rowan’s heart weep, as Sir Robin Adair prepared himself to meet his end, expecting death and suffering the agony of his loss. Instead he was left alive, walking and talking but never knowing the moment of his end. Thus the party freed their fellows, warmed them up and brought them away with the Seelie maiden, noblewoman of the Summer court of Fae, led the way out to a portal near the gathering of the games. And so the party returned victorious to find that Lucius still lived and folk concerned for their safety.

That night Rowan stood watch as a gathering of Baron McRory’s bannermen and nobles filled the hall, guarding groups who went to investigate a strange set of stones that were appearing in the stone circle, and watching for trouble with members of the Grey and Griffin Knights came to stand with her. Sir Robin came to speak with her and she asked if he could explain what sacrifice he had made, but events flew by as something happened during the consecration of the Traldan Shrine, the discovery of a curse in a bush, the knighting of Sir Rupert, the rescue of a maiden from a burning house that elevated Squire Kador to Erranthood and Elias’s sudden concern at the release of Balor One-Eye from his prison to the north, though he could give no estimation of time before this foul creature’s arrival, not to mention the arrival of a shard of the Great White Liche of the North, a terror of Berwickshire spotted and reported by Rowan. And so, weary from her battle and her long night in the cold, Rowan went to bed to arise the next morning.

Events of the Middval games – Saturday

On Saturday a group of adventurers went looking to speak with an honourable man caught by a promise in service to Callum in the hope of rescuing one of the sons of Cedric McRory’s bannermen. Braving dark elf infested lands and Fomori warriors they met a group of scouts of the noble Angus who brought the party to meet with their lord and his brother (his evil brother!). Whilst Sir Marcus, Lady Sybilla and Herald Ebany spoke with Angus and Owen, a group of men came to argue with the adventurers until their lord Angus told them to get lost. Unable to convince Angus to hand over the boy, the party left following tracks leading away where they came upon a horrific blood ritual and Owen, who told his people that the adventurers had killed his brother, their liege lord. Angry, they attacked after Owen spat some foul Bequefisian poison in Sir Marcus, Lady Sybilla and Herald Ebany’s faces. But he lied and Angus arrived to set the matter straight, fight his brother in a duel and kill him. The adventurers then found the remains of the young man they were hunting and they brought the body back into camp on the shoulders of the knights, Sir Robin singing a lament at his passing. His mother would weep and wail, tear at her clothes and try to find a way to bring back her son, but that would happen later.

That afternoon Captain-General Brack-on-Hill called together a party to retrieve some items that Balor One-Eye was hunting for. The previous evening High Father Cornway had discovered that walking a certain way around the stones could cast him forward in time. With this information and knowing Balor had sent Formori forward and back in time to hunt for the items he needed to make him powerful, one group headed back into Ithron’s past to retrieve a stone and later that evening another group would go forward in time to the future. Rowan stayed behind to keep watch and little happened save a group of dark elves with throwing knives out amongst the trees. The first party was successful and the second set out as Rowan went back on watch. But before they could get to the circle, Rowan and Andrew Fox heard the sounds of battle and went to their aid before seeing them off.

During the course of the evening strange sounds came to haunt the Keeper of the Seven Secrets with visions of terrible things that the second group were going through. She and several others kept heading down to the circle and after the Keeper heard an agonised scream Rowan called the knights sat in the hall to arms and escorted a small group down to the circle to keep sharp eyes on the night. The party came back, wounded and with terrible stories of the future they had seen – a dead king, Longstor dead and gone, knights once noble and true become undead fiends in command of armies of the damned. Several members of the party reported some crimes to the Huntsmaster and a trial had to be undertaken – before which Rowan brought word of moving forces from a pair of peasant folk. As the trial commenced, Rowan and Jnr Forester Lucy Ashworth went searching for various people who would know what to do with the information and soon Baron McRory was informed of the movements of Templeton men through the woods.

But before all of this came the King who sat before his people for a time before going on his way.

Then, as the night drew on, Sir Robin Adair called together a band of companions to accompany him back to the Frost Forge to attempt to retrieve his future potential, having been poorly traded. Rowan agreed to go with him and went to the physicians to request bandages for the party. Those that gathered to leave were: Elias, Sir Robin Adair, Rowan Tait, Master M, Supplicant Jacob Bowen, High Father Cornway and Errant Dalon Berwick. A fae led the way to a portal and opened a gate back into the Winter Court where the weather had worsened, however before they stepped through Elias smeared a drop of his freezing cold blood onto each of the adventurers foreheads to protect them. So whilst the wind tore at their faces and should have frozen them to blocks of ice, they continued on their way. They entered the realm near the frozen river that had led them to the forge before and whilst Rowan no longer had the instinct to find her way through the whirling snow, she recognised the gorge and the river and directed the party along it. However, something had changed. Standing in the entrance were two statues of ice holding swords and Rowan had a bad feeling that Dumnal knew they would be coming back. As Sir Robin passed under the outstretched swords, the statues came and swung at him, with his companions leaping to his aid. They shattered after a few good hits with a mace and the party began to make their way slowly along the path, fending off the creatures as they popped out of the ice. The Forge itself was filled with warmth and light, with small candles hanging in the air, moving on the breeze. Before anyone could speak a word, Elias had leapt on the fae smith and knocked him to the ground as others were frozen or commanded to drop their weapons by unseen voices. Rowan found her feet had frozen to the floor and began beating her way out of the ice with her mace, terrified at being unable to move if they were attacked. As the fae lord fell to the floor, those closest to him were wounded and Rowan and Dalon set to patching up Sir Robin after Rowan and Elias had woken up Master M and tied his wounds. Sir Robin reclaimed his “potential” and the party were ready to run (unbeknownst to them that Elias had picked up two boxes of gems to bring with him). As Rowan made it out of the forge Dumnal reappeared and spoke with the adventures, leaving Rowan and Elias to fend off more of Dumanl’s ice guardians. Ice spikes shot through the group as someone triggered a trap and Rowan sank to her knees as ice spikes passed through the armour on her left side, stabbing her arm and leg as they went. More ice creatures popped out of the snow and Rowan called for someone to come to their aid as she tried to tie a bandage one handed. She also confused a fae creature that didn’t attack her until she swiped at it with her mace – hooray for “formor” paint.

Eventually everyone was out of the forge and began to run, things reaching out of the wall and grabbing people by the neck before they could cut them down, freezing people (resulting in Master M having to carry Rowan as they ran) and then it happened – the river behind them began to unfreeze. They ran ahead of the crumbling ice, fleeing the freezing water to round a corner and find the river before them was beginning to freeze. They could not run back, they could not run forward. Trapped, the adventurers huddled together crying out to their gods, for anyone to help, Rowan even cursing the fae maiden who’d helped them get into the fae ways but wouldn’t lift a finger to save them. Then, with a blinding flash of light, the adventurers were shifted out of the path to the forge onto safe ground as Cornway kicked off his gift from Grandmother Toad and returned home to Newcroft, leaving the others behind. Stunned, confused and greatful for whatever had happened, the remaining six hurried back to the portal and back to the mortal realm.

But as they exited the fae ways they became like blocks of ice as Elias’s blood’s protection had rubbed away in the heat of battle and the fae portal dumped the party in the midst of the adventurers in the hall. Faced with frozen fellows the adventurers set to cutting them out, wrapping them up warm in cloaks or holding them close, trying to rouse them with smelling salts – the Captain-General taking the precaution of tipping a purge between Rowan’s lips just in case. Soon the six were spluttering away, shivering and unable to stand and Captain-General Brack-on-Hill ordered people to make cups of tea or coffee to help warm them as Rowan struggled to give her report, bundled up in Lahsaa’s cloak. It was then the Surgeon General returned from her own foray into the night, chasing after her faerie child that had hatched and been reclaimed by the King of Winter. Lucius almost killed himself trying to search for the child and was dosed up on strong liquor to help him recover and Georgina was roused from her shock and grief by being given Rowan to look after.

But as Rowan gradually came round, warmed up and began to talk without a slur Lahsaa and Andrew Fox noticed a mark upon her cheek ( :] ) – the mark of a terrible curse. And not just Rowan but all the others with her – all marked with a cursed sigil. It seems that in taking the boxes Elias had broken the Smith’s rule of hospitality and when once steals, all steal and all were to be punished. Lahsaa and Andrew tried to determine the extent of the curse and whether it could be lifted and discovered that it was too big for any of them to handle – the power of an angry fae prince glaring down on those six. They were able to make Rowan look well, but her eyes still had a fevered look and her blood was like ice water, running out from a cut faster than usual. When Georgina got to take a closer look she estimated that Rowan would bleed out in around 60s rather than the usual 300s which made her very concerned for the others.

Sir Robin also embraced Rowan in thanks, grateful for her assistance (though forgetting that he still had his scale mail on that poked her in the face) and Rowan shrugged off his gratitude – she was merely doing her job and she was glad he was not back in one piece. With the excitement of the evening over and feeling the cold, Rowan crept to bed as dawn crested the distance hills.

Events of the Middval games – Sunday

Sunday morn broke with clearing skies and the information that Callum McRory and his clansmen had been seen in the vicinity, calling together adventurers and Baron McRory and his bannermen for battle. Rowan and Ranger Ned went out to see where they could be seen and heard the group drunkenly duelling and singing down at the circle of stones. Eventually the party followed them and the two sides engaged, fighting their way to the circle and up the hill through the wood to an open field where they were engaged by several waves of clansmen. Trying to hold the treeline proved to be too much as the party was spread too thin to counter the attacks of the clansmen and their Formorian allies. Rowan found herself surrounded by many worried friends who fought to keep her on her feet with her curse and many times she found Lahsaa hovering over her, pouring alchemy down her throat or tying another bandage. Stubbornly she kept to the front line and stood shoulder to shoulder with the other defenders as the group formed up a circle around the healers and mages. At times Formori punched through the group but the adventurers held their ground until Callum made his appearance. As he approached, the mages and Brother Lucius sought to deprive him of his blessed weapons and succeeded in doing so until one of his fellows brought more to the field. Followed by the Ice Queen, leader of the Formori, Callum spat at the adventurers and goaded several into battle, but not before some of the adventurers realised how to unbind the Queen from Callum and thereby rid him of his Formor protectors.

Two teleports and a potion to befriend the McRory, Callum was convinced to return the bracelet to the lady and she called away her people, leaving Callum alone on the battlefield. Defeated, broken, he was placed under the protection of Constable Farmer and begged for death. The duel was offered to his brother who refused leading to J, one of the South Escans, to accept. Knives were the weapon of choice, though Callum did not allow the poison coated blade (which Sir Obadiah proceeded to lick off the weapon with a protection from poison in his system) and the fight commenced. It began honourably until Callum changed the rules and the other South Escans told their colleague to use “Dock Rules”. Let’s just say the J won (by fighting really really dirty) and leave it at that.

After the bodies of the dead were piled up and their souls sent on, news came of disgruntled clansmen raiding villages loyal to Cedric McRory, putting homes to the torch. Rowan felt the anger burning inside and gladly went with one of the groups, throwing herself into battle to distract a group from beating on a woman protecting her husband – even though it meant that she was wounded and needed picking back up again. Travelling on they met with another group of adventurers from the battle and headed on to another rumoured location where Lucius attempted to give the raiders a good talking to as arrows whizzed by him. Furious, he cast down his staff and yelled at the clansmen who proceeded to attack him as Rowan rushed to his aid. She called the women attacking him off him and managed to bring two down before succumbing to glancing blows across her unarmoured chest and head as the others came to her aid. Once again she awoke with Lahsaa berating her and the Captain-General wondering aloud why she would be so reckless, knowing her life bled out swiftly. But Rowan could not be reasoned with, the memory of returning home to find it in burning ruins clouding her memory and for a time she could not be reasoned with nor spoken to.

That afternoon a group of adventurers marched to meet Balor One-Eye’s forces in battle, fighting duels with two of his captains and eventually defeating the great monster. As he fell, the ground beneath their feet began to thaw and the weather continued to clear. However, several members of the adventuring party lay slain – Sir Rupert Grosvenor of the Knightly Griffin Order, Mercenary Guild Enforcer Josh of the Raven Guard, Tom of the Raven Guard, Wiglaf the herbalist and Devoted Corellion Winterblade.

– Note – I’m afraid I can’t write much more about this battle as I was first aiding at the time.

That evening, perhaps glad to be alive and victorious, the adventurers gathered for the Banquet of the Games. A chance to walk unarmed and unarmoured, Rowan hoped to stun some of the Newcroft adventurers by wearing a robe, but after fighting Formori and monsters, folk did not seem to bat an eyelid. Sat near the Baron’s table, Rowan was sat with Miss Astrid and Kavat, Herald Ebany, Ranger Ned, Tom Charnock, Mother Ann, Georgina Herald, Brother Lucius, Novice Fang and Ranger Elenor. When all had gathered there was the swearing of the peace by all guilds and churches, an ancient rite which bound all those present in oaths of brotherhood. Dinner commenced, interspaced with entertainment, songs and stories and several challenges (storytelling and others) before the results of the tournament were announced.

The seven honours were awarded to the following:

  • The Honour of Clui – Jarl Ragnar Morkai of the Einherjar
  • The Honour of Tairisiu – posthumously to Sir Rupert Grosvenor of the Knightly Griffin Order
  • The Honour of Oigedect – Sir Marcus Northclaw of the Knightly Templar Order
  • The Honour of Indracus – Esthee Aveshed
  • The Honour of Coair – Constable Farmer of the Guards
  • The Honour of Grai – Thomas Ward-Mouldheel
  • The Honour of Kalon – Hunter Rowan Tait of Amblevale

– Note – yes you read that right – Hunter Rowan Tait of Amblevale!

Rowan was surprised and stunned by being awarded such an honour, the final of the seven honours (which she was told later binds the other six together) and she spent the rest of the evening being congratulated for her singing and her award and found her sorrows fading away as the drink flowed and folk spoke as old friends. Before she left she met once again with Junior Forester Lucy Ashworth and the Huntsmaster on a matter she was to assist them with, sought advice from Arthur Lightfoot and bid farewell to her new found friends, carrying with her the spark of Crowa that would set her heart aflame and call her home.

And this borderland lass, leaving home and family behind for duty, found friends and a new family at the Middval games as well as honour.