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This week has gone far too quickly – from roaming the “wilds” of Tisa Valley through to roaming the borderlands of “Castles and Crusades”, plotting and planning the best way to avoid a trap, singing my heart out, being pulled into the world contained within a stage to cheer on Henry V at Argincourt to sit here, looking back on a week of art and realise that once again there’s little to show.

However – here’s a photo of Rowan Tait in kit. Next week should have pieces of kit prepared for Springfest the weekend after and the Tourney in Derwentshire. 


Own Art:

Hunter Tait of Amblevale

I uploaded a photo taken of my character at the weekend just to update my LARP related gallery on deviantART.

In short she’s a member of a borderland family out to better herself and remove the “stain” of being considered a border reiver by most Ithronian folk. She’s currently a member of the Scout’s Guild but will, in time, become a member of the Forester’s, one of Ithron’s Law Guilds.

People usually have a good reaction when meeting her and she feels good to play as she’s a little tougher than my previous character, but she’s just as prepared. The trick is getting all the “useful” stuff into belt pouches rather than just stuffing it into a bag …

Rowan fights with a short mace and a hatchet, with a wide bladed dagger just in case. She also carries the “required” amount of alchemy and bandages as dictated by an old set of scout rules, a whistle, law book and a few trinkets.

I’m also making a simple IC cloth bag with some embroidery on the front flap, which I’ll show next weekend when it’s finished.



Wow Art:

You dare awaken me, witch? by *Cryptcrawler

I like the sinister nature of the creature hauling itself out of the mist, having been summoned by the cloaked figure in the foreground. It has the feeling of unease and caution I’m looking for when hunting for inspiration for TFatM and I can imagine the lass in the cloak trying to look brave or calm, cool and collected, whilst shaking in her boots as this “thing” drags itself inch by inch towards her …


Misty Forest Concept by *dustsplat

I like the mood cast by this piece of conceptual artwork. I am insanely jealous of people who can make moody, misty pictures filled with the sense of “we shouldn’t be here”. It’s why I collect so many into my favourites to peruse when looking for inspiration when writing. This picture makes me think of the Vale in TFatM, a place of Old Magic and the Dark Goddess.



Crafty Art:

Working through lots of bits of kit for Springfest at the moment, though there’s not much I can show at the moment. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll have a white Vleyborian tunic trimmed with red ribbon and an embroidered cloth bag. And if I get bored … another Vleyborian belt!

Then I might get round to making tabards and putting up a “quick” tabard tutorial on a future Random Wednesday. Just an explanation of how I make my tabards as well as my adventure into making a purposefully made reversible black tabard for a knightly character. And here’s hoping Rowan doesn’t hit the dust at Springfest, otherwise I have to source grey fabric to whip up a new tabard for a new character. And if she lives? Sourcing green cloth for a Forester’s tabard!