I’ve been bad – not deliberately but by accident – and my 750 word challenge streak of 10 days straight has been broken. I’d say I have a valid excuse but in truth I forgot with my excitement about heading out to larp the next day (more on that on Wednesday).

I was beginning to find my stride, using the tool early in the day to rid myself of whatever imaginings I was carrying from the previous day, allowing myself some space to think about work things rather than larp things or character things or story things or general things like to-do lists etc. I actually enjoyed getting under the skin of Rowan or working some of the kinks out of ideas for TFatM. But I broke my streak and it made me sad.

However, I do not think all is lost. Writing 750 words sometimes is the hardest thing I have to do when I’m tired or grumpy, but sometimes it flows like water and I find I can’t get words down quick enough. Writing up larp reports I find I’m hitting 1000 words within the first mission and that I still have more to write – describing the flow of events, the cut and thrust of the encounters in a meaningful way brings a sense of joy as I relieve the moments that, in the course of the day, were probably recalled as nothing more than falling in the mud or scratching my hands on thorns or brambles.

I do alot more writing than I think I do, contributing something each month (normally) to our local branch “gossip rag” under the guise of Goodwife Green and Old Mother Shippum or just sketching out ideas in a word document for something at work. It’s not much, but it’s enough.

I may not be working on novels, but since starting FnH I’ve found my imagination is slowly expanding back to what it probably was as a child and with it come the stories.

And whilst my writing streaks may not get much past a weekend, I’m proud to say that I’m writing. I think three blog posts most weeks is proof of that.

Now to work properly on TFatM and a few stories to spin at Springfest. Wish me luck on breaking my 10 day streak!