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I’ve been neglecting Art Fridays, so today I have a bumper round up of art to show you. No new art from me because I’ve been working on some crafty projects for Fools and Heroes kit.



Wow Art:

Birch Tree Bottle (plus tutorial) by ~smist

I think this commissioned piece of bottle art is beautiful in its simplicity, as well as just being a really cool idea. The attached tutorial link helped explain how the item was created but doesn’t detract from the awe I experienced at skimming over this on the Daily Deviation page. A lovely gift for a lucky someone.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 20 April 2012.


Heroes in Training by ~xHee-Heex

I love this game and I think these cosplay costumes of the central characters capture the essence of the characters. I love the attention to detail! These costumes were made for a skit of the first few areas of the game (which I enjoyed watching on youtube). Envy of awesome costume makers!

Awarded a Daily Deviation 13 April 2012.


Tired Larper by *Sharpener

I was browsing looking for inspiration for character kit and found this picture and went “Rowan should look that!” I think this is some awesome character kit with lots of little believable touches. Now … if I could get someone to make something similar for a woman and make a tabard to sit over the top … and find a way to get cheap chainmail … yeah, I can see this working for Forester Tait. It’d definitely make for an intimidating officer of the law.

Details of the leather cuirass can be found here.


The Frost Valley by *Blinck

I love the atmosphere of this picture, but what I enjoyed most was watching the progress video, seeing how the picture evolved from initial ideas through to the finished piece. You’ll be surprised how much it has changed! Thanks for sharing Blinck!


Crafty Art:

I’m trying to be busy, having taken a bit of a slump in productive craftiness over the winter (which is odd, as you’d think being stuck indoors on long dark nights might create an overflowing of crafty things – like knitting etc). So, with Springfest round the corner and a gradual stabilisation of my working week (plus the odd kick from certain members of the local FnH branch), I’ve finally gotten started on all the bits and pieces I’ve promised myself I’d do.

Like Lucius Aquarius Rhade’s new prayer scarf.


One end of the scarf, and the detail at the middle point. I will attempt to get some better photos of it in use.

Materials: White cotton sheeting, red ribbon, red embroidery thread, thread.

Lucius Aquarius Rhade is Lord A384’s Vleyborian priest in the game and whilst, since January, he’s been borrowing a friend’s old Vleyborian kit, the thought was that it was time for him to begin to gather kit of his own. Priests are required to have a prayer scarf and hooded robe/cloak to allow them to conduct their prayers and rituals during the game.

With the upcoming festivities in mind, I decided to replace the borrowed pink prayer scarf (the victim of an unfortunate washing accident) with something new, taking inspiration from some of the stoles used by the vicars at church. Cross-stitch embroidery of Vleybor’s symbol – the Celtic cross – and red ribbon to add some definition to the item, I think this new prayer scarf will suit the Axirian Vleyborian priest well.


Thinking about how my character is developing and the premise of a pre-Springfest party, I decided it was time Rowan Tait got a bag. She’s supposed to be a “sensible” person when out in the field, after all. So I made a bag.

Materials: Brown cotton sheeting, thread.

I could have bought a bag from a shop, as I did when I furnished Mercy with her satchel, but I had some cloth left over from making Mercy’s brown tabard for Summerfest last year. I thought about simple, easily made (hah!) designs and settled on a fold over flap bag with a strap. However, turning the strap right side out and attaching it to the bag proved to be the trickiest part of the whole evening. Lesson to be learnt: stitch the bottom first!

I might add some Celtic-inspired embroidery to the flap in the future, but I’m going to play-test the bag at the weekend and see how it works. I’m worried I’ve made it too narrow for it to hang properly, but if it bulges in funny places I don’t think I’ll care. So long as it has food and drink and a warm cloak inside, Rowan Tait the scout will be happy.


Future kit is making Lord A384 a fancy tunic for the banquet at Springfest, making any emergency “if my character dies, what will I do next” kit and getting started on a tabard for a next-but-one character for a branch member. I might also need to start sourcing materials for my character’s Forester tabard if she lives long enough. Forester by September!