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I’ve undertaken another challenge – the 750 words.com challenge – to write most days. It’s not quite nanowrimo and it’s not quite working as a drafting tool, but I’ve found it a good way to explore some things. Sometimes it’s Fools and Heroes fluff fic (Winter Rose), sometimes its just venting but sometimes it’s taking my FnH character and making her real. Usually in the form of long monologues to herself about nothing much in particular.

But I’ve discovered something. I enjoy delving into my current character. She’s not quite as pure as Mercy was, she’s not quite as innocent and she’s got a mean streak. And it’s wonderful to write.

Now all I need is to get it written down, flesh her out so to speak and turn her from a fictional character I put on a couple of times a month, into a character I can get behind.


I have a picture in my mind – a 5’5”-ish woman with a bit of meat on her bones, stern faced which is more likely to scowl than smile. Inside she hurts – hurts so badly – but she knows the things she wants to do to make up for that hurt are wrong. Which is so much fun to write with, not so much when personal plot doesn’t get a chance to thrive due to all the other things going on in branch with the up coming IC event and Springfest at the end of the month. So I take the time, on an evening, to think dark thoughts and allow myself to feel a little bit darker than I might otherwise choose to feel.

Since I’ve started doing FnH and meeting this amazing characters that feel real -  are real in that their players want them to live, want them to live and breath and therefore give them life – I feel my writing has improved. Okay, I still write long laborious sentences which go into the nature of the emotions burning through my character, but my characters are beginning to have a fleshed out feel in my writing. Which leads me to think that I should start writing regular Rowan backstory – do actual research into borderlands and the old Scottish/English families, come to understand the things that make her blood boil and her heart race. Because underneath it all, the anger and the pain and the desire to do something good, Rowan’s got a soft spot and everyone wants to have a friend – even a hardy scout who tries to go it alone.


Though of course, knowing the people who pass by here, I will not be putting it up here. My local refs and plot bunnies have already got enough IC stuff to make Rowan’s life very difficult.