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Please forgive me for the brief hiatus we had over the weekend. Real life got a bit hectic, something I didn’t quite plan for even though I knew what I was going to be up to with the weekend – it being Easter and all.

I will learn to prepare posts in advance. Honest.

Last week I wrote an introductory post for new Fools and Heroes players regarding weapons and other common phys-rep and I’d like to thank all the current players to got in touch to make corrections and extend my knowledge.

But now, for today’s random thoughts …

A world bigger than us

I found this picture which I think sums up tabletop gaming for me, having just started a character in a friend’s Castles and Crusades game (totally the only law abiding sensible character in the team …)

The Big Adventure by ~zazB on deviantART

The only limit is the imagination – okay, you’re looking at a bunch of friends sitting in the game master’s living room – but in your head you’re seeing elves, halflings, tunnels and caverns, orcs and ogres – whatever the GM wants to throw at you.

The same goes for Fools and Heroes – though people are in kit and carrying weapons and there are attempts at representing things like elven heritage or being a werewolf, but it’s all in your head. All in the imagination. You sometimes have to forget that you’re looking at a good friend and see instead the person they want you to see – a tall elfish mage, a squat dwarf etc

I love that, even though we meet in the same place every month, we are IN BERWICKSHIRE – we travel the world of Ithron, walk through ancient woodland that are inhabited by dangerous creatures.  In the dark, I can believe that, I can believe that just around a corner something might leap out of the undergrowth – be it friend or foe. I get a thrill of excitement, a thrill of fear that we might be in danger (though the worst thing that could happen is that someone falls over and has a nasty accident). In the daylight, with a bit of imagination, we’re no longer on a piece of Forest Commissionary land – we’re fighting foul creatures in a cave (handily represented by a bridge as the cave entrance) or roaming an area of the Borderlands. It’s almost real.

Such is imagination I can almost see my scout treking through dark woodland at night, leading a Knight on an animal track, spotting wolf paw prints and putting two and two together to make four – the elves we seek aren’t elves at all … darn Alshanti. Ah, IC dowtime – got to love plot fluff.

We’re gearing up for an event prior to Springfest in early May, with a round of down time froth kicking off yesterday evening. Something is definately afoot and this weekend’s adventure might help shed some light on what’s happening. Whilst, from the outside, it might look that the tourney being organised by young Baron Vortigen is just a celebration of Crowa’s holy day … but there’s a secret meeting, what appears to be political tensions and more murmers about that evil which stalks Berwickshire. It’s going to be a fun evening!

That and I’ve got ideas for future plot to run past a ref …

But my imaginings sometimes get me into trouble, running out beyond the situation and off into the distance. Its something I try to avoid as I probably mis-imagine how particular people’s characters would react to certain things or I always place myself as the heroine, saving people who need saving or selflessly sacrifice myself … but in reality my current character probably wouldn’t do that with grace. This is why I take part in the 750 words challenge. Get a bit of my crazy imaginings off my brain and onto something that isn’t my usual drafting place – it’ll help me keep things separate between real life and the imaginary world of Fools and Heroes.

The imagination needs flexing though to keep it alive – I find that often at my busiest moments, my creative mind starts churning out ideas, but if I allow myself to just focus on that creative project, nothing comes out to go on paper. Maybe I secretly enjoy being stressed? The amount of stuff I take on makes me think so – but we’ll see.

Next week’ll be about the events of the adventurers in Berwickshire (I think they’re off looking for a library in the Akenwood) and then at some point I might put together a “how-to” for tabards. Got to make Springfest kit!

I have an image of how I’d like Lord A384’s Vleyborian Priest to look. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get him to look like that, but maybe with a new prayer scarf and a smart tunic, he might look the part …

But, that’s enough of ramblings through my upcoming craft projects. I’m just looking forward to the events that are in the next few weeks, just to see what’ll happen next.