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I’ve been on a rush this week – the rush of plot fluff, creative caffeine high or the general spark of the universe. And it’s been fantastic!

I’ve been doing some writing for the 750words.com challenge (not all Winter Rose stuff), poking more ideas for TFatM into place, had a FnH art kick at the weekend and the sun is shining, it’s warm and I feel full of energy (most of the time). I might be able to start working on some craft stuff next week if I get my act together.

I’ve not felt this creative in a while.

Own Art:

Rowan Tait of Amblevale

This is my current FnH character, that after working on Phyrehawk’s gift last week, was a chance to work on posing and playing around with stuff designed for M4 not his female counterpart V4. Whilst stuff has gone the other way (by scaling up or “pulling” things in the appropriate direction or some visual trickery), but I’ve not attempted putting M4 clothing on V4. I picked something easy – the Valiant Tabard with the Highlanders texture and played around with shaping and sizing as well as hiding things from view. After working on another Clansman picture, I implemented some feedback on clothing textures and began to pull Rowan’s kit together.

This picture is not a self-portrait even though Rowan is basically me, and it doesn’t accurately show her kit, but I thought to use this piece to show how she might be in the future – kinda a hopeful picture.

I also did some digital painting to add the face paint afterwards as well as correct a few poke through issues I missed whilst working on the picture.



Wow Art:

Dream by ~sulamith

An atmospheric landscape in non-isometric pixels – awe inspiring. I particularly like the torch light effect picking out details of the trees overhanging the road.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 29 March 2012.


Concerning Hobbits by *Blinck

I love the mistiness of the distant trees and the tranquil feel of the picture. It feels like the start of a grand adventure and is a picture I think I could get lost in, imagining what happens next.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 27 March 2012.


Guardians of magic lake by *Ilona-Nelapsi

This is another piece that gives me goose bumps and twitchy fingers – the ideas that come out of this picture (particularly when coupled with some events happening in game at the moment …) threaten to sweep away all the ideas I’ve currently had for TFatM. A beautiful pieces of photomanipulation.


Wanderer by ~The-Unj

A character piece I spotted whilst digging through looking for Hunter ideas. I just think it’s a lovely imagining of someone’s D&D character. Kinda like my Rowan picture above ^.


Herne the Hunter by ~ArwensGrace

Off my “Robin of Sherwood” post earlier this week, I’ve been looking for inspiration to use for my Hunter. This piece has given me some ideas, but is also another fantastic photomanipulation. I like.



Crafty Art:

Things are winding up to starting some more crafty art. Hopefully I’ll be able to start working on things soon. But first … find some tartan cloth … and red ribbon …