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Phyrehawk got me started. His fiction set in the Fools and Heroes world got me thinking of writing fan fiction of the system and somehow, in a round about way, I’ve begun an exploration into my personal character within system. What are Rowan’s hopes and dreams? What does she do between missions? Does she just roam the woodlands of Berwickshire and north of the border, maintaining the Law’s presence in hard to reach areas? What is she like when not surrounded by the other adventurers? What makes her tick? The stuff of personal downtime.


I had ideas when I began the character, a couple of sheets of A4 with background, some sketchy family links and a couple of npcs who may or may not reappear at the discretion of the referees …

But it doesn’t give me much to go on when thinking about her. I’m still getting to grips with playing her, attempting to get under her skin. I think she has a rough honour code (ish) and takes pride in doing her job. But she’s also aggressive, reckless and will put herself in harms way to get a job done (see the incident with the poisoned box or the primer in Dun Mhurdo). I like to think she’s smart in a “my life isn’t as important as yours” kind of way, but I’m trying to figure out why.

At least this is the reason I’m giving for not having done some serious work on TFatM …


I found a video on YouTube from the TV series “Robin of Sherwood”, something I’ve never watched, but listening to the track “Herne” I began to get ideas for Rowan and for TFatM.

The line “I am Herne the Hunter. And you are a leaf driven by the wind” around 0:48 made me think of Rowan – I have an image in my head of a woman in forest green and leathers, appearing out of the woodland to right wrongs to then vanish when her work is done. Huntsman of his Majesty’s Foresters. A hero. A Hunter.


First off that’ll probably never happen as the woman in my head is slender and curvy with combat trained muscles and a way with the forest – whereas I am … not. Also, I’m not exactly skilled at fighting (though I don’t think I’m too bad) and tracking relies totally on what the game provides for me. Thirdly the chance to be a hero is given to all the adventurers, so for Rowan to be a hero of the woodlands would be troublesome or at least unfair on the others who are with me. So maybe the Rowan in my fic will never exist outside of the world of words, but she’s feisty. Maybe I can be feisty too …


In amongst everything else I hope to do in the coming weeks, I hope to work on some character kit and maybe get my hands on some tartan to make a clanswoman costume. I think it’s time Rowan got a bit more “obvious” about her clan connection, having done a bit more digging into lowland clans, clan structure and other assorted things to flesh out my character in time for Springfest and other assorted events.


And indulge in a little bit of private fluff fictions writing.