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Spring as finally sprung (just in time too, what with the recently passed Spring Solstice and the upcoming return of British Summer Time on Sunday) and with it has returned a tiny bit of creative oomph.

Own Art:

-Gift- For Phyrehawk

Gift art for Phyrehawk of his characters in his Fools and Heroes story.


The Time of Leaving

Something I’ve had in mind for awhile which I’ve finally managed to create and be happy with! Still learning, but I’ve done a bit of work on lighting and mixing clothing as well as some minor touch ups.

Concept: Raven

I was working on some character ideas and costumes for some of the TFatM charcters and love how this picture came out. This is Raven, a battle mage, someone I don’t really want to discuss in too much detail at the moment.

However my thoughts are that he’s a member of a group of powerful mages who are trained as soldiers. To hide their identity, they wear black masks and are typically in sleek black clothes marked with a coloured or purple sash (still working on details).

Wow Art:

The Pool by ~KingCloud

A serene piece with a real sense of scale, grandeur, light and shadow, commissioned as a novel book cover. I sense a great story behind this cover.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 23/03/12.

The Canyon by *chvacher

I also love the sense of scale here, the lone windblown figure gazing off into the horizon. There is probably another fantastic story behind this piece, or at least something to spark the imagination.

My friend – snow spirit by ~Le-Vent-Art

I like otherworldly quality of the creature blending into the falling snow. But there is also the sense of friendship – my interpretation being that he has brought her a cloak to stop her from getting cold and is just putting it around her shoulders.  In my opinion, an impressive bit of digital art.

Wilderlord by `Saimain

For something that was supposed to be a speedpaint, I love that this evolved into something else. There’s something quite sinister about the shadows enveloping the character with his outstretched wings. Another beautiful piece by Saimain.

Craft Art:

Gearing up to do some more tablet weaving, tabards and assorted costume kit for Springfest, so watch this space!

Photos and process may or may not be uploaded depending on whether I remember to take photographs.