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Another Writing Monday, another ramble through something that hasn’t got much to do with writing. I’m beginning to wonder if I should drop the Writing Monday update, but with the current influx of ideas for my current project I’m not sure what to do – and the underlying question is this: What do you guys want to read about?

When I first began Writing Monday posts in October 2010, I was working on “SoL” and I flooded the website with information about setting, characters, inspiration – generally chucking out all the thoughts I had, thinking people might be just as interested in them as I.


A year and a bit later, I’m in a similar situation with “TFatM” – should I put up snippets of text, titbits of text to tempt the reader into sticking with me? I’m in two minds about it

– a: currently the first draft is a mixture of written sections and glorious cinematography running through my head 24/7 (which is always a problem as my characters are about 17 chapters ahead of where I’ve written up to), so there isn’t much for people to see;

– b: I’m afraid that if I put stuff up, the inspiration will die and I won’t deliver on this idea. Again.


I bounce ideas around with my beta readers and whilst they’re probably getting distinct chunks of information to trying to fit it in with what they already know, they seem keen to be involved in the project (at least I hope they’re keen. Are you keen, guys? *pokes the screen*). It makes me smile to have people offering their thoughts on the things I’m doing, offering changes they’d make or simply helping (thank you!). I’ve got a feeling that when this thing finally gets off the ground I’ll owe a huge amount of thanks somewhere near the front or the back. Eventually I might have a second site set up specifically dedicated to “TFatM” when the book begins to gather pace – perhaps along the lines of MeiLin Miranda’s “The Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom” – which having read the first book partly online, I bought eagerly to get out of having to wait for the weekly update and am now awaiting the day I can purchase the second one – which is currently available in weekly updates Monday and Friday. Click on the covers below to start reading this fantastic fantasy series.

meilin-lab meilin-sis


But before I get side tracked (which I will), the reason I direct your attention to MeiLin Miranda is not just because her novel is awesome and well worth your attention, but because she serialises sections of her novels online – so you can read it really slowly like a webcomic, but you can still purchase the novel. Maybe something I should think about for the future …


Speaking of awesome fantasy stories, I would like to introduce you to another Fools and Heroes storyteller – Phyrehawk. Phyrehawk, another member of the LARP system Fools and Heroes, is currently taking part in a challenge called 750 words. Recently he’s started writing a little bit of Fools and Heroes inspired fiction for his daily word count. And he’s got me hooked.

It might be because I’m involved in the system and understand the setting, but the story caught me and began to tumble me through the events that Gregory, Leanna, Grundown, Eliana and Crow have been dropped into. You should really check it out!

Or check out the individual sections here:


TFatM is slowly gathering steam and whilst I’ve not been able to sit down and get stuff written due to pressing personal matters in the real world, I have been able to get some of the nitty-gritty together – and begun to work out some of the “world mechanics” using Fools and Heroes as a basis. If anyone has played an Axirian battle mage or a “normal” mage, I would appreciate any information on the training progression or limitations placed on your characters as part of the system. I have an idea for a rank or class of mages that are “battle mages” but I’ve not come across them yet in system. I’ve also settled on some new names for the current main characters – Patience and Whisper.


And a question to my readers out there – what do you want to know about TFatM? What would you like to see in future Writing Monday posts?

Questions and thoughts always appreciated – comment below or email your suggestions to: wolfish dot written dot author at g mail dot com.