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Its been a while since my last art post – each time I started to write one, I got distracted and then Saturday came around. So, whilst there is still no new art for me to show you, I’d like to share with you my recent favourites on DeviantART.

Wow Art:

All the others, gone by =Gold-Seven

I love Gold-Seven’s art, so I was particularly interested into her forays into coffee painting. Yes, you read that correctly. Coffee painting.

She goes into more detail here on her blog, but I’m in awe that she can turn that sludgy brown morning beverage into an amazing piece of art. She’s more than an artist, she’s a wizard!

Her blog is also a great place to see how some of her other works come together and I look forward to seeing what comes next. If you like her art, you should check out her blog too!


Moonlight by *saraqael

Having found (and watched) the live action Sailor Moon, stumbling across this atmospheric cosplay brought a smile to my face. Ah, Usagi …

Awarded a daily deviation on 06 Feb 2012.


By Finnans Path by *SWKerr

I found this piece whilst digging for inspiration for my work in progress novel and loved the details of the painting – from the stag to the nearest clansmen. A beautiful piece of traditional oils.


Coffee-holic by NaBHaN

A fun vector which rings true for my own coffee fueled habits. How did I survive those long dissertation nights last year? Oh yes … coffee, toast and polos.


Lyssa by *depingo

I love the sense of motion in this picture, from the leaping animal spirit through to the swinging swish of her skirt and hair. The intensity of her eyes seems to be directed out at the viewer. I want to know her story – where has she come from, where is she going? Pictures that do that always make my favourites.


Craft Art:

Springfest is around the corner and I’m turning my attention back to kit making. I’d like to do another red and white "Vleyborian” belt for Lord A384’s character, as well make a series of tabards for several characters. I might attempt to photograph them to show my process, though I’ll probably forget until it’s too late. Again.

I need more wool …