You know that writing project I said I was working on?

Yeah … not much further that I was last week.

Not just because of matters of real life, but also the art of procrastination. For example, I’m sat here writing this blog post (and Wednesday’s) and watching “Outlander” rather than work on plot lining or character development or even getting something written.


But it is giving me ideas.

For example: isn’t this a good looking couple?


If you know the film, you’ll know that the red head is a woman of spirit, who isn’t afraid of fighting for what she believes in. It’s among the qualities I think of when I think of Kathleen, the heroine of my work in progress tale.

I’m even tempted to make her a copper fire head, unlike my usual dark haired heroines of my other discarded works. A woman who believes in upholding the Law, fighting for what is right but who fears and feels with her whole heart. At least that’s what I feel at the moment.

And Robert? Well … Robert is Robert. Tall, thin, dark haired. A man with a secret hidden even from himself, with an ugly brand on his face. And lots of hurt.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, more attempts at writing!


Wednesday will have an update on the weekend’s romp in the wood with Fools and Heroes and we’ll see about Friday …