I would like to take a moment to celebrate some of life’s little victories, those little things that make everything worthwhile in a roundabout, entirely random way.


I don’t like to think I’m a competitive person, but deep deep down, I know that I am. Probably. Maybe just a little bit? Okay … I like to feel like I win.


I like to push myself to succeed, to do my best and to be the best I can be. So when things in life “go right” and in such a way that it feels to be an EPIC win, I get that feeling that I should stand in a heroic pose and survey my defeated foes crushed beneath my boots with the serene gaze of one who has been granted divine justice.

Or punch the air to the accompaniment of studio audience cheers and applause.

Or sometimes just sit back, smile, and get on with everything else that is building up on my to-do list.

Or somewhere between those extremes.


I much prefer to think I am a quietly competitive person, who watches and smiles, congratulates the winners, commiserates those who were not so fortunate and quietly pats myself on the back for a job well done. Sometimes I’d like others to pat me on the back and say “job well done”. Sometimes I’d like someone to acknowledge that yes, I am a genius and the best person alive, someone who does amazing things and deserves only the best.


Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to happen much in the real world. At least not to those quiet competitive types who don’t make a big deal of things, modestly deflect praise to someone else and usually stay well back from the pushy, shovey, grabby types.


But, there are the odd moments when life gives a little victory – even if it doesn’t seem to.

  • Holding the door for someone carrying a load of parcels and they say thank you (I feel like I’m the nicest person in the world)
  • My boss tapping my cubicle divider on his way back from a meeting and saying “good job” in passing (usually in relation to some task I’ve completed or project I’ve delivered)
  • Someone talking about a project I’ve worked on and saying they think it looks better/easier to use/cleaner than it’s predecessor (usually when they don’t know that they’re describing my “baby”)
  • Said person to realise that it’s my “baby”
  • Finding a missing fiver in a pocket I’d forgotten existed
  • Finding a tenner in said pocket
  • Compliments about an item of clothing/jewellery I’m wearing (I knew I had good taste!)
  • Compliments on “shop bought” kit
  • Requests for kit to be made (you want me to make you something? Sure!)
  • Finishing that task I didn’t want to do and had avoided for ages
  • Finishing stuffing and sealing envelopes at work (it’s a repetitive process, but look how many I filled!)
  • Reaching the end of a to-do list
  • Realising I have a free weekend …
  • … and having a lie in

And more …


I could go on, but I’ll stop. I know they’re not victories in the sense of “hey, you’ve won this amazing competition”. In fact most of them are just those little zing moments when someone’s been nice, or you’ve done a good deed, or in the hectic week-eating schedule there’s a moment of peace. Still feel like a winner.

Still going to strike that “for the win” pose and play that Final Fantasy “Victory Fanfare” – of the FFX or FFXII variety …



So I intend to seize life’s little victories – be Queen of the World or Empress of the Universe for those short or long drawn out moments until life brings everything back into focus.


And I hope you all will too.