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It’s taken me a while to remember that this year is the year of the water dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac. And I haven’t even done a water dragon picture yet – or have I …

Own Art:

Cosmic Water Dragon

Realising it was the year of the Water Dragon, I had to do something with my little dragon doodles – so have a bespectacled cosmic water dragon with his pelt going grey at the edges.


Wow Art:

Celebration by =00AngelicDevil00

This scene, at a distance, reminded me of that bit in Tangled, when the people of the city light lots of little lanterns in memory of their missing princess. But up close, the effect of the warm light and the mist made me think it was a photograph from a Chinese Festival – but no, it’s a 3D render! And if a 3D render makes me think it’s a photograph, that means the piece is truly amazing!


Rarity Nouveau by ~hezaa

I love the details included in this art nouveau inspired piece, featuring one of my favourite My Little Ponies.


The Princess Bride by *nthornborrow

I’m a huge fan of the film (it’s one of my comfort films for bad days) and I love this cartoony styled piece of the moment when the brain of the gang is outwitted by the Dread Pirate Roberts.


Baby Dancing Lion by *silverfox-5213

It’s so cute I just want to pick him up, give him a hug, stroke it’s plush fur and take him home with me – but I don’t think my plush dragon would approve. The detail and sense of scale is brilliant (the orange thing next to him looks like a Satsuma and those look like pistachio shells in the corner) – tiny dancing lion!


Water Dragon by =Pretty-Angel

This reminded me of a moment from the Last Airbender film when Katara is water bending. But even better is that it’s a Water Dragon. I like dragons


Crafty Art:

I’ve not been doing much, spending the odd free moments I have prepping some things for my character – like labelling alchemy and beginning to write in the notebook that will become Rowan’s Law book. I would make another hand made notebook, but I didn’t want to have to start thinking about hard back vs. soft back materials, particularly when the leather in our stash of LARP kit materials is being used to make new bits for Lord A384’s new character.