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It’s been awhile since I last did an art post. To be honest, it’s been awhile since I last did any art myself.

However, here is the roundup of the art I did over the Christmas festive period and a collection of pieces which made me go wow!

Own Art

The Captain-General of Newcroft

A picture of one of the characters in the local Fools and Heroes branch, Captain-General Brack-on-Hill is a tough cookie of a mercenary. Played by our branch LO, she is the head of the Mercenary Guild in Ithron, Lady Mayoress of Norham (though I’m not entirely sure what that means in game. I think it just means she’s awesome) as well as the head of the Berwickshire Medium Infantry, a local mercenary unit.

I was working on a picture for a character I had in mind, and it gradually became a picture of Brack-on-Hill. I tried to layer the armour she usually has on, but of course I am limited by what 3D kit I own, so this was my best attempt.

I’m pleased with how this turned out, as I think this captures an aspect of Catherine Brack-on-Hill’s personality. I see her being like a sharp sword in its scabbard – she’s not dangerous until you push her too far and then she’s deadly.


Prayer by Firelight – Print Available

Working on character ideas and using my new face/body morphs, male poses kit and new skin textures that I bought at Christmas.

This is Pilgrim, a priestly character in my work in progress story, contemplating his future by the fireside.

A little after editing was done to correct some odd lighting effects and to add a warmer glow to the picture, but this was rendered in DAZ Studio


Celtic Dragon

A little Celtic dragon, dressed in his Christmas best. This design was started in 2010 during the downward spiral of my old laptop into its eventual death. I thought that I might make some Christmas mugs for next year, or print some Christmas cards with a variety of Christmas dragons.


Wow Art

Kahlan Amnell as Mord’Sith – Legend of the Seeker by =AuroraInk

Having watched the TV adaptation of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books, Legend of the Seeker, when I saw this piece as a work in progress, I had a good idea that this was to be Kahlan as her Mord’Sith disguise. When I saw the finished piece, I was blown away. I am ashamed to say that I thought it was a manipulation of a screen shot of the show. But looking closer, and looking at more of auroraink’s beautiful works, I realised that this was a piece of love in pencils, inks, pastels and watercolours. I think it captures the feeling of this moment in the series, the sinister edge the Mord’Sith ooze upon entering the room. I love it!


Circle of Protection by *xWicked-Angelx

This is how I imagine circles of protection work in Fools and Heroes, the LARP system I’m part of. The serenity of the scene masks the sinister figures in the gloom, something I love about some 3D pictures – there is always amazing details that exist if you just look closer. I think this is a fantastic render, which has provided inspiration for some of my work in progress story ideas.


Just one more thing by *sheba-windstorm

I love the details that are in this picture from the delicate gesture of adding the hairpin to her hair down to how the insect limbs work with sleeves to keep the look of the geisha with believable anatomy. I also like her jointed fingers – not sure why, I just think they’re a nice touch.


Commission – The Maiko by ~solfieri

A commission for sheba-windstorm, this piece is of Nae the geisha orchid mantis. I love the soft colours, the luxurious fabrics and the details of the character. It’s so pretty.


Craft Art

I’ve not been doing much, though I’ll soon be up to my old tricks by creating another Vleyborian tablet woven belt for Lord A384’s new priestly character, as well as a Forester’s tabard when my new character advances to this Law Guild in Fools and Heroes.