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At the end of the 50th week of something (we’ve been doing “weekly” updates for a bit longer than that, but this is a milestone I want to celebrate!) I just want to thank all the people who look at this site, read the larp updates and the writing thoughts and who explore the amazing pieces of art I share on here.

Thank you guys!

Right – onto this week’s art … with photographs of last week’s crafty endeavours.


Own Art and Crafty Art

Last week I told you about the tablet weaving and 3D character art I’d been doing. And since the day site has come and gone, I can now show you what I’ve been working on.

Below is a wrist strap and a belt/strap made using 100% acrylic wool and a pattern I made following the steps I took to make my last piece of tablet weaving – Random Wednesday #38 – with helpful instructions by the Earth Guild

Both are an 11 card weave, the bracelet measuring approximately 12”, the belt measuring approximately 70” (both inclusive of tassels). The symbol is a Celtic cross, also used as the Vleyborian holy symbol in Fools and Heroes. The red and white are also symbolic of Vleybor.


My trial piece was the bracelet and I decided that whilst I was more than happy to tie 5 knots to wear it, the person I was gifting it to was unlikely to be all that keen – so it was back to the drawing board to get rid of the “leading” red line when I moved from one symbol to another.

Strap detail and five 9-strand braids The strap in action

Here you can see the “improved pattern” where I added extra threads of red to shape the cross and generally just tightened up the tension as I crossed between symbols.

Improved Vleyborian Cross Finished piece with lots of 3-strand braids

The finished strap which, I have been told, will replace a strap on an IC bag of the person it was gifted to.


Finished belt - 70" 


I also created a character picture for Captain Nathan Jameson (played by Lord A384) of his new NPC wife to carry with him.

Mistress Jameson

This was made using Daz Studio 3, edited in Corel Painter XI and printed on cream paper after some artistic shaping was done in Microsoft Publisher 2010.


There has been no more crafty art this week as I’ve done something to my wrists (probably the weaving) and I have edible craftiness to do at the weekend – mostly in the form of cake for the Juniors’ Christmas party.


Wow Art

Baby Dragon – Completed by ~DawnMLC

Cross-stitch awesomeness? Plus dragons too? Awesome!

Based on a portion of the picture “precious” done by *sandara, this piece captures the glow of the painted piece and wraps it up in something magical. Someone has stitched this by hand! I am in awe.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 15 December 2011.


11th december 2011 by ~gelflingjo

Just because I think it’s a great group shot of those on the first player mission of Sunday’s day site. Featuring Space_wolf’s and Lord A384’s characters in full kit.


The Swamp Laurel by *firstfruits

I like the story behind the picture as well as the sense of fun. I like the attention to the details – the unlaced, un-tucked shirts, the stars in the sky. It was a picture that got me in the mood for Larping at the weekend.

Awarded a Daily Deviation 13 December 2011.