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I like letter writing, when I get around to doing it. But I’m not just talking about thank you letters. I’m talking about catch-up letters, the how-are-you-doing letters and the in-character letters where I can express myself.

Sitting down with a blank sheet of paper (digital or physical) and drafting my letter is a pleasure. I enjoy the process of getting the tone right, getting the language just so – not too flowery, quite polite, often civil  – checking spellings of names, of places that don’t actually exist, talking about events that happen outside of game time, making sure I am addressing the person right – did you know you address a Duke as “your Grace?”

In-Character letter writing is particularly enjoyable as I get to craft a story, some event that might have triggered a need to write or just generally crafting the story of the letter. In game, Mercy Blackstaff is quite quiet, something which gets her ignored except when she is required to administer to the sick or wounded, so sometimes the in-game conversations get interrupted by sudden events, other conversations that need to happen or just louder characters. Also, when time-out is called, most people just drop back into normal conversations, which removes the chance for conversation at the end of the mission when people travel back to report on whatever had occurred, something which I quite enjoy. So, being able to write and tell stories of adventures through the written word allows me to do this, as well as explore other people’s characters and backgrounds in the world of Ithron. It also gives certain people an excuse to come to Newcastle to game.

I’ve had several people tell me to seek out my own froth rather than just wait for it to hit me, so I’ve been writing more letters just to see if that’ll start conversations or other things IC. For example, after the events of the Sunday day site, Mercy left a number of notes to various members of the party to tidy up some things and whilst everyone went home OOC, IC the party stayed overnight. Therefore, upon the morning, Mercy left to travel home, leaving notes explaining where she was going. All will be revealed in Random Wednesday’s post …